Friday Live Blog – Florida, Alabama, Auburn, Arkansas, and (possibly) more

Friday 1/16/15
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Auburn @ Florida (Scores) (ESPN3)
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – LSU, Arizona State @ Kentucky (Scores) (ESPN3)
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Washington @ NC State (Scores) (ESPN3)
7:00 ET/4:00 PT – Lindenwood @ Western Michigan (Scores)
7:00 ET/4:30 PT – Missouri @ Georgia (Scores) (ESPN3)
8:00 ET/5:00 PT – Kent State @ Northern Illinois (CSL)
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – Alabama @ Arkansas (ESPN3)
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – Boise State, Southern Utah, UC Davis @ Utah (Scores) (Video)
9:00 ET/6:00 PT – Sacramento State, UIC, UW-Stout @ Arizona
10:00 ET/7:00 PT – Cal, UW-La Crosse @ San Jose State (Video)

Another Friday, another ton of meets. Get excited. I’ll be here starting at 7:00 ET/4:00 PT for the Florida/Auburn action and perhaps some of the other simultaneous meets, followed by Alabama and Arkansas.

Stay tuned.

In unfortunate news already, it appears Florida has switched to doing the live scores on statbroadcast, which I don’t like as much. Whatever happened to a good old-fashioned beaver log? Although maybe the updating will be a little bit prompter? We can dream.

Florida/Auburn is the first ever SEC meet on live TV. It’s like we’re part of a revolution. The lamest, nerdiest revolution.

On the SEC Network before the gymnastics, there’s one of those weird “this is a radio show and now we turned on a camera” shows. Right now, there’s a man calling in from Alabama and I’m truly not sure what language he’s speaking. I don’t understand a word of this.

Florida’s first lineup switch is putting Spicer in on vault to replace Sloan. That seems logical as she has almost always been in their vault lineup.

Oh, Bart and Kathy. I’ve missed you. Never leave me. Kathy’s talking point of the day is “turbo-charged.”

I like that the graphics for the LSU meet say “LSU/Arizona State vs. Kentucky” like LSU and ASU are competing as a group. In other news at that meet, Rene is bringing it on the heels and giant hair fronts as usual.

Close-up of Bridget Sloan’s boot and crutches. Apparently there’s “no timetable on her return.” What happened to six weeks?
Quote of the day so far: “College gymnastics is all about role-play.”

Florida’s leotard is … something.

Rotation 1 – Florida on vault, Auburn on bars
Wang – VT – Good distance on the full and a hop in place, much more control on the landing than last week. 

Hlawek – UB – short on first hs – hits tkatchev, but a little flat – leg break in the air and small arch on the bail – subsequent hs have been nice since the first – strong double arabian dismount with a step.

Spicer – VT – Some piking on her yfull – but good stick and control to keep the stick.

Guy – UB – So glad to see her back – good opening hs – nice blind change to straddle back – one short hs – great height on tkatchev – low landing on the double back with a pretty big hop back and a couple short handstands in there.

Caquatto – VT – looked really flat coming off the table – not much distance – low landing with a hop forward . 9.750.

Kopec – UB – pretty jaeger with good tow point – she’s short on most of these hs, but the DLO is clean as well with a step back. Nice individual skills, but the connective parts of the routine like handstands are the issue.

Baker – VT – Very nice height and distance on her yfull – pretty small hop back, but the rest of the vault was great – best in the air so far. 9.875.  

Kluz – UB – Good height and fine counter rotation on tkatcehv as well – straddle back is fine – close on her shoot to high bar and struggles a little on the following hs – great stick on the DLO – nice routine, just the close catch on the shoot bringing that score down from what it should be.

Hunter – VT – It was her usual Kytra 1.5 in the air but didn’t have the control in the landing with a large hop forward, one of her weaker landings. She’s not super happy with that. 9.825.

Atkinson – UB – First handstand was an issue, but the bail is lovely and the rest is the class of the team – huge height on tuck full dismount and just the smallest adjustment on the landing.

