Toe-on Shaposhnikova 1/1 (Seitz)



Uneven Bars

Skill type
Transition (low bar-to-high bar)

Known as
Toe-on Shaposhnikova 1/1
Toe Shap 1/1

Named for
Elisabeth Seitz (GER)

Criminally undervalued by the code of points, the toe-on Shaposhnikova with full turn receives the same value as the 1/2-turning version despite having MORE TURNING because the WTC imposed a cap of E value on transition skills. The purpose of this cap, no one has ever sufficiently explained. The value cap makes this skill nearly worthless to perform compared to the Shap 1/2, as Elisabeth Seitz discovered, promptly removing it from her routine.

We have seen a couple gymnasts do this skill and accept the E value because they want to connect immediately down to the low bar—which with Shaposhnikova 1/2 doesn’t allow—but the gymnast who wants to do that is rare indeed and hasn’t been seen in years.

For reference as to the differences among the names, refer to: Shaposhatchev Dictionary


Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

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