Gienger Full (DEF/Hristakieva)

Uneven Bars

Skill type
Same-bar release

Known as
Gienger full
“Gienger 1.5”

Named for
Snejana Hristakieva (HUN)
Jacques Def (FRA) (Man)

An insanely difficult and risky element, the Gienger with an extra full twist is among the very rare bars elements valued at G to reflect just how difficult it is to not fall on this skill. Have I mentioned that it’s hard? It’s hard.

The naming of this skill reflects the further default-male tradition in naming gymnastics elements in that you will almost never hear this skill called anything other than a Def, after its men’s gymnastics namesake, 1984 Olympian Jacques Def. This is despite it also being named in the women’s code, after Snejana Hristakieva, who performed it in 1991-1992.

You’ll also sometimes hear “Gienger 1.5,” which is not correct. While the skill does contain 1.5 twists, the Gienger already accounts for a 1/2 twist, so the Hristakieva is a Gienger with an additional full twist, not an additional 1.5 twists.


Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

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