McMurtry – VT – Amaze – Amaze. Great height, stuck landing on the full. That was close to or identical to some of the training videos we saw. From the reverse angle, she looked like she had to lean a little forward on that landing, so my original instinct was 9.950, but I’m not bothered at all by anything on the replay. Do I retract my 9.950? I think so. More realistic 10 than Sloan’s last weekend, certainly. Tremendous vault.  

Walker – UB – Nice shaposh and pretty good form on the bail as well – like the others – the handstands are the biggest deductions for her – tkatchev is fine – DLO dismount with a small hop forward. Good rotation for Auburn coming off last week.

In other news, Jessie Jordan looked pretty good on bars but did get close on her shoot to high bar and had to muscle out of it.

Florida goes 49.300 on vault. Auburn was 48.950 on bars. Georgia went 49.200. LSU is competing Ashleigh Gnat on bars, which is new. They’ll be behind the other teams because the three teams are going one at a time.

Replay of Sloan’s vault 10 from last week, followed by the injury.

Our sideline reporter is exclusively on Sloan Watch. Bridget tells us about how she’s going to come back and then grits her teeth and fakes a smile when telling us that her new role is as a cheerleader.

LSU is not nailing this bars rotation. Big development from last week.

McMurtry is doing bars?

Rotation 2- Auburn vault, Florida bars
Webster – VT – Does not have the dynamics and distance compared to the Florida vaults – late twist on her full, but a secure landing.

Baker – UB -Excellent ray – clean bail handstand 0 good rhythm back to the high bar – a little late on her blind change and then cowboyed slightly on her double front dismount with a lunge back – great at the beginning up until the dismount. 9.800.

Guy – VT -Solid stick on the yfull – great ot have her back in the lineup – didn’t have great distance and had to pike it, but strong.

Boyce – UB – Nice shaposh but doesn’t maintain the legs together on the swing back – very short routine – clean DLO dismount but has to fight to hang onto the stick.

Kluz – VT -Doing a 1.5 – respect – comes up a little short of rotation with a step back – looked like she just pulled that around but it was a complete 1.5

BDG – UB -amplituce on that opening shaposh, clean bail – lovely line – sticks the DLO with he usual leg break – clean work, well done.

Demers – VT – Good position in the air, just starts to pike at the end, with a low landing and a step back. 

Caquatto – UB – good opening hs – wonderful on the tkatchev, small leg break on the bail, handstands are spectacular, DLO looked good int he air, but took a step forward- maybe came up a little short –

Rott – VT – Great yfull in the air – opens out of it with strong distance, but does take a pretty big bounce back out of it – everything spectacular except the landing.

Hunter – UB – Good hs and greant hindorff with strong amplituce – hits her bail – good rhythm throughout – step back on the dismount, strong Kytra bars routine – just a couple small places. 9.900.

Atkinson – VT – Great 1.5 – height, distance, form all strong, small shuffle forward. Should be a big score. Well done.

McMurtry – UB – interested in this because it was not her event before Florida – good giant full and bail – has to muscle out of her shoot a little and comes up short on the next hs – very good dismount with a step. Strong routine, but very simple routine – minimized her chance for deduction but she pulled that one out. 9.925. Um? I’m telling you – putting clean and simple after big and bold pays off in the scores.

Scores seemed elevated for Florida overall on bars. I certainly wouldn’t have pegged that as a 49.525, but it was clean overall. 

Elsewhere -Hambrick is going on beam for LSU and taking a big check on her L turn – another wobble on the side aerial. Myia! Get it together! Loso series was nice, and a good double full, but those early wobbles will hurt.

Very disappointing bars for Georgia, just 48.975. That’s where they need to build up an advantage.
 LSU is also having a bad one today. Already two 9.725s on beam and not Ewing falls on her layout to two feet.

Macko is showing off her bling to us. No, Macko, jewelry is not a “memoir” but I love you anyway.

