The Latest from Training

It’s training videos time.

My confession is that I’m not always as interested in preseason team training videos as I’m supposed to be, given my NCAA dedication. Unless you’re Danusia Francis performing a fab beam dismount, it’s usually just a lot of doing a layout stepout to a Justin Bieber song. It’s hard to glean a ton from that.

Still, the videos are beginning to come fast and furious now, so let’s see what we can see.


Most of this is the usual. The people looking good are the ones we would expect to look good. Macko on beam and Kytra on floor are the most fiery so far. Colussi-Pelaez (last on beam, after Kytra on floor) looks better than she did at Worlds, and I’m pleased to see both her and Boyce working DLOs on bars. Their lack of dismount difficulty was my biggest hesitation about their bars work.


Chelsea Davis’s new bars dismount? Reason? We kind of get a glimpse of Kiera Brown’s excellent tkatchev in this video as well.

UTAH – Bars

A bunch of videos on the youtube page, but here’s Taylor Spears looking Taylor Spears on bars.




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