Split Ring Jump, and 1/2 Turn (Vulcan)

Split ring jump (also 1:2 turn)


Floor exercise

Skill type

Known as
Split ring jump
Split ring 1/2

Named After
Dora Vulcan (ROU) – 1/2 turning version only

The code of points is not interested in this element at all. You know that because it is given a wholly unusable B value—even for the split ring jump with 1/2 turn, which is quite a complicated skill for just a B, the value also given the basic split jump with 1/2 turn and no ring position or head release at all.

By contrast, the switch ring leap with half turn is given D value, and it’s quite unusual to see a two-tenth difference between those elements. 

The 1/2-twisting version was named after Dora Vulcan at the 2016 Test Event, and at least we’ll always have the fact that her last name is Vulcan, and that is very cool.


Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

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