NLI Week 2014-2015

Beginning on Wednesday, schools will begin making their official announcements about which gymnasts have signed NLIs (National Letters of Intent) to join these programs for the 2014-2015 season.

We have a fairly complete picture of what this class will look like already because of the verbal announcements (the full list can be viewed at Collegegymfans), but there are always one or two unexpected happenings, usually involving a gymnast we expected to sign not being part of the original announcement. This can happen for a whole number of reasons, usually boring and logistical.

I’ll include the announced classes and links to the press releases here as they become available beginning Wednesday and continuing for the next week.

Thank you for your timeliness, teams that announced on the first day.

Aja Sims and Keely McNeer for 2013-2014
Mackenzie Brannan, Nickie Guerrero, and Kiana Winston for 2014-2015

Most important note: I am highly disappointed that she appears to have dropped the Monet from Aja-Monet Sims. You’ll always be Monet to me.

Brenna Dowell, Stefani Catour, Samantha Craus, Alyssa Jackson

Gigi Marino and Hayley Sanders

Brianna Brown, Lauren Marinez, Ilana Gordon, Cailee Hills, Mandy Klun

Samantha Partyka, Maddy Stover, Kari Lee, Tiffani Lewis

PENN STATE – Release
Chanen Raygoza, Lauren Li, Oni Timothy, Briannah Tsang

Erin Macadaeg and Myia Hambrick

Kennedy Baker, Grace McLaughlin, Ericha Fassbender

Elizabeth Price

Bridget Hogan and Jordyn Givens

Alyssa Shermetaro, Joslyn Goings, Emily Liddle, Zoey Schaefer

Abby Milliet and Sarah Garcia

Pua Hall and Melissa Metcalf

Bailey Gardner, Ciera Gardner, Hanna Hitchcock, Abby DeMuse (walk-on)

Braie Speed, Paige Zaziski, Leah MacMoyle

Danielle Dessaints, Shireen Khamedoost

As of right now, the only notable things are the Brianna Brown switch to Michigan, which we already knew about, and the Kari Lee switch from Arizona to Utah, which I did not know about. Georgia doesn’t yet have anyone to fill that Brianna Brown spot, so perhaps they’ll look abroad to find someone to fill that spot who can sign during the spring period. I’m reminded of the Dowager Countess. “We’ll just have to take her abroad. In these moments, one can usually find an Italian who isn’t too picky.”

These are some gooood potential rosters. Just look at Stanford. And Florida. And Oklahoma. And Alabama. Let’s try to name all the ways they will end up disappointing us.

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  1. Was Kiana Winston not one of the earliest YouTube-Phenom kiddy gymnasts? Or am I thinking of Kiara Nowlin? Either way they're both heading to college now, which is kind of crazy.

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