Yurchenko Tuck Full


Known as
Yurchenko tuck full
Yurchenko 1/1 tucked

While the basic Yurchenko tucked is the first Yurchenko vault listed in the code of points and is the one technically named after Yurchenko, she actually started competing this style of vault with two more difficult vaults—the layout, and this one: tucked with a full twist. These are the classic Yurchenkos.

When this vault style took the world by storm, the layout position quickly became the expectation, and that holds true today, though we do still see the tucked full fairly regularly in NCAA gymnastics from the lower-ranked vaulting teams. In NCAA, it is far more valuable (9.90 start) than the layout with no twisting (9.75 start), while in elite, the two vaults have the same value.

3.60 (2022-)
3.90 (2017-2021)
4.40 (2006-2016)

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