Best Routine of Week 2 Poll

Congratulations to our week 1 champion, MyKayla Skinner’s floor routine, which just edged out Kennedi Edney’s vault in 2nd and Maggie Nichols’ bars in 3rd.

Week 1 Skinner, FX Edney, VT Nichols, UB
Week 2

Who will take the week 2 crown? It’s time to decide. (With the usual disclaimer about video availability.)

1. Ali Jackson, Oklahoma – Floor

2. Rachel Slocum, Florida – Vault

3. Myia Hambrick, LSU – Floor

4. Kyla Ross, UCLA – Bars

5. Ashleigh Gnat, LSU – Vault

6. Mollie Korth, Kentucky – Floor

7. Peng Peng Lee, UCLA – Beam

8. Diana Mejia, Boise State – Bars

9. Britney Ward, Missouri – Vault

10. Kiana Winston, Alabama – Bars

11. Chayse Capps, Oklahoma – Beam

12. MJ Rott, Auburn – Floor

13. Sydney Snead, Georgia – Vault

Time to vote!


16 thoughts on “Best Routine of Week 2 Poll”

  1. I kind of wanted to vote for Slocum mostly because I’m really thankful for her score for my fantasy gym-team, but I ended up voting for Peng-Peng, because Peng-Peng, and the fact that I feel like her routine is somewhat different (and I love the mount…) – plus, we must celebrate when she hits beam.


  2. I still can’t believe Gnat got a 10. I feel like if you’re gonna get a 10 your stick has to be cold, not questionable. Plus the legs.


  3. I voted for Ward, and it was an easy choice. Some great routines here, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen that Omelianchik vault done so perfectly. Not even Kupets could do it that good. She freakin’ OPENS OUT.

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  4. Is there some kind of Mizzou mafia voting on this? Ward’s vault was nice but I feel like it was a bit of tilty-Khorki-stick for her to be winning by nearly 100 votes …

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  5. I voted for Ward. Unique, difficult and performed exceptionally well. I count it as a stick, her toes never left the mat after she landed. I know a lot of people voted for Peng and she was awesome, but she can be better. Shes a victim of her own standard I guess haha


  6. Not sure if everyone has heard yet, but:
    Sabrina Schwab (Utah sophomore) is out for the season after suffering a torn ACL in practice this week.

    Also, UGA has confirmed Grace Cherrey is out for the season as she needs another ankle surgery. No word on Vaculik or Pederson.


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