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Round-off Full On, Back Layout


Known as
Yurchenko full on, lay
Round-off 1/1 on, back layout

Like the entire collection of round-off full on vaults, this one was also summarily destroyed in the 2017 vault devaluing, though the exaltation of the straight body position means that this one still compares pretty favorable to the tuck full (same value), so if you were inclined to do a full-on vault, this one wouldn’t be a terrible pick.

In terms of naming, you will mostly still hear this style of vault referred to as Yurchenko full ons, though the requirement of a full twist onto the vault is a leftover from the vaulting horse day, and now a “full-on” vault simply requires 3/4 or more of twisting onto the vault to count—much like the Tsukahara requires at least a 1/4 twist. You can see this push and pull in the code image itself, where the verbal description says 3/4 turn, but the image depicts a full turn.

The full-on vaults are very rare—because of being, you know, hard and complicated—and because it’s just quite difficult to get anything on that vault following a full twist. You’re not going to have much of a post-flight.

4.60 (2017-)
5.20 (2006-2016)

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