Walkover Forward, Tinsica, Tic-Toc

Walkover forward (Tinsica)


walkover forward

tic toc

Balance beam

Skill type
Acrobatic Non-Flight

Known as
Walkover forward/Forward walkover

There are three primary variations on the forward walkover that you will see (in compulsory and olde tyme routines, that is)—the regular forward walkover, the Tinsica, and the Tic-Toc. The Tinsica is sort of a hybrid with a cartwheel in that it involves alternate hand placement instead of placing both hands at the same time as in a walkover.

Where this name came from and who Tinsica was have apparently been lost to the sands of time, which is a shame.

The tic-toc is a front walkover where you stop toward the end and go back the other direction. Because tick tock goes the clock? I guess? That, or it’s named after Jane Tic-Toc.


Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

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