Round-off, 1/1 on, 1/1 off


Known as
Round-off 1/1 on, 1/1 off
Round-off full on, full off
Yurchenko 1/1 on, 1/1 off

This vault received a gutting in the 2022 code update. When nearly every other vault in the code received a uniform 0.4 slash, this vault’s value was cut by 0.6. This now does impose the code’s preferred 0.4 consistency for all 1/2 turn upgrades (which was lacking in the vault’s previous value) by making it worth 0.4 more than the version with a 1/2 turn off, but if consistency is what you’re going for…there are some other vaults you missed.

3.20 (2022-)
3.80 (2017-2021)
4.00 (2006-2016)

Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

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