Round-off 1/2 on, Layout 1.5 (Cheng)




Known as
Round-off 1/2 on, layout 1.5
Yurchenko 1/2 on, layout 1.5

Named after
Cheng Fei (CHN)

The “the one that isn’t the Amanar” of choice for the three-and-a-half gymnasts who will attempt to contend for world vault titles, the Cheng is the exclusive domain of only the most proficient vaulters in the world, and one or two misguided stragglers here and there. Like all round-off 1/2-on vaults, it’s rather rare to see as the primary vault in a gymnast’s vaulting program, with most opting for a Yurchenko as their main vault and a round-off 1/2-on as their somewhat less confident, riskier event-final vault.

You will often hear round-off 1/2-on style vaults referred to as “Yurchenko 1/2 on,” which is fine, though I don’t use it. The term Yurchenko refers to the round-off vault entry without any twisting. When a half-twist is added, it becomes a different entry that isn’t a Yurchenko. Yurchenko is not a synonym for round-off. It’s a style of vault, of which this is not one.

The valid counter-argument to that would be that using Yurchenko 1/2-on is no different than referring to a skill as a Shaposhnikova 1/2, even though the Shaposhnikova is its own different, specific skill. Which is correct. So whatever.

6.00 (2017—)
6.40 (2013–2016)
6.50 (2006-2012)

Currently performed by
Simone Biles (USA)
Hong Un Jong (PRK)
Maria Paseka (RUS)

Previously performed by (active gymnasts)
MyKayla Skinner (USA) (2013-2016)


Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

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