Yurchenko 2.5 (Amanar)



Known as
Yurchenko 2.5

Named after
Simona Amanar (ROU)

Ah, the Amanar. Once a ridiculous dream of a vault, then a necessity for all-around competitiveness, and now…just one of the gang. The Amanar saw its peak fame come in the days of the United States of Amanar in 2012, but it has not continued the upward trajectory in frequency since then. Instead, the fact that the Cheng is now valued two tenths more than the Amanar has seen it become the most popular vault for those aiming to win major apparatus medals.

Amanar is among the most ubiquitous of the named-skill references (right up there with Onodi and Pak), mostly because it’s just way easier to say Amanar than Yurchenko two and a half. Yet, Amanar has also started to find its way into the realm of for-the-masses, four-year gymnastics writing in a way no other named skill has—largely because there’s a mysterious-sounding cachet to “the famed Amanar vault.” That’s something you just don’t get with a clunky, technical skill description, which makes it appealing terminology for non-gymnastics types.

5.40 (2022-)
5.80 (2017-2021)
6.30 (2013–2016)
6.50 (2006–2012)

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