Tsukahara Double Full (Zamolodchikova)




Known as
Tsukahara 2/1
Tsuk double twist
Kasamastu 1/1
Kas full

Named after
Elena Zamolodchikova (RUS)

Watch out when talking about this vault because the naming police are going to get you. You will hear this vault referred to as both the Tsuk double full and the Kasamatsu full. A Tsuk double full and a Kasamatsu full are essentially the same vault (the same entry, the same amount of twisting), but the precise, technical difference between the two terms concerns the direction of twisting. It’s explained in detail here.

This is important in the men’s code, where a Tsuk full and a Kasamatsu are specifically different vaults. In the women’s code, the two are not differentiated, so the difference is not significant. Because everyone these days performs the vault with the Kasamatsu technique, the two terms are used interchangeably in women’s gymnastics.

If all of this seems too confusing, just call it the Zamolodchikova. You know, to honor her. For whatever reason, this eponymous skill has never caught on as a named skill, and you rarely hear it called the Zamo.

5.60 (2017—)
6.00 (2006–2016)

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