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Week 8 Rankings, Notes, RQS Update

equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 1. Oklahoma 197.990
Road Score 1 198.350
Road Score 2 198.175
Road Score 3 198.075
Home/Road Score 1 198.025
Home/Road Score 2 197.925
Home/Road Score 3 197.750
  • OU’s 4th 198 of the season on Sunday (198.175), following a Friday 197.675, cinches a program-best RQS. A 198.100 this coming weekend in Michigan would give the Sooners the all-time RQS record.
  • Nichols missed her shot at a 40 by sitting for meet 2 of the weekend, Senior Day Pt 2: Texas Edition, as Lehrmann and Wofford both received first-career 10s on UB.
  • Jackson and Capps both scored career-high-tying 9.975s on FX at the same meet.
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 2. LSU 197.695
Road Score 1 197.700
Road Score 2 197.700
Road Score 3 197.675
Home/Road Score 1 197.975
Home/Road Score 2 197.825
Home/Road Score 3 197.575
  • LSU remains comfortably in 2nd with an away 197.675 at Auburn. With all the scores fairly tightly bunched in the high 197s, LSU’s RQS is unlikely to change all that much in the coming weeks.
  • 9.950s from Finnegan (BB) and Gnat (VT, FX) led the team. Hambrick returned to hitting ways to lead the AA. Edney did not compete.
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 3. Florida 197.495
Road Score 1 197.425
Road Score 2 197.325
Road Score 3 197.125
Home/Road Score 1 197.975
Home/Road Score 2 197.900
Home/Road Score 3 197.700
  • The Gators recorded a second-consecutive home 197.9, featuring Alex McMurtry’s first FX 10 and fifth 10 of her career.
  • Hundley went 9.975 on UB and 39.675 in the AA, while Baker remains limited to only UB.
  • In RQS, while the home scores are stronger than LSU’s, the road scores lag behind, which takes some of the friction out of this weekend’s visit to LSU as Florida cannot pass LSU in the rankings even with a season-high. A strong road score will still be necessary, however, to ensure fending off UCLA and company.
green-up-arrow 4. UCLA 197.305
Road Score 1 197.500
Road Score 2 197.325
Road Score 3 197.150
Home/Road Score 1 198.125
Home/Road Score 2 197.725
Home/Road Score 3 196.825
  • The Bruins were able to erase that 195 from Monday with a 197.725 against Arizona over the weekend, accounting for the two-spot jump in the rankings.
  • Hallie Mossett’s career-high 9.975 on FX led the team, along with Kocian’s 9.950 on FX and season-high-tying 39.625 AA and Ross’s 9.950s on UB and BB.
  • It is possible for UCLA to pass Florida this coming week, but it would take at least a 197.800 along with a weak showing from Florida, so it’s not the most likely outcome. The focus will be on staying ahead of Utah and Alabama. A 197.450 guarantees UCLA remains 4th.
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 5. Utah 197.180
Road Score 1 197.600
Road Score 2 197.150
Road Score 3 196.900
Home/Road Score 1 197.875
Home/Road Score 2 197.625
Home/Road Score 3 196.625
  • Utah recorded its own 197.600 at Arizona State, featuring Tom Farden’s literal dreamscape of how UB scoring might go that culminated in a 9.975 for Lee and 9.950s for Lewis and Skinner.
  • Skinner scored three 9.950s for a 39.750 AA total.
  • Utah can’t catch Florida this weekend, and with UCLA having a higher max RQS, the #4 ranking is in the Bruins’ hands. Utah is looking at needing to outscore UCLA by a little under a half point to move ahead.
reddownarrow 6. Alabama 197.085
Road Score 1 197.225
Road Score 2 197.050
Road Score 3 196.700
Home/Road Score 1 197.825
Home/Road Score 2 197.350
Home/Road Score 3 197.100
  • Alabama’s home 196.925 over the weekend was not high enough to break into the RQS picture, allowing for both UCLA and Utah to pass.
  • Limited without Winston, it was all a little too 9.850, though Sims, Desch, and Bailey did provide 9.925s (FX, FX, VT).
  • Alabama heads to Georgia this week, needing at least a 197.200 to have a chance at passing Utah, but probably needing more than that to do it in reality.
green-up-arrow 7. Denver 196.875
Road Score 1 196.900
Road Score 2 196.875
Road Score 3 196.500
Home/Road Score 1 197.150
Home/Road Score 2 197.125
Home/Road Score 3 196.975
  • Denver continued its assault on the name-teams with a 196.975 home score, following a 196.900 away total in a two-meet weekend.
  • Meet 2 was led by 9.950s from Karr on VT and Ross on BB and 9.925 from Chesnok on UB.
  • The lack of any of those big-team scores in the higher 197s inhibits Denver’s chances to move any higher for the moment, but also SEVENTH IN THE RANKINGS.
reddownarrow 8. Georgia 196.820
Road Score 1 196.975
Road Score 2 196.925
Road Score 3 196.800
Home/Road Score 1 197.075
Home/Road Score 2 196.875
Home/Road Score 3 196.525
  • Georgia scored another 196.9 on the road at Oklahoma but fell behind Denver by a hair, almost entirely on account of not having a 197 that counts. With Denver at home this coming weekend and unable to drop its lowest score, however, Georgia has the inside track to regain #7.
  • Snead’s 9.950 on VT and Marino’s equivalent score on FX led the team, as they so often do, in a meet where BB was the highest rotation score. Almost like Georgia is good on beam. Brand new world. It’s really vault and bars that we have to worry about.
green-up-arrow 9. Oregon State
Road Score 1 197.125
Road Score 2 196.825
Road Score 3 196.200
Home/Road Score 1 196.900
Home/Road Score 2 196.700
Home/Road Score 3 196.550
  • A season-high 197 away at Stanford sees Oregon State gain another spot in the rankings. Unable to drop that away 196.2 until Pac-12s (only remaining road meet), however, it may be difficult for OSU to keep up this spot and fend off the challenging teams with similar bold scores.
  • It was Gardiner taking the AA over McMillan in the great OSU AA battle this weekend, with 9.925 on BB and 9.900 on FX. Colussi-Pelaez also performed career-best routines on BB and FX, both for 9.900.
green-up-arrow 10. Boise State 196.605
Road Score 1 197.075
Road Score 2 196.700
Road Score 3 196.675
Home/Road Score 1 197.025
Home/Road Score 2 196.400
Home/Road Score 3 196.225
  • A 196.675 away at Alabama allows Boise State to drop a 195.300 from the first meet and move up two spots in the rankings. Unlike Oregon State, Boise State will have a chance to drop its 196.2 this weekend.
  • Means limited to one event and McGregor to two inhibited BSU’s scoring potential, though both did still manage team-high-tying 9.875s (BB, VT respectively)
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 11. Kentucky 196.535
Road Score 1 196.950
Road Score 2 196.150
Road Score 3 195.850
Home/Road Score 1 197.475
Home/Road Score 2 197.100
Home/Road Score 3 196.625
  • A bit of a missed opportunity for Kentucky after a 9.7-heavy floor rotation over the weekend still resulted in a usable 196.625 to keep the #11 spot.
  • The winner of the weekly four-woman AA battle was Hyland, using 9.900 on BB and 9.875 on FX to sneak ahead with 39.375.
  • Korth’s 9.925 on VT still led the team across all events.
  • With that 195.850 available to be dropped this weekend, Kentucky does have the most likely path among the 9-12 teams to get back to #9.
reddownarrow 11. Michigan 196.535
Road Score 1 196.475
Road Score 2 196.025
Road Score 3 195.725
Home/Road Score 1 197.825
Home/Road Score 2 197.225
Home/Road Score 3 197.225
  • Michigan exploded for a 197.825 over the weekend, and everyone was like, “Whaaa?” and they were like, “Yeah.” That’s exactly what happened.
  • Everyone ever got a 9.9, including the whole floor rotation, and Karas took the AA with 39.600.
