Handspring 1/2 on, 1.5 off


Known as
Handspring 1/2 on, 1.5
Handspring 1/2 on, 1.5 off
Tsukahara 1.5 off

Like all the Group 1 vaults, as the twisting gets more advanced, the vault becomes rare to the point of missing because it’s just too complex to be performed simply or cleanly by a lower-level vaulter, yet not worth nearly enough to be valuable to those capable of complexity. Wrapping around two total twists without a salto for 3.2 D? No thank you.

Also discouraging athletes from learning these vaults is the low value ceiling for even the most difficult vaults in Group 1. Why spend time learning them when you’re going to peak out at a paltry value, when you could be learning Yurchenkos.

3.20 (2022-)
3.60 (2017-2021)
3.80 (2009-2016)

Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

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