Week 2 Rankings and Notes

green-up-arrow 1. Oklahoma 197.888
  • First team to break 198 with a 198.025 v. UCLA
  • Nichols wins AA again with 39.750, Capps’ 39.700 is 2nd
  • Two falls but counts no score lower than 9.825
  • Nationally 3rd on VT, 1st on UB, BB, FX
  • Capps’ 9.975 is top BB score so far.
reddownarrow 2. LSU 197.700
  • Fall to 2nd after pitiful, lowly 197.575. Was that a try?
  • Ashleigh Gnat’s VT is the season’s first 10.000
  • #1 nationally on VT
  • Hambrick leads team AA with 39.600, 9.950 on FX.
  • Still no Ruby.
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 3. Florida 197.350
  • 197.600 in home opener, 4th-highest national score
  • Baker leads team AA with 39.575
  • Slocum performs first competition vault, scores 9.950
  • Five 10.0 starts on vault is currently the most in the country
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 4. Alabama 196.900
  • Improve on last week’s total with a 197.100 to stay in 4th
  • Winston two 9.950s on UB, FX and 39.600 AA lead team
  • Maddie Desch debuts 1.5 on vault
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 5. Utah 196.763
  • 196.900 away against BYU: higher VT, FX, lower UB, BB vs. week 1
  • Skinner leads team with 39.600 AA, wins every event title
  • Schwab (FX) and Merrell (VT) are team’s other 9.9 scores
green-up-arrow 6. UCLA 196.263
  • Improves on last week’s score by over a point with 196.825
  • Lee’s 9.950 on BB leads the team
  • 9.925s on UB (Ross, Lee) and BB (Kocian)
  • Ross does not start from 10.0 on BB for second straight week (9.825)
  • No routines from Preston
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 7. Denver 196.113
  • Denver holds onto 7th with 196.350 in home opener.
  • Karr wins the AA again with 39.425
  • Addison wins FX with 9.925
  • Competes only five VT and FX routines again
reddownarrow 8. Missouri 196.100
  • Two-meet weekend sees Missouri score 195.850, 196.225
  • Ward goes 9.925 on VT in first meet, 9.925 on BB in second meet
  • Morgan Porter scores 9.950 on VT in second meet
green-up-arrow 9. Kentucky 196.013
  • Program-best score of 196.950 away at Florida
  • Korth ties for meet AA crown with 39.575
  • Four scores of 9.9 or better (2 Korth, 1 Dukes, 1 Hyland)
green-up-arrow 10. Nebraska 195.700
  • Season debut of 195.700 with eight entire gymnasts
  • Crouse and Laeng tie with 39.350 AA, 9.925 on UB
  • Houchin competes VT, UB, FX in debut
  • Ashley Lambert returns from injury to compete VT, UB, BB
  • Grace Williams limited to BB, FX
green-up-arrow 11. Auburn 195.675
  • Auburn does not count a fall this week, gets into 196s with 196.025
  • MJ Rott records team-high 9.950 on FX
  • Only score over 9.850 for Auburn in the meet
  • Milliet limited to UB, BB
reddownarrow 12. Michigan 195.625
  • Counts a BB fall for second-consecutive sub-196 score: 195.725
  • Artz 9.950 on FX, Karas 9.900 on VT are team’s high scores
  • Polina hits bars this time for 9.825
  • Zaziski struggles again, 37.275 AA score
green-up-arrow 13. Cal 195.438
  • Cal’s 195.550 performance is similar to Monday’s 195.325
  • Palomares BB 9.875 is team’s highest score
  • Draghi returns to compete BB, still no FX
reddownarrow 14. George Washington 195.388
  • GW falls on bars for 195.225, lower than week 1
  • 9.900 on BB from Winstanley and Zois are team’s high scores
  • GW currently ranks 5th nationally on BB
green-up-arrow 15. Boise State 195.300
  • BSU goes 195.300 on opener, lowest score since 2015 opener
  • McGregor wins AA with 39.000
  • Means competes VT for first time, falls for 9.150
  • Mejia 9.900 on UB leads team
green-up-arrow 16. Georgia 195.200
  • Recovers from first week BB with two-straight no-fall beams
  • Lowest counting beam score is 9.775
  • 196.800 on Saturday, 196.875 on Monday*
  • Snead’s Monday 9.950 on VT is team’s highest score of weekend
green-up-arrow 17. Washington 195.175
  • 195.175 in Elise Ray’s coaching debut
  • Copiak falls from bars, suffers major back spasms, halts routine
  • Goings leads team with 9.925 on BB
  • Burleson competes AA for 39.200
green-up-arrow 18. Ohio State 195.088
  • Upsets Michigan with 195.800 home victory
  • Mattern VT 9.900, Hofland UB 9.850 lead team scores
  • No falls in 24 routines
reddownarrow 19. Oregon State 195.050
  • Catastrophic UB rotation, BB falls see Oregon State fall 10 places
  • 194.525 is team’s lowest score since January 2013
  • McMillan 9.900 on VT is team’s high score
green-up-arrow 19. Illinois 195.050
  • Improves over 1.5 on last week with solid 195.900
  • Leduc returns to AA with career-high 39.425
  • Also leads team with 9.925 BB, 9.900 FX
reddownarrow 21. Minnesota 194.813
  • Minnesota’s 194.900 is similar to first-meet total
  • Disastrous UB, counting 8.900, takes away possible 196
  • Gardner leads team AA with 39.175
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 22. Iowa 194.692
  • Two-meet weekend is 195.475, 194.400
  • Multi-fall BB rotation sends second score into 194s
  • Metcalf UB 9.900 in second meet is team’s high
  • Zurawski two-straight 9.875s on UB
 reddownarrow 23. Arkansas 194.650
  • Achilles tear to Amanda Wellick ruins everything
  • Three UB falls, five routines on VT, FX lead to 193.950 total
  • Scoring is led by McGlone’s 9.900 on VT
green-up-arrow 24. Sacramento State 194.438
  • Look at you Sac State
  • Into the top 25 after two consecutive 194.4s
  • Second 194.4 included counting two falls on BB
  • 9.850s from Caitlin Soliwoda (BB) and Tara Catour (FX) lead team
reddownarrow 25. NC State 194.413
  • BB problems give NC State a 193.900, 194.800 two-meet weekend
  • 9.875 from Knight (UB), Paris (FX) on Monday are team’s highs
  • Alexa Phillips didn’t vomit on anyone