  • Michigan falls in the rankings because that 197.825 can’t be counted, but it does open up a little more room for the Wolverines to move up even with a home meet this weekend, though the real work will be done the following two weeks in getting rid of those low road scores. Though Michigan has fallen to a tie for 11th for now, a late surge toward #7 is still quite realistic.
green-up-arrow 13. Nebraska 196.450
Road Score 1 197.125
Road Score 2 196.550
Road Score 3 196.050
Home/Road Score 1 197.125
Home/Road Score 2 196.825
Home/Road Score 3 195.700
  • Nebraska continues providing a good example of how a small and fairly injured roster can peak at the right time, erasing that tragic start with yet another 197.
  • Taylor Houchin is the real deal, scoring 39.650 in the AA, the #3 total of the week, even while leading off two events.
  • Nebraska is off this coming weekend but has opened up enough of a gap over the trailing teams to stay ranking safe.
green-up-arrow 14. Iowa 196.150
Road Score 1 196.550
Road Score 2 196.400
Road Score 3 196.175
Home/Road Score 1 196.475
Home/Road Score 2 195.975
Home/Road Score 3 195.725
  • Iowa traveled to the land of season-highs over the weekend to get 196.550 at BYU, featuring 9.925s for Snyder and Youd on FX and BB.
  • The Hawkeyes cannot move up even with a season high in the next meet, but you know, 14th. The real trick will be remaining ahead of the rest because teams 14-21 could basically end up in any order next Monday.
reddownarrow 15. Missouri 196.145
Road Score 1 196.750
Road Score 2 196.350
Road Score 3 196.225
Home/Road Score 1 196.225
Home/Road Score 2 196.075
Home/Road Score 3 195.825
  • Missouri went to the true and eternal Land of Season-High Road Scores, Florida, for a 196.750, a score that can’t yet be counted and therefore didn’t prevent a drop in the rankings. Missouri has scored consistently this year, but RQS doesn’t so much care about that. RQS cares about big scores.
  • Surprise, surprise, Britney Ward was the team’s leading scorer, but this time it came from a 9.950 on BB, not on VT, a score achieved mid-McMurtry-hoopla.
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 16. George Washington 196.140
Road Score 1 196.725
Road Score 2 196.150
Road Score 3 196.000
Home/Road Score 1 196.400
Home/Road Score 2 196.050
Home/Road Score 3 196.000
  • Similarly, George Washington snatched a massive 196.7 on the road over the weekend but can’t count it and therefore stays relatively steady in the rankings. In gymnastics, it isn’t real unless you do it twice.
  • Winstanley was the big winner of this meet, going 9.925 on UB and 9.900 on BB for a 39.550 AA total.
green-up-arrow 17. Washington 196.130
Road Score 1 196.450
Road Score 2 195.825
Road Score 3 195.325
Home/Road Score 1 197.175
Home/Road Score 2 196.750
Home/Road Score 3 196.300
  • A fine-but-frustrating 196.450 for Washington does the job in erasing a low road score but could have been higher if not for vault errors.
  • A 195.325 still to drop this weekend, however, gives Washington another shot at it and the best opportunity among this bunch of teams to move up the rankings with a solid result. Theoretically, Washington could even go ahead of Nebraska with a season-high.
  • Burleson records another nationally competitive AA score of 39.475, achieving 9.900 on FX and another couple scores among the bushel of 9.875s that Washington received.
reddownarrow 18. Auburn 196.090
Road Score 1 196.450
Road Score 2 196.400
Road Score 3 195.800
Home/Road Score 1 196.100
Home/Road Score 2 196.075
Home/Road Score 3 196.075
  • A fine-not-great 196.100 at home against LSU keeps Auburn stuck in low-196 land and opens up what is becoming a very real possibility that this depleted team may end up unseeded unless the scores start heading into the higher 196s.
  • This weekend’s highlight was an exceptionally well-executed BB routine from Krippner that reached 9.925.
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 19. Cal 196.000
Road Score 1 196.400
Road Score 2 195.725
Road Score 3 195.550
Home/Road Score 1 197.075
Home/Road Score 2 196.300
Home/Road Score 3 196.025
  • Keeping up with the Washingtons in their duel to see which team makes the evening at Pac-12s, Cal also recorded a fine-not-great 196.4 on the road to drop a low road total and will be looking to drop another one this weekend. TWINSIES.
  • Lead-off BB routines scoring 9.925 was kind of a thing suddenly, and Sofie Seilnacht joined Houchin and Howard (AZ) on that parade with a team-leading score that took Cal to its best event total.
green-up-arrow 20. Illinois 195.995
Road Score 1 196.625
Road Score 2 196.050
Road Score 3 195.450
Home/Road Score 1 196.550
Home/Road Score 2 196.025
Home/Road Score 3 195.900
  • A mixed-bag of meets for Illinois this weekend, beginning with a season-high road 196.625 and ending with a bars fall of a 195.450 that still has to be counted, keeping Illinois down in the rankings for the time being.
  • The first meet, the good one, featured Leduc going 9.925 on BB and FX, while the second meet…had a lot of 9.7s.
green-up-arrow 21. Southern Utah
Road Score 1 196.600
Road Score 2 195.800
Road Score 3 194.325
Home/Road Score 1 196.725
Home/Road Score 2 196.700
Home/Road Score 3 196.150
  • Well, look who decided to show up. Southern Utah finally has an RQS after deigning to compete a third time on the road for 196.600. Because of that 194.325, this ranking is misleadingly low and will remain so until SUU’s two-meet road weekend beginning March 10th. Watch out for a late surge from this one.
  • It was a 9.875-parade that took SUU to the 196.600 total, though I was most impressed by Becky Rozsa’s 9.850 on UB.
green-up-arrow 22. Utah State
Road Score 1 196.200
Road Score 2 195.725
Road Score 3 195.700
Home/Road Score 1 196.300
Home/Road Score 2 195.850
Home/Road Score 3 195.400
  • Apparently, everything is coming up Utah as Utah State continued challenging the big girls with a 196.200 road score in a third-place finish in Nebraska.
  • Madison Ward’s 9.900 led the team, aided by Peel’s 9.875 on BB.
green-up-arrow 23. Arizona 195.680
Road Score 1 196.275
Road Score 2 195.650
Road Score 3 195.425
Home/Road Score 1 196.100
Home/Road Score 2 195.850
Home/Road Score 3 195.375
  • Finally able to get rid of a hideous early-season 193, Arizona moves up closer to a rank the quality of the team merits after a season-high visit to UCLA.
  • Like Seilnacht for Cal, it was Krysten Howard’s lead-off BB score of 9.925 that caught the eye for Arizona, especially because it originally received 9.725, like the judges finally decided to be super critical, but just for her and never again. Schenider also landed her FX passes as well as she ever has for 9.900.
green-up-arrow 24. Eastern Michigan
Road Score 1 195.925
Road Score 2 195.400
Road Score 3 195.325
Home/Road Score 1 196.000
Home/Road Score 2 195.950
Home/Road Score 3 195.750
  • After a couple rough early-season meets, EMU is starting to peck around that 196 mark and has been rewarded by reentering the top 25.
  • Kendall Valentin’s UB routine has been a staple of the unheralded routines section below, but no more now that EMU is into the 25. She did lead the team once again with a 9.925 this weekend, obviously.
reddownarrow 25. Ohio State 195.595
Road Score 1 196.450
Road Score 2 195.950
Road Score 3 194.375
Home/Road Score 1 196.075
Home/Road Score 2 195.800
Home/Road Score 3 195.775
  • Ohio State drops a number of places after a home 195.225, featuring a three-fall beam catastrophe for 47.850, that couldn’t be counted. This does seem to be a temporary state because of the very low road score that can still be dropped, so expect Ohio State to move back up as early as this weekend’s visit to Denver.

