The Balance Beam Situation

Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

Round-off 1/2 on, Tuck 1/2




Known as
Round-off 1/2 on, tuck 1/2
Yurchenko 1/2 on, tuck 1/2

Named after
Veronica Servente (ITA)

The “Servente” name is specific to when the vault is performed as a front tuck with a 1/2 turn out and does not apply to the 1/2 turn to back tuck. Until 2013, these two were considered separate vaults with separate numbers in the code of points (still the same value), but in 2013, they were merged into the same box.

This vault is totally the less-cool stepsister of the Podkopayeva (piked version) and the Lopez (layout version), because even though round-off 1/2 on vaults are having a moment right now as second vaults—and even increasingly as first vaults—the tuck 1/2 is just a little too paltry in the D-score department, especially when you can just throw out whatever shape you want and it will probably count as at least piked.

This one also doesn’t even have the common decency to be named after Podkopayeva, which is probably why it’s so rare.

4.60 (2017—)
5.00 (2006–2016)

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