Rotation 3- florida on beam, Auburn on floor
Baker – BB – opens with her double wolf – slightly wonky but still one of the better ones – great aerial to bhs – high and secure – not digging this mid-routine butt wiggle, but the skills make up for it – long long long pause before her dismount, double back slightly short with a hop forward.

Walker – FX – Good double back to start – clean and hit – double full middle pass is nice as well – posing to Roxanne just like everyone – rudi lacking a little in dynamics – fine start.

Spicer – BB – secure on the loso series, turn is fine, working a little tightly but it’s working out for her – smallish check on her gainer loso – switch looked tight and Kathy is telling us about it. I’VE MISSED YOU KATHY. Gainer full stuck with legs apart.

Webster – FX – piked full in – lands it very low but pulled it out – takes a step – split full looked short of split – 1.5 to layout middle pass is very clean – did she just wobble while standing still on the floor? – solid double back.

McMurtry – BB – really strong punch front – wobbles on the loso series – it was perfect before that – finishes with a 2.5 dismounts and just a step. One wobble in there and a split looked short, but great otherwise.

Rott – FX – I did not know her nickname was “Murder, She Rott” AS IF I COULD LOVE HER MORE. Opens with a DLO – comes up short with a lunge forward – What was that second pass – front layout to front tuck? did she just run out of the pass? Figures it out at the end for a very strong double back – what was that middle pass?

Boyce – BB – wobble on aerial – breaks the connection on this series – does a bhs loso so the connection break doesn’t matter. Her splits have improved, haven’t they? Stuck her gainer full – another with legs apart, though – not adhering to the rule – 9.875 is high. If you’re taking for the wobble and the legs apart stick, which they’re clearly not taking.

Jessie Jordan is saving the day for LSU on beam –

Kluz – FX – Good height on her full in mount – chest up on landing more than many of the others – layout to layout full is fine but a lunge forward that I would not call controlled – fine double back – slightly low but not a big deal – solid hit –

BDG – BB – So so so short on her bhs loso series and never had a chance to save it. For the people asking last week why she wasn’t always in the lineup, that’s why. Lovely full turn and flexibility – she has worked out that gainer layout dismount – great after the fall –

Demers – FX – Great pike full in – staggered landing but OK – largeish step back but still great – cheated her wolf position a little bit, but what is college for if not cheating your wolf position? – layout to front full was excellent – stuck and good leg form – low chest on the double pike but a really nice routine –

Hunter – BB – Must hit situation now – I miss the front tuck mount – but the loso series was excellent – so high and solid – switch side is OK – slightly short on double back dismount with a hop forward. She does the bare minimum on the beam. Loso series and switch side and GOODBYE. Making up the bonus with her dismount. 9.900. The hop forward alone was .100.

Atkinson – FX – Tuck full in is landed well with a high chest position but a step to the side on the landing – fine on the split and wolf elements – layout full to layout to wolf is well done – hits her double pike securely but low chest – they’re low on these dismounts but pulling out the landings well. That was nice.

Florida 148.100 – Auburn 147.175. Good score so far for Auburn. If they can hit beam and break 196, that would be great.

I’m really happy about the efficiency of this meet. Well done, SEC Network. We’ve already done three rotations in about an hour, which is as it should be.

Ashleigh Gnat just nailed a DLO for LSU. And the 2.5 to punch front was not as crazy as last week. Just a shuffle/stumble landing her dismount double pike.

Rotation 4 – Auburn on beam, Florida on floor
Kadous – BB – just a little tight on her full turn, switch and a pause before the loso – another switch and then a pike jump – secure on bhs loso series – works very slowly – gainer full stuck legs apart –

Boyce – FX – front double full to start – steps out of it as always but it’s controlled enough – 1.5 to front pike – does lunge out of that one a little much – the theme of this routine is “I murdered that violin with my wrists” – rudi is a little less piked than last week. Fine, regular start. So it will get a 9.925, obviously.

Rott – BB – switch to straddle 1/4 is fine, loso series is wonky – she does well to keep it on the beam but a major wobble followed by another correction – switch side – front 1.5 dismount – low and a step – major deductions in that one. Shame.