I’m ready for the postseason. That was the overwhelming feeling coming from this most recent batch of meets. We’ve got it. We’re good. We’ve seen your routine like 8 times now, and we’ve got the gist. Let’s get to mattering. We still have two weekends of regular-season action remaining before the conference championships, but those need to be now instead.

A pretty clear top six has established itself. We may still see some repositioning among that group, especially in the 4-6 zone, but I would be quite surprised if the current top-6 doesn’t end up being our set of #1 regional seeds (something UCLA actually hasn’t done since 2013). Continue reading Week 8 Rankings, Notes, RQS Update


Week 7 Rankings, Notes, RQS Update

equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 1. Oklahoma 197.890
Road Score 1  198.350
Road Score 2  198.075
Road Score 3  197.925
Home/Road Score 1  198.025
Home/Road Score 2  197.750
Home/Road Score 3  197.675
  • Oklahoma debuts in RQS with a total of 197.890, already just shy of the program-record RQS of 197.920. It would take a score of 197.850 this weekend against Georgia to set a new program-best mark. The all-time record is 198.055, which is not out of the question if these 198s continue.
  • 198.350.
  • Maggie Nichols’ 39.925.
  • Nichols ranked #1 in the AA and on all four events.
  • Yeah.
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 2. LSU 197.655
Road Score 1 197.700
Road Score 2 197.700
Road Score 3 197.575
Home/Road Score 1 197.975
Home/Road Score 2 197.825
Home/Road Score 3 197.475
  • LSU strengths hold on #2 after a two-meet weekend of 197.700/197.975.
  • High road scores provide separation over Florida, while lack of 198s contribute to the deficit to Oklahoma. The #2 ranking looks increasingly like LSU’s regular-season lot.
  • 9.975s on FX from Gnat (meet 1) and Kelley (meet 2) lead the team, but Myia Hambrick continues her enigmatic mid-season roller coaster of falls. Beating OU will be tough under any circumstances, but it absolutely requires peak Hambrick in the AA, even if it means putting her back to the full on vault if that is more comfortable.
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 3. Florida 197.435
Road Score 1 197.425
Road Score 2 197.325
Road Score 3 197.125
Home/Road Score 1 197.975
Home/Road Score 2 197.700
Home/Road Score 3 197.600
  • The Gators’ mediocre away 197.125 (that counts as mediocre now) sees them lose ground to LSU in the RQS race. The home scores are excellent, but those current road scores will get them no higher than third. Getting a high road total March 5th at LSU will be critical in Florida’s quest to pull a Captain Jack Harkness and hold off the 4-5-6.
  • Boren’s 39.500 AA, McMurtry’s 9.975 UB lead the way this week. Chant returns on VT, UB, while Baker remains limited to UB, BB.
green-up-arrow 4. Alabama 197.085
Road Score 1 197.225
Road Score 2 197.050
Road Score 3 196.700
Home/Road Score 1 197.825
Home/Road Score 2 197.350
Home/Road Score 3 197.100
  • The introduction of RQS allows Alabama to move up two spots by virtue of having competed in more meets and being able to drop those low 195s scored during the weekend that shall not be named.
  • One score in the upper-197 range, however, won’t be able to sustain this ranking against the push from UCLA and Utah, so Alabama still needs to get out of this lower-197 streak over the next few weeks.
  • Nickie Guerrero’s “you started celebrating too early so you only get a 9.975” and Winston’s 39.500 AA were Alabama’s highs in a comfortable 197.350 win over Auburn.
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 5. Utah 196.965
Road Score 1 197.150
Road Score 2 196.900
Road Score 3 196.525
Home/Road Score 1 197.875
Home/Road Score 2 197.625
Home/Road Score 3 196.625
  • Utah stays at #5 despite the completely controversy-free, gentle stroll through the meadow against UCLA that resulted in a 197.875 and had no issues for us to talk about at all. Road scores need to improve to expect to move any higher or fend off UCLA for long.
  • Skinner’s 39.675 AA and 9.9s on three events were the scoring highlights. Plus, everyone got a career-high on floor, even Tom and that PA lady.
reddownarrow 6. UCLA 196.935**
Road Score 1 197.500
Road Score 2 197.325
Road Score 3 197.150
Home/Road Score 1 198.125
Home/Road Score 2 196.825
Home/Road Score 3 195.875
  • **This is different from UCLA’s official weekly total because it includes Monday’s meet against Bridgeport/USU. That score doesn’t change the ranking, however, because it was horrible.
  • Ross brought the biggest highlights for UCLA over the weekend with her second-career 10 on UB on Saturday and her first-career 10 on BB on Monday.
  • UCLA had a 197 going on Monday until the D-team floor lineup fell three times for 48.000. Macy Toronjo, however, did debut with an excellent FX for 9.900. Get her in the real lineup.
  • The Bruins will take heart from being so close to Alabama and Utah while still counting a ratty 195.
green-up-arrow 7. Georgia 196.735
Road Score 1 196.975
Road Score 2 196.800
Road Score 3 196.525
Home/Road Score 1 197.075
Home/Road Score 2 196.875
Home/Road Score 3 196.500
  • Georgia’s ascent up the rankings this week is essentially an advertisement for RQS, which once and for all allows everyone to pretend that first-meet 193 never happened. Suddenly, RQS looks totally fine, if a little lacking in the big numbers needed to challenge for a spot in the top 6.
  • The 196.975 from Friday is Georgia’s away-high this season, led by three scores in the 9.9s from Rachel Dickson.
  • Snead continued her gradual return, competing VT and UB.
green-up-arrow 8. Denver 196.550
Road Score 1 196.875
Road Score 2 196.500
Road Score 3 195.900
Home/Road Score 1 197.150
Home/Road Score 2 197.125
Home/Road Score 3 196.350
  • Denver uses another 197 to leapfrog a bunch of other contending teams, predominantly because Denver doesn’t have the same degree of unfortunate 195s overstaying their welcome. With five meets left, Denver doesn’t yet have to count anything under the 197s.
  • Maddie Karr scored a 10.000 on VT with her Y1.5 to lead the team to a season-high 197.150, supported by 9.925s from Addison (FX) and Ross (BB).
reddownarrow 9. Michigan 196.500
Road Score 1 196.475
Road Score 2 196.025
Road Score 3 195.725
Home/Road Score 1 197.225
Home/Road Score 2 197.225
Home/Road Score 3 197.050
  • A season-high-tying 197.225 doesn’t prevent Michigan from dropping in the rankings because of the increased emphasis RQS places on road performance. Michigan’s home scores are competitive for a spot in the top 6, but the road scores are and will continue to be a hindrance to maintaining a place in the top 10 because the next two meets are at home.
  • McLean was the star of the show over the weekend, upgrading to her 1.5 for 9.975 on VT and leading the FX rotation with 9.900.
green-up-arrow 10. Oregon State 196.370
Road Score 1 196.825
Road Score 2 196.200
Road Score 3 195.575
Home/Road Score 1 196.900
Home/Road Score 2 196.700
Home/Road Score 3 196.550
  • The Beavs’ five-week run of 196s gets them into the top 10 with the potential to move higher because of that 195.5, a score we’d expect to be dropped this coming weekend in a visit to Stanford.
  • Gardiner’s 9.950 on BB led event scores, and Gardiner and McMillan shared the AA title with 39.425.
  • That Cal PA announcer will be figuring out the bars lineup any minute now.
reddownarrow 11. Kentucky 196.360
Road Score 1 196.950
Road Score 2 196.150
Road Score 3 195.850
Home/Road Score 1 197.475
Home/Road Score 2 197.100
Home/Road Score 3 195.750
  • Once again this weekend, Kentucky was send to bed with its chronic case of Sudden 195-itis. This is happening a little too often, and those bouts with 195s account for Kentucky’s drop in the rankings. RQS is Kentucky’s friend this season because it allows all those scores to be dropped in time, as long as Kentucky hits two of the next four meets, particularly those last two road encounters.
  • Dukes led the AA bunch this week with 39.225, which quite is low by Kentucky’s standards as Hyland, Korth, and Stuart all had errors.
reddownarrow 12. Boise State 196.330
Road Score 1 197.075
Road Score 2 196.700
Road Score 3 196.400
Home/Road Score 1 197.025
Home/Road Score 2 196.225
Home/Road Score 3 195.300
