Various Whatnots

  • USA Gymnastics has announced the men’s team: Leyva, Orozco, Mikulak, Dalton, Horton. This is not surprising, especially given how much everyone has been playing up the Horton angle to make sure he made the team. There was a legitimate argument to be made for Legendre on this team instead of Horton, but given consistency considerations, this is probably the smartest choice. Legendre, Brooks, and Naddour are the alternates.
  • The women’s Olympic Trials finish tonight. There’s no reason to think anything has changed at this point. NBC was really trying to make Elizabeth Price happen on Night 1, but it’s not going to happen. We saw some sloppiness in some key routines on Night 1, so let’s watch for that to be eliminated on Night 2. Wieber got some favors that she won’t at the Olympics. Mostly, I’m rooting for some veteran miracles tonight, like Nastia hitting a bar routine and Alicia sticking a vault in their last meets. After that, we’ll have a good four weeks to debate lineups and worry about who got injured.
  • LSU has officially hired Jay Clark. This was originally discussed almost immediately after he was fired from Georgia, but these things take time to become official. At first, I thought it would be a good idea for Jay to get out of the SEC, but this seems like it could be a good fit. We know his skills as an assistant, but it will be interesting to watch whether he has much mark on LSU next season. 
  • Speaking of next season, LSU is among the schools that have already announced their 2013 schedules. They face NC State, Alabama, and Georgia all twice. I don’t much care for repeat meets unless it’s a big rivalry. I always like to see a few more out-of-conference meets, but I know how difficult that can be to work with the SEC schedule. Metroplex should be fun next year with Oklahoma, Georgia, Oregon State, and LSU.
  • Brenna Dowell (who was among the few second-tier girls to hit her routines on Night 1 of Trials, so she is in a surprising 8th) will be joining Mackenzie Wofford at Oklahoma in 2014-2015. K.J. got on these elites early, and she is building quite the future team. 

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  1. It will be interesting considering Jay Clark is now the associate head coach at LSU and LSU'S former assistant coach is now an assistant at UGA.

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