Front Handspring Full (Mostepanova)

Front handspring full


Floor exercise

Skill type
Hand support

Known as
Front handspring full
FHS 1/1

Named After
Olga Mostepanova (SOV)

The front handspring with full twist is a classic Mostepanova element, a main feature of her iconic 1983 routine, widely considered one of the greatest floor routines of all time.

Mostepanova’s actual version featured the full twist before hand support, but now the skill is allowed to contain the full twist either before or after. I mean, if anyone were to do it, which they are absolutely not. Even though it does get a C rating, which is like a G when it comes to hand support elements. On the flip side, hand-support elements are not eligible for bonus, so that means a C is more like a B.


Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

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