  • Boise State has competed in fewer meets than most of the other top schools and therefore has not yet been able to drop that opening-weekend 195.3. Hence the fall to 12th. With that score presumably going away this weekend, Boise State is poised to gain a couple spots and could challenge for the top 10 again even with only a mid-196.
  • No surprise that UB was the highest-scoring event en route to the 196.700 this week, with McGregor’s 9.900 leading the way.
green-up-arrow 13. Missouri 196.020
Road Score 1 196.350
Road Score 2 196.225
Road Score 3 196.075
Home/Road Score 1 196.225
Home/Road Score 2 195.850
Home/Road Score 3 195.725
  • Missouri’s consistency of scoring in the low 196s is both its asset and curse. For now, it accounts for the rise in ranking as we switch to RQS because of the absence of a counting disaster. In time, however, those already-bold 196.2-196.3 scores will be trouble since many of the teams ranked below have better bold scores.
  • Missouri’s 196.350 ranked last in the GymQuarters quad but was still a season-high (because of GymQuarters) and did feature Aspen Tucker’s 9.925 on VT.
green-up-arrow 14. Auburn 196.015
Road Score 1 196.450
Road Score 2 196.400
Road Score 3 195.800
Home/Road Score 1 196.075
Home/Road Score 2 196.075
Home/Road Score 3 195.725
  • Quite like Missouri, Auburn was able to wrench out a season-high over the weekend of 196.450, which creates a relatively even RQS picture and a total over 196. The absence of big totals will become a problem soon.
  • Auburn did not end up challenging Alabama much in the loss on Friday, but 9.900s from Engler (UB) and Krippner (FX) did stand out.
green-up-arrow 15. Nebraska 195.985
Road Score 1 197.125
Road Score 2 196.550
Road Score 3 196.050
Home/Road Score 1 196.825
Home/Road Score 2 195.700
Home/Road Score 3 194.800
  • With a significant increase in quality over the last couple meets, Nebraska has recorded some very competitive totals that rank ahead of what the likes of Missouri and Auburn have been scoring, but actually moving ahead is all dependent on dropping that 194.800 that’s currently keeping them down. Three chances.
  • The season-high 197.125 came on the back of a 9.9-a-thon on FX, led by 9.950 from Houchin.
green-up-arrow 16. George Washington 195.970
Road Score 1 196.150
Road Score 2 196.100
Road Score 3 196.000
Home/Road Score 1 196.400
Home/Road Score 2 196.050
Home/Road Score 3 195.550
  • Two scores, both over 196, resurrected GW from last week’s drop to create quite an appealing and even RQS picture with no rough numbers. Right now, it’s just shy of the level it should take to get a seeded place at regionals, which is a bit farther into the 196s.
  • The 9.925 VT and 39.350 AA score from Winstanley led GW to a middle-child finish in the LSU tri-meet on Sunday, only a couple counting 9.6s away from a truly high total.
green-up-arrow 17. Iowa 195.950
Road Score 1 196.400
Road Score 2 196.175
Road Score 3 195.725
Home/Road Score 1 196.475
Home/Road Score 2 195.975
Home/Road Score 3 195.475
  • Iowa finally breaks out of the 22nd-place box after another 196.4 on Friday. The team is aided by a solid balance of useful home and away scores and being able to drop its weakest performances, scores that still afflict a number of other teams hovering around the high teens.
  • The fall-laden 194.200 on Sunday at LSU was not a particularly auspicious result, but thanks to the magic of RQS, it has been quietly removed and no one is the wiser.
reddownarrow 18. Washington 195.875
Road Score 1 195.825
Road Score 2 195.325
Road Score 3 195.175
Home/Road Score 1 197.175
Home/Road Score 2 196.750
Home/Road Score 3 196.300
  • Welcome to the frustration of trying to explain RQS rankings to people who don’t know anything, as Washington recorded a massive 197.175 over the weekend and promptly fell four places in the rankings and lost ground to teams that scored much worse. Congratulations!
  • The reason: road scores. RQS protects against teams that only score well at home, and right now Washington is in that position. There will be no moving up until those low 195s go away.
  • Burleson’s 39.575 AA score tied for the third-highest in the country over the weekend. The country.
reddownarrow 19. Cal 195.785
Road Score 1 195.725
Road Score 2 195.550
Road Score 3 195.325
Home/Road Score 1 197.075
Home/Road Score 2 196.300
Home/Road Score 3 196.025
  • See: Washington. Cal, too, managed to reach the 197s for the first time this year and fall in the rankings regardless because of low away scores. If Cal wants to ensure a seeded spot at regionals this year, that means three 196s from the three remaining road meets.
  • Alicia Gallarzo’s 9.925 on UB during that “who am I, where am I” bars rotation just edged out a number of other 9.900s for the team’s high score of the weekend.
reddownarrow 20. Ohio State 195.595
Road Score 1 196.450
Road Score 2 195.950
Road Score 3 194.375
Home/Road Score 1 196.075
Home/Road Score 2 195.800
Home/Road Score 3 195.775
  • OSU will finish the season with three consecutive road meets, and pretty much the entire ranking outlook depends on dropping that 194.375 during one of those meets because otherwise hanging around a 196 final total seems plausible.
  • Ohio State just edged out West Virginia at home over the weekend thanks to two 9.9s and a 39.375 AA total from Mattern.
green-up-arrow 21. Arkansas 195.535
Road Score 1 196.375
Road Score 2 195.350
Road Score 3 195.025
Home/Road Score 1 196.275
Home/Road Score 2 195.825
Home/Road Score 3 195.200
  • Arkansas will want to erase last weekend’s 195.200 as soon as possible (along with that still-counting 195.025), but TEAM HOGS nonetheless moves up for the time being. The trouble may come when the teams ranked below drop their 194s, which means Arkansas needs to get back on the 196 train the next couple weeks on the road to fend them off..
  • Yamzon’s 39.300 AA and Nelson’s 9.900 FX led the team over the weekend, but weren’t able to make up for a beam implosion.
reddownarrow 22. Illinois 195.495
Road Score 1 196.050
Road Score 2 195.300
Road Score 3 194.200
Home/Road Score 1 196.550
Home/Road Score 2 196.025
Home/Road Score 3 195.900
  • Illinois’s season-high 196.550 is a score much more befitting of the expectations we have for the Illinois program, but a couple disastrous early-season away scores remain a giant problem. Illinois does benefit from having five meets left instead of four, still with several more chances to drop all the unfortunate totals.
  • 9.925s were big the winners for the Illini over the weekend, from both Hodan on BB and Leduc on FX.
green-up-arrow 23. New Hampshire 195.290
Road Score 1 196.075
Road Score 2 195.075
Road Score 3 194.700
Home/Road Score 1 196.450
Home/Road Score 2 195.425
Home/Road Score 3 195.175
  • New Hampshire is back! The 196.450 home score and season-high on Sunday vaulted UNH into the top 25 by way of finally being able to make the back-to-back 193s to start the season go far, far away.
  • Mulligan recorded yet another 9.900 on UB, as we’ve come to expect, but this time she was joined by Doolin’s 9.900 on FX and a very competitive 39.400 AA score from Pflieger.
green-up-arrow 24. Utah State 195.595**
Road Score 1 195.725
Road Score 2 195.700
Road Score 3 195.300
Home/Road Score 1 196.300
Home/Road Score 2 195.850
Home/Road Score 3 195.400
  • **This score differs from Utah State’s official weekly ranking because it includes Monday’s 195.700 at UCLA, which brings USU up to 195.595 and would mean a ranking of #21 if it were included in the rankings.
  • It was a significant weekend for Utah State as a home 196.300 allowed for dropping a 191 and Monday’s performance allowed for dropping a 194.0. Suddenly, Utah State is a thing.
green-up-arrow 24. Iowa State 195.270
Road Score 1 196.125
Road Score 2 195.350
Road Score 3 194.325
Home/Road Score 1 195.775
Home/Road Score 2 195.625
Home/Road Score 3 195.275
  • ISU will use this 195.625 from its final home meet of the season but would have been hoping for more reinforcements before heading out on a series of away meets since most of the other teams in the top 25 currently have more and higher 196s. Erasing that 194.3 is essential, but so is erasing those lower 195s if this ranking is to be maintained.
  • Haylee Young did manage another 9.900 on BB and a 39.425 in the AA to save a result that could have gone in a very troubling direction without her.

