Gainer 1.5/Double full from Side

Gainer 1.5 (Bohmerova):Double full (side)


Balance beam

Skill type

Known as
Gainer 1.5/Double full

Named After
Lubica Bohmerova (CZE)

In today’s edition of named-skill nonsense, the Bohmerova. Until 2017, the Bohmerova was described as a gainer layout with full-to-1.5 twists from the side of the beam. You know, how you describe skills. “That had somewhere between one and 1.5 twists, and it’s not really important.” In the 2017 re-issue of the code, this was revised to give only the gainer 1.5 twist to Bohmerova. Did she do that? Did she do the full? What’s happening? No idea.

As for the skills at hand, even a skill as complex as the gainer 2/1 to the side is still relegated to C value, helping explain why gainer dismounts to the side are fully extinct in elite gymnastics.


Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

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