Tkatchev 1/2 (Kononenko)

Uneven Bars

Skill type
Same-bar release

Known as
Tkatchev 1/2
Reverse hecht 1/2

Named for
Natalia Kononenko (UKR)

All of the Tkatchevs with a 1/2 turn are rare skills, though the Tkatchev 1/2 is particularly rare because it affords neither the opportunity for a juicy F-value skill or the opportunity for originating a named skill, this one already going to Natalia Kononenko.

In that respect, the Kononenko is among the sillier of the named elements as Kononenko got it named after herself at 2011 worlds, even though the Tkatchev to catch in mixed grip had been seen in women’s gymnastics for decades before that. It was a popular element all the way back at the 1988 Olympics, so the idea that it came into being in the 2010s is ridiculous.

There is pushback against the notion of calling this a Tkatchev 1/2 rather than a Tkatchev to mixed grip as there’s not a true 1/2 turn in the air in any of the instances of people performing this skill. It’s mostly just a Tkatchev, and then you catch in a different grip, which forces your body to rotate 1/2 a turn on the catch.

For full name clarification on all variations, refer to: Shaposhatchev Dictionary


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