Full rankings at RTN.

Note that Southern Utah is not included here after starting the season two weeks late and not yet having enough road meets to be eligible for RQS.

Also note that Eastern Michigan‘s 196.000 from Monday would see it go into 24th place, ahead of New Hampshire and Iowa State, were those scores included in the week’s rankings.

  • The introduction of RQS this week didn’t change much at the very top of the rankings, but it did produce quite a few shakeups lower down. Benefiting were teams that have competed in more than six meets so far and can drop their weak scores, like Georgia, as well as teams with relatively even home and away totals, like Missouri and Iowa.

Continue reading Week 7 Rankings, Notes, RQS Update

RQS Outlook 2017

RQS season approaches. Gird your loins. In preparation for this most hallowed of unnecessarily complicated seasons beginning next Monday, this is a breakdown of where all the teams currently stand in the RQS picture.

For a refresher (or just a fresher) on how RQS works, please see the RQS Explained page.

Note: A handful of significant teams still don’t have enough meets for RQS as of today, so the current RQS rankings found at the bottom of each team’s table will overstate the actual position of many for the time being. Scores in bold are guaranteed to be included among the six and can no longer be bumped out.

I’ve included my RQS Calculator (Excel file) here for download if you’d like to play around with it yourself to input scores as they come in or check potential scores to see how they would change the rankings. (HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY.) Reader Kaitlyn also has some excellent color-coded Google spreadsheets on team averages and home/away event scores and RQS calculation if you’d like to check those out.

