Stalder Forward Full in L-Grip

Uneven Bars

Skill type

Known as
Stalder forward full in L-grip
Forward Stalder 1/1 in L-grip
L-grip Endo full

When we refer to E-value pirouettes in L-grip, we’re referring to the Healy, Ono, and Ling variations, those on one arm, but those are not the only L-grip pirouettes that exist for E value. The L-grip Endo with a full turn also exists, though it’s certainly the one you’ll see the least often because of the difficulty of competing this in handstand without dying off the bar. Even the example GIF above of Daria Zgoba cuts off right before the plummets to the ground at the Olympics.

You’ll note the “any technique accepted” addendum in the skill box, which is part of the interesting recent history of this element. At the 2010 World Championship, Huang Qiushuang attempted to get the Endo-Ono named after herself, a forward Stalder in L-grip to a full pirouette on one arm.

The Women’s Technical Committee decided that this would not be named after Huang in the code of points because it constituted a different technique on the same skill rather than a new skill in itself, hence the addition of “any technique accepted.” Which is a little hilarious because I’m sure not any technique is accepted.


Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

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