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Tsukahara Tuck Full (Kim)




Known as
Tsuk(ahara) tucked full

Named after
Nellie Kim (SOV)

I should say that while I will spend a lot of time in this skill database making fun of Nellie Kim naming skills after herself, the Tsuk tuck full is one of the more legitimate skills that she went back and retroactively named The Kim once she snared control of the women’s technical committee. Nellie Kim was performing this vault at the 1976 Olympics when her peers were going for much less difficulty and no twisting (Tourischeva with the back tuck and Comaneci with the back pike). It was a difficulty revolution.

Like all other Tsukahara and handspring vaults, the Tsuk tucked full is quite a rare vault these days because it’s just not worth enough for anyone to bother to learn it (even as a second vault). Most gymnasts who bother to perform the Tsukahara entry opt to go for a simpler but laid-out version of the vault since that can progress to a more competitive-scoring, laid-out vault down the road.

4.10 (2017—)
4.60 (2006–2016)

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