Road Score 1  198.075
Road Score 2  197.925
Road Score 3  197.425
Home/Road Score 1  198.025
Home/Road Score 2  197.750
Home/Road Score 3  197.675
RQS  197.760
Current RQS rank  1
2. LSU
Road Score 1 197.700
Road Score 2 197.575
Road Score 3 197.475
Home/Road Score 1 197.825
Home/Road Score 2 197.475
Home/Road Score 3 197.425
RQS 197.530
Current RQS rank 2
Road Score 1 197.425
Road Score 2 197.325
Road Score 3 197.100
Home/Road Score 1 197.975
Home/Road Score 2 197.700
Home/Road Score 3 197.600
RQS 197.430
Current RQS rank 3

The top three teams are in perfectly fine shape and could basically coast for the rest of the regular season and still be comfortable getting a #1 seed at a regional, at least if that were their ultimate goal. The major difference among the three at this point is the road scores, accounting for Oklahoma’s superiority and which Florida will have to pick up to challenge the other two.

For next Monday’s rankings, Oklahoma is already guaranteed to retain the #1 ranking, but Florida could move up on LSU. Continue reading RQS Outlook 2017

Week 6 Rankings and Notes

equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 1. Oklahoma 197.813
  • 198.075 is OU’s second time breaking 198 this season
  • Sooners expand lead heading into RQS season
  • Nichols wins AA (BUT WHAT???), records first 10.000 on FX
  • Jackson’s FX 9.975, Dowell’s VT 9.950, Capps’ BB 9.950 also lead
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 2. LSU 197.579
  • 197.700 is LSU’s highest total since season-opener
  • Edney wins AA again with 39.500
  • 9.950s from Hambrick (BB), Gnat (FX)
  • Harrold debuts in the VT lineup with 1.5
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 3. Florida 197.521
  • Season-high 197.975 at home to beat Georgia
  • McMurtry scores third career 10.000 on UB
  • 9.975s from Hundley (UB) and Slocum (VT) are career-highs
  • Boren wins AA with 39.725
green-up-arrow 4. UCLA 197.025
  • 198.125 is the top score in the country so far this year
  • Team’s highest total since March 2004
  • Crack ain’t just for red states…
  • First career 10.000s for Kocian, Lee (UB)
  • 9.975s for Ohashi (BB) and Ross (UB)
reddownarrow 5. Utah 196.879
  • Utes fall behind the Bruins with 196.525 loss to Oregon State
  • 9.900s from Skinner on VT, FX lead team
  • Fall behind after counting two 9.775s on UB
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 6. Alabama 196.725
  • Returns to earth a bit with 197.050 loss to Kentucky
  • Winston leads team AA with 39.500
  • Guerrero 9.950 on BB is team’s high score
  • Mahoney returns to UB lineup with 9.900
green-up-arrow 7. Boise State 196.405
  • Second-straight 197 bumps Boise State up to 7th
  • Remme leads with 39.475 AA, 9.925 on BB
  • Mejia leads UB with 9.925
reddownarrow 8. Michigan 196.338
  • Another week, another counting fall on UB
  • Michigan scrapes 196.025 but falls one spot
  • Artz wins AA with 39.575, FX with 9.925
  • Karas returns to AA (PHEW) with 9.875 on UB
green-up-arrow 9. Kentucky 196.257
  • Another week, another program record: 197.475
  • Korth, Hyland, Dukes go 1,2,3 in AA
  • 9.950s from Dukes, Hyland on BB are team’s high scores
reddownarrow 10. Georgia 196.229
  • Hovers around 49.1s for a hit meet and a 196.525
  • 9.900 from Babalis on beam (BEAM) is team’s top score
  • Snead returns on UB, and there was much rejoicing
green-up-arrow 11. Denver 196.161
  • Leapfrogs OSU with 197.125 win over Boise State
  • Karr wins AA with season-high 39.675
  • 9.950s for Karr and Addison on FX
  • 9.925 from Ogden takes UB to 49.400
reddownarrow 12. Oregon State 196.075
  • Drop one place despite 196.550 in win over Utah
  • McMillan ties for AA win w/ Skinner, leads team with 9.925 FX
  • McMillan ties for team lead on VT, UB, BB as well
  • McMillan, McMillan, McMillan
green-up-arrow 13. Southern Utah 195.940
  • A week of 196.7s puts SUU right back in the mix
  • 15 different gymnasts compete routines
  • Jorgensen takes FX with 9.950, Madison McBride UB with 9.925
green-up-arrow 14. Washington 195.875
  • 196.750 is the team’s highest total since March 2004 (a theme?)
  • Burleson wins AA with 39.425
  • Duranczyk scores career-high 9.950 on UB
reddownarrow 15. Missouri 195.861
  • Tigers drop after 195.725 quad meet win
  • Mistakes on UB drop total out of 196 contention
  • Ward’s 9.925 on VT leads team, obviously
green-up-arrow 16. Nebraska 195.729
  • Nebraska rights itself with second-straight score over 196.5
  • Laeng takes AA title with 39.325
  • 9.900 on BB from Schweihofer leads team
reddownarrow 17. Auburn 195.718
  • Counting UB mistake sends Auburn to 195.725
  • Otherwise team was on mid-196 pace
  • 9.900 on BB from Krippner was team’s high number
reddownarrow 18. Cal 195.708
  • Cal drops three spots after 195.325 loss to Arizona
  • Counting UB fall strikes again
  • Big VT scores of 9.900 after sticks from Peterson, Robinson
reddownarrow 19. Ohio State 195.646
  • Sneak win over Penn State with 195.950
  • Counting 9.6s on BB takes away a 196
  • 9.925s from Mattern (FX), Hofland (UB) lead team
reddownarrow 20. George Washington 195.613
  • Fall six ranking spots after 194.350
  • 0.000 on VT, followed by 9.5s, then 9.6s on UB destroy score
  • 9.825s on BB from Winstanley, Pfeiler are team highs
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 21. Illinois 195.517
  • Second week into the 196s with 196.050 loss to Iowa
  • Leduc’s 9.875 on FX is team high, followed by raft of 9.850s on VT BB
  • Leduc wins AA with 39.350
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 22. Iowa 195.489
  • For a sixth-straight week, since coaches poll, Iowa is stuck at #22
  • Season-high 196.475 in tri-meet win
  • Metcalf’s 9.925 on BB leads the team
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 23. Arkansas 195.467
  • Despite having 1.75 total working legs, Arkansas hits 196 zone again
  • Garner records career-high 9.900 on UB
  • McGlone crashes into VT table in warmups, makes me 100% pee pants
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 24. West Virginia 195.108
  • WVU clings to #24 despite poor 194.575
  • Three BB mistakes lead to 47.675, with no chance of survival
  • 9.875s from Goldberg, Wright on UB
green-up-arrow 25. Arizona 195.038
  • Jumps back into top 25 after 196.100 in win over Cal
  • Score includes counting a BB fall
  • 9.925 from Schneider on FX leads

Full rankings at RTN.

