Stalder 1/1 (Frederick)



Uneven Bars

Skill type

Known as
Stalder 1/1
Stalder full

Named after
Marcia Frederick (USA)

The Stalder 1/1 does not boast nearly the popularity of its toe-on cousin, largely because the two skills are valued equally and most gymnasts deem the toe-on the more manageable of the two, but it is nonetheless the second most popular of the D-value full pirouettes on bars.

We’re seeing a slight dip in the frequency of the Stalder 1/1 as the trend moves away from pirouetting elements in favor of releases (both for connection value and for avoiding deductions), and as gymnasts adapt to that, they’re more likely to limit their routines to one full-twisting pirouette in order to fulfill the requirement, and exactly one. That’s usually the toe-on, but the Stalder has its devotees.

The skill was named after Marcia Frederick when she performed it at 1978 Worlds and became the first US gold medalist at a world championship.


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