Stalder Front Tuck 1/2 (Alt)

alt dismount

Uneven Bars

Skill type

Known as
Stalder tuck 1/2 dismount

Named after
Tabea Alt (GER)

Tabea Alt has the distinction of debuting two original elements in the same routine—her 2017 world championships qualification bars routine—and getting totally hosed on both accounts. In the case of her Schleudern transition with 1/2 twist, it was valued a tenth lower than the version with no twisting because it didn’t go to handstand.

This dismount is less of a case of hosing because it is at least consistent with other dismounts of this variety—where the addition of a 1/2 twist to a non-twisting dismount does not raise the value—but it still sucks to add a half twist to an element and receive no numerical reward for it. She might as well have just done the Plichta.


Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

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