Toe-on Shaposhnikova (Maloney)



Uneven Bars

Skill type
Transition (low bar-to-high bar)

Known as
Toe-on Shaposhnikova/Shaposh/Shap
Toe Shaposhnikova

Named for
Kristen Maloney (USA)

Though far from being the original Shaposhnikova-type element—Maloney competed a solid 20 years after Shaposhnikova—the toe-on Shaposhnikova has become the most popular of all its sisters in modern gymnastics.

There are a couple schools of thought when it comes to naming Shaposh elements. Some prefer to use the namesake surnames to refer to each one, though I find that overuse of names gets confusing and makes the skills unnecessarily difficult to keep track of unless its a universal reference (Yurchenko, Shaposhnikova, Pak, Onodi).   Describing the particular version of the skill (toe-on, 1/2, etc.) is more explicit and inclusive of those who understand the terminology but may not keep track of all of the names.

But, to remember the differences among the names, refer to: Shaposhatchev Dictionary


Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

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