Theme of the week: gargantuan scores. Three teams scored over 197.9, four 10s were awarded along with a further five 9.975s, and in all eighteen 10s were given out by individual judges. We’re currently on pace to challenge the twenty-seven 10s awarded during 2014. It’s still nowhere near 2003-2004 levels, but there’s still time! (He says, pulling his own skin off.) Continue reading Week 6 Rankings and Notes

Week 5 Rankings and Notes

equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 1. Oklahoma 197.760
  • Sooners stay on track with an average-maintaining 197.675
  • Nichols remains #1 AA with 39.850, gets first 10.000 on BB
  • OU is #1 on UB, BB, FX, #2 on VT behind Florida
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 2. LSU 197.555
  • LSU’s 197.425 home score v. Missouri is season-low total (SO low)
  • 9.950s lead the scoring (VT-Hambrick, Gnat; FX-Gnat)
  • Edney wins AA for second week running with 39.375
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 3. Florida 197.430
  • Gators match LSU with still-acceptable 197.425 in loss to Alabama
  • Baker leads the charge with 39.575 AA, 9.950 on FX
  • Slocum’s 9.925 ties for VT victory, Boren goes 9.925 on FX
  • Alexander debuts on VT with 9.725
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 4. Utah 196.950
  • Utah counts UB fall for mediocre 196.450 in victory over Cal
  • Skinner leads the AA as usual with 39.500
  • Rowe adds 9.925 on FX
  • Strain on depth shows in uncharacteristic 9.7s on VT, UB
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 5. UCLA 196.750
  • UCLA holds steady after second-consecutive road 197
  • Kocian leads team with 39.625 AA, 9.950 on BB, FX
  • Ross scores career-high 9.975 on BB, but falls on UB, FX
  • Original Peng-Peng Lee beam sit takes away even higher score
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 6. Alabama 196.671
  • Tide stay put at #6 despite season-high 197.825 v. Florida
  • Winston scores first career 10, wins AA with 39.700
  • 9.950s also come from Winston (UB) and Sims (FX)
  • Jetter adds floor back for 9.850
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 7. Michigan 196.400
  • Michigan opens with UB falls, counting 8.9 for 196.475 total
  • 49.450 on BB, 49.400 on FX save what could have been a 195
  • 9.975 from Chiarelli (FX) and 9.950 from Marinez (BB) lead scoring
green-up-arrow 8. Boise State 196.238
  • Boise State breaks 197 in home rout of Southern Utah
  • As usual, UB leads the scoring with 9.900s from Mejia, Collantes
  • Remme’s 39.450 wins AA
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 9. Georgia 196.179
  • More Georgia BB woes for 196.500 final
  • One fall, three other scores of 9.700 or lower on BB take away a 197
  • Vaculik returns to the UB lineup with 9.900
  • Vega reaches 9.900 on FX
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 10. Kentucky 196.054
  • Kentucky gets back on 196 track with 196.150 loss to Georgia
  • Uncontrolled VT landings thwart possible upset bid
  • 9.925s on BB from Hyland, Dukes lead the team
green-up-arrow 11. Oregon State 195.980
  • OSU keeps chugging up the rankings with 196.200 win @ Arizona
  • Gardiner 9.950 on BB leads the scoring
  • Random counting 9.6s on BB, 9.7s on UB, FX take away higher total
reddownarrow 12. Denver 195.900
  • Five VTers finally caught up to Denver with a counting 8.750
  • Drop 4 ranking places with 194.500 final score
  • At least Maddie Karr went 39.400
reddownarrow 13. Missouri 195.883
  • A continuing theme of UB trouble hits Missouri for 195.425
  • Otherwise, Missouri was on 196 track on VT, BB, FX
  • Ward leads with 9.925 VT (better than 9.950 VT from 2 weeks ago)
green-up-arrow 14. George Washington 195.865
  • Season-high 196.400 jumps GW into the top 15 (the top 15! GW!)
  • The usual suspects do their usual thing
  • 9.900s from CDA (VT) and Raineri (FX) lead
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 15. Cal 195.785
  • Season-ending injury to Williams forces Cal to shuffle lineups
  • No counting falls but many 9.7s in 195.725 final
  • Team-high scores are 9.850 from Richardson (UB) and So Seilnacht (BB)
green-up-arrow 16. Auburn 195.717
  • Auburn gains one spot despite 196.075 in loss to Arkansas
  • Counting FX fall takes away a more useful score
  • Cerio goes 9.900 on both UB and FX
green-up-arrow 17. Washington 195.656
  • Counting UB fall removes chance for victory, mid-196
  • Washington still moves up one spot after 195.825
  • Flood of 9.875s (Hoffa – FX; Goings, Rose, Schaeffer – BB) lead team
  • Copiak returns to UB with 9.800
green-up-arrow 18. Ohio State 195.585
  • OSU moves up one after 195.775 home victory v. Rutgers
  • 9.925 from Mattern on FX leads team
  • Counting 9.6s on UB, BB take away possible 196
green-up-arrow 19. Nebraska 195.565
  • Mixed-bag weekend ultimately bumps Nebraska up one spot
  • BB and FX catastrophes lead to season-low 194.450 in meet 1
  • Lambert and Williams adding FX leads to season-high 196.825 in meet 2
reddownarrow 20. Southern Utah 195.425
  • Epic and tragic five-fall BB rotation leads to 194.325 final
  • Remember that time I talked about how good SUU would be on BB?
  • Madison McBride (VT), Yee (BB) lead team with 9.875s
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 21. Illinois 195.410
  • Illinois hits 196 for first time this year in victory over Minnesota
  • Leduc wins AA with huge 39.500, leads BB (9.950), FX (9.900)
  • Horth leads on UB with 9.875
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 22. Iowa 195.325
  • For fifth-straight week, Iowa is #22 after 195.725 road score
  • 9.850s on UB (Zurawski), FX (Kaji, Snyder), lead to 49+ scores
green-up-arrow 23. Arkansas 195.305
  • Depleted Arkansas keeps winning somehow, 196.375 over Auburn
  • Garner returns to UB, ties for lineup-high with 9.850
  • Nelson’s 9.900 on BB leads the team
green-up-arrow 24. West Virginia 195.215
  • WVU moves up one after 195.950 away at Kent State
  • Koshinski’s 9.900s on VT, FX lead the team as usual
  • Counting 9.6s on UB, BB undermine score
green-up-arrow 25. Iowa State 194.938
  • Iowa State enters top 25 for first time this year with 195.775
  • Young leads team with 39.325 AA, 9.900 on FX

Full rankings at RTN.