Fassbender – FX – She and McMurtry were in a car accident this week? – 2.5 to front punch was fine – slight stumble landing the punch front – nice height on the double pike, comes up minorly short – that split leap was not so close to 180 – switch was better – 1.5 to front pike –

Guy – BB – good full turn – switch side is secure and high – solid on her loso series as well – switch a straddle as well – aerial is hit – stuck gainer pike dismount – a split here and there and one check moving out of the aerial, but great work.

(Also, Courville’s double arabian, you guys.)

Wang – FX – I lvoe when people on the sidelines do half-hearted one-armed choreo along with the routine – comes up short on the DLO with a lunge forward, but the middle pass is clean and the splits are fully hit, which helps – again a bit low on the double pike landing with knee-chest-itis but a secure landing.

Demers – BB – solid loso series – yikes just totally off on her sheep jump and scraped her leg on the way down – they’ll have to count the score from Rott now.

Baker – FX – Excited to see this one. Her piked double arabian is a magical experience but she took a couple big lunges out of it – sadness – she’s so open on that double pike it’s insane – 1.5 to layout half to huge repulsion into a straddle jump. Should be a good one other than the dismount landing.

Walker – BB – a little low on that front toss landing but very secure, big wobble on the loso series and she’s off. Oh, you were doing so well, Auburn, but this is a mess. Pulls it together for a good sheep jump, stuck gainer full legs apart. I’m going to note that legs apart every time until the judges decide to start taking it.

Hunter – FX – DLO ridiculous as always – had to pull together her middle pass this time – Kathy notes the timing issue – she hit it but had to correct to pull it in – great hit straddle positions – open double back is great. What we’ve come to expect from her – a little meh in the middle pass but nice – 9.875 seems right.

Atkinson – BB – good full turn – strong loso series – hits her aerial as well – she’s the beamer on this team – switch was a little short in the back leg – stuck double pike dismount! There you go. Needed that routine.

Caquatto – FX – Wow – way past on her front double full and came in short on her front tuck out of it – no chance and sat it down – I cannot remember her falling on floor as a college gymnast – weird. The rest of it looks great, but now they’re counting Fassbender’s 9.700. Very nice splits, finishes double pike – lunge back “A little mushy on the lunge,” says Kathy.

Shut up, Bart! I want to hear Rhonda. Shut up!

Final: Florida 197.200, Auburn 195.650. I love that Florida didn’t count a fall this time and only barely outscored the performance from last week. Scoring. And this was pretty charitable in places today, especially bars and beam.

Georgia ends with a 195.800 to Missouri’s 195.175. The fall on beam destroyed Georgia’s score, but it looks like floor was an improvement, and judging by your comments, scoring was tighter, so that floor performance is a positive.

LSU pulled it together on floor with a big score from Hall, but they’re going to need a strong vault not to escape mid 196 purgatory.

Fairly small bounce on a yfull from Hall.

“Amanda is rounding up Rhonda Faehn.” Hard hitting questions like “how pleased are you?” Seven. Seven units of pleased. Rhonda feels the team rallied and was aggressive.

Just a few minutes until Alabama/Arkansas. And then do we get to sleep?

Bri Guy is a gem. “It was absolutely euphoric.”

Just a full from Gnat for LSU but it a hundred billion miles in the air.

After a bunch of 9.850s on vault, it’s a 196.600 for LSU. Big opportunity for Oklahoma to extend the lead tomorrow.


Arkansas Alabama time now. Would you rather be a hog or a crimson tide?

KUPETS ALERT. Tough first assignment for Kupets, she’s being forced to say nice things about Alabama. It’s like when Suzanne had to interview Sarah and force a smile. 

That picture of Kupets in her USA leotard. She’s explaining what makes a good vault and using Courville as an example. Because obviously.

We have a major shanty-town hair alert in this meet.

