Handstand Variations, 1.5 Twists or More

Handstand variations, 1.5 twist +

handstand 1.5

Floor exercise

Skill type
Hand support

Known as
Handstand 1.5 or more
Stag-stand 1.5 or more

If you turn enough to get dizzy, we’ll give you a B. The code of points is basically a charity organization at this point, you guys. Note that after hitting handstand, the actual leg position on this skill is optional, which is how you know it hasn’t been touched in a while. Nellie would never have stood for such nonsense.

Because this element is not a leap, a tumbling pass, or the choreography that Marianalana told you to do—”stand, squat, look, clap off the beat, sell it to the bitch ass judges”—it’s an endangered floor species.


Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

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