Yurchenko Pike


Known as
Yurchenko back pike
Yurchenko pike

The Yurchenko back pike is the only piked Yurchenko vault to be found in the code of points. While Simone Biles competed the Yurchenko double pike during the 2021 season, she did not perform it at a competition where vaults can be named, so it still does not appear in the code of points.

It is a bit silly that no single-pike twisting vaults appear in the code of points because we’ve all seen piked Yurchenko vaults with twisting; they’re just masquerading as layout vaults. That means regardless of how much piking of the hips there might be in a Yurchenko layout full, the judges have no downgrade recourse and must credit it as a layout vault—hopefully then deducting the crap out of it, but that doesn’t much happen either.

3.20 (2022-)
3.50 (2017-2021)
4.00 (2006-2016)

Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

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