Rotation 1- Arkansas on vault, Alabama on bars
Elswick – VT – nice stick on the yfull – some piking and legs way apart on landing – very secure. They’ve put her early to boost the rest. 9.950? UMMMMMM.

Brannan – UB – good first hs, a little close on the jaeger but fine – arches a handstand and just barely pulls it back – good save but big deduction – the rest is clean – pulls around her DLO and pike the second salto – with a step – Kupets has a lot to say about DLOs becasue they’re all worse than hers.

Canizaro – VT – not much height – lots of piking – larger step back – not great. 9.750 is also high for that.

McNeer – UB – Great first release – good height – small foot break on bail – one borderline handstand – step back on DLO – a couple small places, but should be a solid score.

Nelson – VT – oh yes, she’s performing that revolutionary vault the yurchenko full. Comes in a little short with a hop forward and piking, so it will be an 11.700.

Bailey – UB – has to muscle up the first handstand right away – strong jaeger and very clean on the bail – full out dismount with a step – they got rid of some of the pirouetting in this routine, which is a good decision for her scoring potential – 

MacMoyle – VT – not much height – also some piking and a small hop to the side on the yfull – 9.900. This vault rotation is so overscored it’s offensive.

Sims – UB – good first hs, very strong full turn finished right on top – tkatchev is OK – orphan half turn – bail handstand was slight short of handstand – full in dismount is lowish with a step forward.

Zaziski – VT – Good height and it looked like it was going to be strong – landed very short with a large lunge forward. So 9.950? – 9.675. A real score! 

Jetter – UB – Good ray to start – short of handstand on her bail as well – they look right in this rotation – blind change is nice – hop back on her double front dismount. OK but she can do better.

Wellick – VT – Big yfull with a near-stick, just a shuffle. Well, it was stronger than Elswick’s vault but not stuck so the judges have given themselves nothing to do because of this scoring. Great vault, though – good legs, distance, and a controlled landing.

Beers – UB – leg break on the shaposh and the pak, but solid – good half turn on the low bar – one borderline handstand – a little late on her blind change and then cowboy on the new double front dismount, but stuck.

Arkansas gets a 49.375 on vault because BAHAHAHAHAHA. Great vaults from Wellick and Elswick, though. 49.100 for Alabama.

Courtney is telling us how huge momentum is. That would be nice if it were true.

Rotation 2 – Alabama on vault, Arkansas on bars
Is this a commercial for meth? Oh “bodybuilding” I see. Judging by those faces and speaking abilities, I thought it was meth.

McNeer – VT – What is this horrible angle? Stick her yfull – small piking, but the judges are in a corner now. 9.900.

Glover – UB – Good jaeger – clean into the bail – she has stepped up the refinement of this routine – late on her giant full turn but a stuck double back.

Brannan – VT – Just identified as “Katie Bailey” NOPE. Very strong yfull – good legs togehter – small hop back but solid. I’d still like to see her to the 1.5 at some point because she can.

Elswick – UB – close on the catch of her jaeger and short of hs on the bail to follow – late on the giant full – double back is stuck with legs apart. Some errors and deductions to take there.

C Sims – VT – Her prance into this vault is hilarious – great height on the yfull, slide back into a medium hop.

Freier – UB – good first hs – clean leg form in the shaposh – toe on – nice bail hs – this is the routine she has the potential to do, it just doesn’t always happened – college sticks her DLO – but good work.

Clark – VT – Great dynamics and form – leans forward to hang onto the stick, but pretty much as strong as the score last week. Well done. 9.925.

Canizaro – UB – Another solid shaposh – into the bail – solid tkatchev and the handstands look good – sticks the DLO – also has to pike the second salto a little bit – but a comfortable routine for her –

Beers – VT – Similar yfull to Clark in the air but takes a small shuffle/stepover step to the side on it. Strange landing but not a major deduction. 

Wellick – UB – hip shaposh with a small break in the legs but solid – the tkatchev is very nice – late on the half turn and then shoots her double front dismount out completely horizontally but pulls it around somehow. Step forward. Weird dismount.

