Balance beam

Skill type

Known as
Piked Korbut

Named after
Eva Rueda (ESP)

Korbut was obviously ahead of her time, and it took a solid 15-20 years before gymnasts started attempting to build on the Korbut and advance to more difficult variations. Like the Rueda.

Ready for some controversial naming stories? Cool. I knew you would be.

You know that swing-down skill on beam that you universally refer to as The Korbut because it was named after Olga Korbut (actually Olga Kourbut) in the code of points through 2016? Yeah, well not anymore, apparently. Long before the Korbut got axed, Chen Cuiting’s version of the skill—which involved tucking before stretching the hips in swing down—was also nixed, both in the named skill section and as a skill in its own right.

The code now allows a stretched piked version of the skill, but no longer a tucked version.

Just for consistency, The Milosevici, Lavinia Milosevici’s version of the Chen as a mount on beam has also been removed from the code of points.

Surviving the purge somehow has been Eva Rueda, whose piked version of the skill survives both as an option to be performed and as a named element. So…go Eva?


Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

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