*The official weekly rankings debut Monday morning, so the Monday meet between Georgia and NC State is not included in the totals or standings. If it were, Georgia would rise to 10th, and NC State would rise to 24th.

Full rankings at RoadtoNationals.

Oklahoma and LSU remain out in front, but Florida’s home 197.600 from Friday is the kind of score that can chase them down. In fact, the current top six teams are my preseason Super Six, so just end it now? Hello postseason.

Denver, Missouri, and Kentucky have made exciting early-year pushes to get themselves into the top 10 ahead of some of the expected contenders—ones that are still counting falls all over the place like Auburn, Michigan, and Georgia. This will even out as the bigger names pull themselves together, but it’s still an intriguing turn of events for teams that aren’t really supposed to average in the 196s. It’s possible that these teams can hang onto these rankings until RQS kicks in, which allows the bigger teams to drop their bad ones. Then it gets tough.

Unfortunately, the theme of the weekend was injuries: Amanda Wellick and her torn Achilles, Madison Copiak’s back spasms, Felix-Terrazas and Laub getting injured mid-routine for Arizona, Cannamela and Preston and their ambiguous background slings. It wouldn’t be NCAA season without it.

We didn’t have too many high-profile balance beam situations this week, what with UCLA and Georgia pulling themselves together, so three-fall 47s from North Carolina and Kent State take the BBS crown for week two. Dear North Carolina, Morgan Lane deserves better. But, the catastrophe of the week award belongs to Penn State and its 192.900. Emma Sibson was supposed to perform on floor but didn’t following a vault fall. With no one else able to go, apparently, Penn State was forced to put up only five on floor, including an 8.000 from Jessica Jones after she injured her knee. Also, Kiera Brown has been removed from the team’s roster. Or, as Penn State put it, “Medvitz Captures Balance Beam Title.” Yep, that’s the story here.

Non-famous stars of the week
Gymnasts from lower-ranked schools who scored over 9.900.

Briana Ledesma, Iowa State, Floor – 9.925
A career high for the junior, who peaked at 9.900 last year

Brianna Comport, Bridgeport, Floor – 9.925

Rachel Stypinski, Kent State, Floor – 9.925
Stypinski was a bright spot for Kent State on an otherwise 192y day. Not the first time.


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    1. I was at this meet. According to MD trainer, Felix-Terrazas broke her ankle. Laub didn’t seem serious, but I don’t know for certain.

    1. The good thing it’s early enough in the season that she’s eligible to return for a fifth redshirt year in 2018 if she chooses.

  1. I heard that Wellick probably will be done with the sport….an Achilles tear is a tough rehab, especially for an all arounder…maybe she does come back, as it’s early in the recovery but don’t be surprised if she doesn’t.

  2. Sibson (PSU) injury – Unsubstantiated rumor is she recently started back training after her 2016 season ending injury and then was diagnosed with lupus last week. Amazing she is out there competing . Love her vault … hope to see her back soon!

  3. I heard that there is an ACL tear at Penn St? Is it Postiglione again, or someone new?

    1. During the Florida/NC State meet, Alexa Philips fell while dismounting from the beam. Her teammates all flocked to her to make sure she was alright, and a few seconds later she appears to throw up while her teammates all quickly scatter and the broadcast cuts away.

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