Williams – VT – Just a full – it’s pretty much perfect other than the small step back. Alabama will outscore Arkansas on vault, but because of the huge scores for Arkansas, Alabama was not adequately rewarded comparatively for stronger amplitude and form.

Zaziski – UB – good first hs – great full turn as well – strong tkatchev – this is great – a little floppy in the bail hs but this is very nice – DLO with a small hop but the best DLO in the air on the team. Very nice. She’s an exciting new find.

Suri asks Mark if he’s “super happy.”

Alabama leads 98.575 to 98.500 after two.

Rotation 3 – Arkansas on beam, Alabama on floor
Nelson – BB – how did she not wobble on that loso series? One foot completely missed and she didn’t blink – a little squatty on that punch front with a step forward – switch to straddle 1/4 – long pause before dismount – hop forward out of 1.5 dismount.

A Sims – FX – that split 1/2 was OK – how are her leaps better on beam than on floor, but I think they are? Solid double pike to start – better on the straddles – 1.5 to layout with some leg separation – looked like she would be short on that double back but she pulled it around well for a secure landing.

Glover – BB – very slow to start – I think that was supposed to be a bhs full? But it was bizarre – bhs 1/2 turn and then another half? Buckled on her side aerial to bhs series and could not keep it on the beam – sticks her gainer full, though. Photos of her open-heart surgery now.

Valnetin – FX – double front –  I honestly did not think we would ever see her in a lineup. It’s a good double front too – not some cowboy nonsense – was very high on the double pike but did land a little short with a hop forward.

Wellick – BB – fine on the split and straddle 1/4 to start – clean aerial to straddle jump – loso series as well – comfortable on every skill until the side somi, big lean forward and a fight – just a small step on a solid 2/1 dismount. The one big break and a couple other tight skills, but otherwise strong.

Clark – FX – Staying in the lineup. I thought we might see her on this event this year, but not a great score last week – really high double pike – minor slide? – but great in the air – 1.5 to layout middle pass – legs together just coming in slightly short on the layout but does not let it show – short on the double back but only took a small step out of it. Improvement.

Zaziski – BB – crooked on the opening switch side – clean on the loso – good switch to straddle 1/4 – big wobble and fight on side somi – they’re struggling on side somis which is punishment for performing them in the first place – solid front toss – a little flat on her 1.5 and a hop to the side.

Brannan – FX – great form on her double arabian  – nice splits as well – double pike middle pass is also comfortable – I feel like Kupets and other lady are just reading comments off cards regardless of what is happening in the meet – 1.5 to layout dismount – no trouble in the tumbling – good routine. Kupets is mad she turned early in her double arabian. Pick your battles, Courtney.

Freier – BB – check early on her full turn, very short of split on her switch – golds onto her loso series well – minor audio problems – you can just stop talking, ladies – good side aerial – she can be so lovely on this event – stuck gainer full legs apart.

C Sims – FX – starts with her big DLO – full to front pike middle pass – didn’t really maintain the position in that L hop full turn – so there are a few of the dance deductions to take in this one – solid on the double pike – dismounts look better this week than last week.

Dillard – BB – hits a lovely aerial into bhs loso combination – ooh, it’s like it’s 2010 US Nationals already – small check on side aerial – best splits on the team in this rotation – and then a huge break on a side aerial and comes off the beam. Counting a fall now. Ouch.

I mentioned audio problems. I think it’s just my TV and not the broadcast, but it’s making Kupets and the other lady sound like chipmunks caught in a radiator, and I wish you could all hear it.

Frost – FX – Great this time – secure and well-landed – good straddles as well – front full to layout is secure – still slightly short on the double pike but much better than last week. And a lower score than last week because it was silly last time. The scoring seems so have become more sane after that first Arkansas vault rotation.

Big 49.450 on floor bring Alabama to 148.025 and pace to go well over 197 this week. Counting the fall on beam puts Arkansas down at 146.725.

Courtney says Arkansas needs to remember that there’s one event left. Because they might forget.

