Handspring 1/2 on, 1/1 off


Known as
Handspring 1/2 on, 1/1
Handspring 1/2 on, full off
Tsukahara full off

Like all the Group 1 vaults, as the twisting gets more advanced, the vault becomes rare to the point of missing because it’s just too complex to be performed simply or cleanly by a lower-level vaulter, yet not worth nearly enough to be valuable to those capable of complexity.

This vault is worth only 0.2 more than the version with a 1/2 twist, another inconsistent deviation from the 0.4-per-upgrade system that speaks to how ignored this group of vaults is.

2.60 (2022-)
3.00 (2017-2021)
3.40 (2009-2016)

Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

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