Press Handstand Mounts

Balance beam

Skill type

Known as
Press handstand

I’m just calling this section the press handstand mounts because when it comes to handstands on beam, it’s one of the areas in which the code of points is kind of…loose about things? Chill? It doesn’t really tell you exactly how you have to get into said handstand, and there are many variations of positions—you’ll see gymnasts press up to a split handstand, or a stag handstand, or a you-didn’t-quite-get-to-split handstand, which is all totally fine but not reflected in the actual skill description or skill image. Rare. Usually, if you don’t do exactly one of the pictures, you will be murdered.

The relative freedom in this skill, and the fact that press handstand ability is a basic expectation of gymnasts, has kept this mount around as a stalwart for many years through various code incarnations.


Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

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