In other news, Utah is on mid-196 pace through two events, still with beam and floor to go. A couple counting 9.7s so far. In terrible news for my fantasy team, Ciera Perkins fell on floor for Boise State. Pull it together.

Dabritz competed beam! And got a 9.850!

Rotation 4- Alabama on beam, Arkansas on floor

Bailey – BB – very nice L turn as always, wow – what happened on that loso? She’s usually so solid on it but right from the start her legs were all floppy and then she landed off line with no chance to stay on – everything else is great – perfect side aerial – strong 2/1 with a step. Weirdness.

Canizaro – FX -very good form on the double pike and secure landing – also on the double pike to follow – not big passes but clean and regular – the switch ring was just the ring part and not so much the split part – also solid on the 1.5 to layout. Good routine. Reminds me a bit of what Lindsay Williams gave Michigan last week – clean solid useful. 9.925. Well now. Vault scoring is back.

McNeer – BB – good aerial and comfortable into the loso – switch to split dance series is right on – tentative in her full turn but didn’t give a deduction – wonky on the side aerial but kept it on the beam – significant deduction though – great stick on the 1.5. If not for that aerial.

Dillard – FX – Rudi mount? That’s right, I remember this. Good switch ring. Not a college switch ring, like a real one. Full to front layout middle pass – she has good presence and performance awareness in this routine. 1.5 to layout dismount. No difficulty, but once again clean. 9.875.

Beers – BB – She has to turn into a beamer this season for them – that side somi was a little scary – she got negative 2 inches off the beam but pulled it around somehow. ACK! Off on her loso series – didn’t even look off line – she was just suddenly on the ground. 1.5 dismount hop back. Counting a fall now on beam. Rough. If they pull out the rest of the routines, they can still beat last week’s score, though.

Zaziski – FX – over rotated her double pike with a lunge back – also comes in low on her double back with a lunge forward – she doesn’t have the control of the other two so expect this to be the low score. Really low because she falls on the layout to full dismount pass. Disaster routine.

A Sims – BB – Save this with your wonderful splits, please. pretty aerial but the leg goes up – very nice loso series – switch split and straddle are great as always but she did slightly pause in between – hits her switch side – fluid full turn – perfect stick on the double back dismount! I wish she hadn’t had the opening wobble because it was pretty much perfect after that.

Nelson – FX – Solid double pike, small side. I definitely thought she fell on choreography at the beginning but that was part of her routine – very good straddle elements – 1.5 to layout is also very clean – a little squatty on the final double tuck, but it will get a big score considering precedent.

Clark – BB – small correction after her switch before the split jump but it was pretty much nothing – right on for the loso series – aggressive and stuck – sheep is a very college sheep but she hit the landing of it – big pause before the front toss – it was just a bad as last week but she managed to stay on the beam somehow – still a big deduction, bend at the hips and a big arm wave – basically sticks 1.5. She needed that to save the rotation.

Elswick – FX – Very clean double pike – 1.5 to layout middle pass – they’re basically all doing the same tumbling programs, but it doesn’t matter because everyone is getting a 9.9 regardless. It’s clean, solid, hit. No split problems, no major landing deductions. Low chest on the double tuck, but equivalent to the other routines so far.

Williams – BB – Solid on the punch front to start – she looks like she just lit the beam on fire and doesn’t regret it – this facial expression – but NOOOOO! Off on the loso series. Can you remember Alabama having such a poor beam rotation? Three falls and another major mistake. Wow. Just wow.

Wellick – FX – Starts with another clean double pike (surprise!) and solid on her 1.5 to layout as well. They’ve mastered the art of performing no difficulty cleanly, and it’s being rewarded today – low chest on the double tuck, but they hit that floor rotation. 9.950. Because WHY NOT?

Arkansas pulls off the upset! Arkansas 196.325, Alabama 196.175.
Well, I say pulls off the upset. Alabama handed to them on a platter. The insane vault and floor scoring also helped, but the thing that helped the most was not falling three times on beam. New goal for Alabama: not counting a fall.

