Things That Are Actually Good

I’m so pleased that we can welcome back scoring controversy in all its glory this year. Sure, we’ve had crazy scores over the past couple of years (we always do), but it was much more isolated to specific meets or specific locations. Now, we’re getting it so intensely all over the country to the point where Greg Marsden had to comment on the inconsistency. It feels like it’s been a few years since it’s been this fun. Just me?

I never want to give the impression that I am ever upset or frustrated by crazy scores. I live for them. Where would we be without them? But, if you’re tired of thinking about these scores and their tentative relationship with visual reality, I understand. I therefore submit the following soothing bar routines for your enjoyment:

2 thoughts on “Things That Are Actually Good”

  1. Marsden and the Utah Gym beat writer (UGA alum Lya Wodraska) go into the state of judging.

    A couple of quotes from Marsden:

    “This is a good lesson that I have to remind myself and the athletes to not get too excited when the scores are high and not get discouraged when they are low,” he said. “I just need to look at the films and evaluate and just know what we are trying to do.”

    “It is in the hands of the judges to get their house in order,” he said. “Nobody expects every meet to be judged exactly the same, but it is really strange in terms of how loose some have gotten.”

  2. Curious what your opinion is. Did you see Kyndal Roberts' vault? I thought that deserved a 10. Maybe 10s have been thrown around a bit too much but I think of Bama and the 10 on a 1.5TY that had bent knees. Roberts' was clearly better and I didn't see the deductions. I know I don't have the judges eye but based on everything in that fraction of a second, Roberts' vault seemed pretty darn perfect to me.

    What I don't understand is how a gymnast is competing all season long with the same routine and then a missing requirement is only just now noticed. Seems a little strange

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