Tkatchev Piked



Uneven Bars

Skill type
Same-bar release

Known as
Tkatchev piked
Reverse hecht piked

Not typically among the most popular of the E-rated Tkatchev variations, the regular Tkatchev in piked position is still quite valuable in its ability to garner 0.2 CV in combination into a bail or a Pak. Most gymnasts doing a Tkatchev in piked position will elect to perform it from a toe-on, stalder, or occasionally clear-hip entry rather than a regular giant, the latter two garnering F value rather than E to make up for how much harder they are than the regular version.

Somewhat uniquely for Tkatchev variations, the Tkatchev piked is not a named skill in the code of points, but for clarification on all the other Tkatchev variations and their associated names, refer to: Shaposhatchev Dictionary


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