Mark Cook is like “Suck on that!” but a professional, mature version of that.

Arkansas went 49.600 on floor. THIS MEET.

One judge just gave Dabritz a 10 on floor. 9.950 final score.

Utah finishes with a 196.675. And Cal already opened with a disaster on beam again.


19 thoughts on “Friday Live Blog – Florida, Alabama, Auburn, Arkansas, and (possibly) more”

  1. Will we see the first 198 tonight?? How far into the season did it take to see a 198 last year? -Jacob

  2. Thanks! I wouldn't be surprised to see it sooner this year, and I don't think Florida will be the first to do it this year.

  3. Ummm ok I don't understand… I have Direct TV and I have the SEC Network but I can't watch the LSU meet online because one of the providers isn't Direct TV, how does that make sense???

  4. Persinger is in for Rogers on UB due to a “Coach's decision.” Interesting . . .

    I hope they are just resting her so she can compete on Monday, but I'm wondering what the deal is.

  5. UGA/MIZ: I thought Vaculick and Schick could have gone higher. Davis, Jay, and Persingers scores were right on. Brown's routine was beautiful, but she took a large step on her dismount.

    UGA needs Rogers back in the line ups. I'm concerned her junior year will end up like Persinger's junior year and we may not see much of her this year due to personal/mental issues.

    The scoring overall is a bit tight in this one, at least compared to other meets I watched last week.

  6. Anyone watching Georgia? I feel like the judges were a little harsh, especially on Schick and Vaculik. I'll just assume I couldn't see missed handstands from the camera angle I guess.

  7. Mary Beth Box NAILED her BB routine. She stuck her dismount and didn't wobble once, yet she went 9.85. UGA needs to put her further back in the line up. Her scores her held down (unfairly) because she goes first.

  8. Box was definitely underscored. I get why Danna keeps her earlier in line up however. This is a relatively new BB line up and Box is typically solid in lead off position which they need right now. Its a shame she can't be put up later however.

  9. UGA has so much potential on beam. Persinger's routine was beautiful except for the fall and Brown's routine was awesome, but she put her hands down on her double back dismount. Once these girls gel and hit that rotation, it could be huge for UGA. I think they'll put it together soon.

  10. Caryn Kadous's hair is just so high on her head. It's like a Dr. Seuss character. I love it.

  11. The home scoring for FL is so blatant. Clair Boyce =/= Caitlin Atkinson tonight in my opinion.

  12. Hmm interesting they chose to see what Fassbender could do on floor tonight. I like seeing Florida mix it up a bit. That floor lineup has the potential to be absolutely monstrous. COuld easily and consistently go 49.5 without Sloan.

  13. It didn't look like Rogers was even at the meet. She took a “break” for a bit in the fall and I'm wondering if she is having a hard time getting back into it this semester. I hope she is healthy and can jump back into the line ups. She would be an awesome addition to the VT and UB rotations and they could use her on BB and FX, too. They just really really need her on VT and UB!

  14. I was hoping Kathy and Bart would stay away from the SEC Network meets. I really really don't like Kathy. Bring back Yoculan and have her commentate the meets with Bart. That would be 100 times better. There has to be more options out there. Tasha Schwikert? Kylee Botterman? Kevin Copp? I would take Allison Taylor or Katie Heenan over Kathy, too!

  15. Too bad Brandie Jay didn't get to vault in front of the Ark/Bama judges. She would have had a 10 for her stuck cold 1 1/2.

    Arkansas gets 3 9.9+ scores? At this rate, Bama is going to put up a HUGE vault number.

  16. Many teams had major beam problems and falls tonight… Bama, LSU, Georgia, Auburn, Florida and Arkansas to some extent… Meanwhile Utah hit 6/6 and Dabritz rocked it. What is even happening?

  17. Anybody have a link to the scores for Arizona's quad meet? I want to see how my girl Jessie Sisler is doing for my fantasy team.

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