Shaposhnikova 1/2 (Khorkina)

Uneven Bars

Skill type
Transition (low bar-to-high bar)

Known as
Shap 1/2
Shaposh 1/2
Shaposhnikova 1/2
Clear-hip Shaposhnikova 1/2

Named for
Svetlana Khorkina (RUS)

In terms of Shaposhnikovas with 1/2 twists, Svetlana Khorkina was very much ahead of her time. Now, anyone who’s anyone has a Shap 1/2, if you don’t you might as well just be a shame person with shame. But for quite a while after Khorkina invented it, this was just one of those weird Khorkina things that Khorkina did because tall.

Thankfully, this one is still named after Khorkina in the code of points—unlike some of her other skills—so we don’t have to build a bomb shelter. Yet.

Now, why this skill is listed in the same box as the Hindorff, like they’re remotely similar elements, is beyond me.

There are many Shaposhnikova-style skills, so for handy reference, refer to the Shaposhatchev Dictionary with naming differentiation for all Shaposhnikova and Tkatchev variants.


Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

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