The Balance Beam Situation

Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

Handspring 1/1 on


Known as
Handspring 1/1 on

It’s the full-twist version of this vault that’s actually named after Olga Korbut, but the simple repulsion version is similar associated with her and her successful showings of the early 1970s.

By modern standards, it’s a very strange vault that doesn’t even seem like it should count because it’s all pre-flight difficulty with no expectations in the post-flight, which is not really the point of vaulting. The pre-flight isn’t unimportant, but the whole idea is that you’re vaulting off of something, not vaulting onto something.

The difficulty of that pre-flight, however, saw a rare upgrade in value for this vault in the 2017 code, when most vaults were being downgraded by the same margin. It’s now quite competitively valued for a non-salto vault.

3.60 (2017-)
3.20 (2009-2016)

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