We’ve reached the point in the season when even big scores aren’t necessarily going to move the rankings a whole lot at the top because the influence of a single score is relatively small. So, Alabama can record quite a significant result in beating Florida with the nation’s high score of the week but still remain at #6. The main movement at the top involved UCLA and Alabama inching closer to Utah and separating themselves from Michigan a bit more. Continue reading Week 5 Rankings and Notes

Week 4 Rankings and Notes

equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 1. Oklahoma 197.781
  • Sooners retain #1 ranking, average drops one tenth after 197.425
  • Nichols wins AA again (theme?) with 39.725
  • Nichols also wins every event
  • Chayse Capps falls on BB, dogs and cats live together
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 2. LSU 197.588
  • Tigers retain #2 ranking, with second consecutive 197.475
  • Edney last-minute replacement in AA, casual 39.625
  • Hambrick falls on VT and botches UB, world over
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 3. Florida 197.431
  • Florida records season-high 197.700 at home against Auburn
  • Baker gets second career 10.000 on FX, returns on three events
  • 9.950s from Hundley (UB), McMurtry (VT), Boren (FX)
  • Chant still out
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 4. Utah 197.075
  • Another season-ending injury (Tessen) sours 197.150 @ Washington
  • Skinner wins AA, leads team with 9.925 on BB, FX
  • Muhaw adds VT, Reinstadtler adds UB to fill in lineups
green-up-arrow 5. UCLA 196.617
  • Bruins jump three spots after season-high 197.325
  • Kyla Ross 10.000 on UB leads the team, w/ Lee 9.950 on UB
  • Kocian wins AA with 39.525
reddownarrow 6. Alabama 196.440
  • Tide falls to 6th after weekend of poor meets
  • B-team counts FX fall, multiple 9.7s for 195.325 in loss to Arkansas
  • Aish-team has a three-fall UB disaster v. Auburn for 195.850
  • Sims (9.975) and Winston (9.950) FX save score in second meet
green-up-arrow 7. Michigan 196.381
  • Season-high 197.225 jumps Michigan three spots
  • Karas records career-high 9.975 for stuck Y1.5
  • A batch of 9.925s (Artz, Zaziski on UB, Chiarelli on BB) follow
  • Artz wins AA with 39.500
reddownarrow 8. Denver 196.250
  • Denver drops a spot with 195.900 after counting BB fall
  • Ross 9.925 on BB is team’s top score
  • Competing only five on VT/FX begins to show, counting 9.6s on VT
green-up-arrow 9. Georgia 196.1115
  • Georgia hits all the events again (!) for season-high 197.075
  • Snead (back precaution), Vega (sick) did not compete
  • Rachel Dickson arrived for 39.525 AA score
reddownarrow 10. Kentucky 196.035
  • A back-to-earth weekend of 195s sees Kentucky fall to 10th
  • A-team struggles with landings, particularly VT, against LSU for 195.750
  • B-team counts errors on UB, FX against Ball State for 195.300
  • Korth still goes 39.300, 39.400 in AA
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 11. Missouri 195.975
  • Missouri stays put and maintains average with 196.075
  • Harris leads team on FX (9.900) and VT (9.875)
  • Missing Porter shows in 9.7-ful UB lineup
reddownarrow 11. Southern Utah 195.975
  • BB trouble sees Southern Utah fall to 11th with 195.800
  • Ramirez wins AA with 39.425, leads team on three events with 9.875s
  • Yee wins UB with 9.850
green-up-arrow 11. Boise State 195.975
  • Season-high 196.400 is led by characteristic huge UB score
  • Collantes wins AA with 39.200, 9.900 on FX
  • 9.925s on UB (Mejia, Remme) and BB (Remme) are team highs
  • Counting a fall on floor takes away near-197
green-up-arrow 14. Oregon State 195.925
  • Second-consecutive hit meet (196.700) sees OSU jump again
  • McMillan wins FX with 9.950
  • Aufiero and McMillan also record 9.900 on UB
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 15. Cal 195.800
  • Cal stays steady with serviceable 196.025
  • No falls, but Williams FX and Gallarzo BB only scores over 9.850
green-up-arrow 16. George Washington 195.731
  • GW jumps two spots after season-high 196.150
  • BB is highlight as usual, with 9.875s from CDA, Winstanley, Pfeiler
reddownarrow 17. Auburn 195.645
  • Auburn posts season high, followed by season low in a wash weekend
  • 196.400 @ Florida features 9.900 from Slappey (FX), Engler (BB)
  • 194.675 v. Alabama features three-fall beam implosion for 47.600
  • Milliet injured in Friday warmups
green-up-arrow 18. Washington 195.600
  • No counting falls for season-high 196.300
  • 9.900s from Goings (BB), Burleson (BB), and Hoffa (FX) lead
  • Team rises to #7 BB ranking
green-up-arrow 19. Ohio State 195.538
  • OSU uses Minnesota score-a-thon to jump one spot
  • 49.325 on VT leads team to 196 after 9.900 from Mattern
  • Hofland scores 9.900 on UB, Mattern 9.875 on FX
reddownarrow 20. Nebraska 195.517
  • Catastrophic UB, BB, FX rotations see Huskers plummet 8 spots
  • Five falls lead to 194.800 total
  • Lambert limited to VT, Breen still to UB, BB, and Williams still to BB
  • Houchin is top AA performance with 39.300
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 21. Illinois 195.256
  • Illinois stays put with occasionally strictly scored 195.625
  • Leduc’s 9.875 on FX leads the team, wins AA with 39.275
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 22. Iowa 195.245
  • Iowa’s remarkable four-week run at #22 continues with 195.975
  • Highlight was string of 9.925s on UB (Metcalf, Sullivan, Zurawski)
green-up-arrow 23. Minnesota 195.075
  • Minnesota returns to top 25 with huge home 196.800
  • 9.9s for everybody, particularly Abernathy (VT, FX) and Holst (UB, FX)
  • Holst ties for AA victory with 39.375
reddownarrow 24. Arkansas 195.038
  • Arkansas records another victory over Alabama with 195.825
  • Garner returns to BB, still show just five on UB
  • BB highlighted by four 9.850s from Burton, Garner, Nelson, Yamzon
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 25. West Virginia 195.031
  • Season-high 196.300 keeps WVU in the top 25
  • Muhammad sticks Yfull for 9.900 in meet’s highlight routine
  • Counting major beam error takes away giant, preposterous score

Full rankings at RTN.

Oklahoma and LSU both showed weird minor vulnerabilities this weekend with mistakes from Capps and Hambrick. That’s going to need to not continue at risk of jeopardizing our entire worldview. Florida’s season-high 197.700 has seen the Gators jump into sight of the top two, creating more significant separation between the big leading three and 4th-place Utah. Continue reading Week 4 Rankings and Notes

Week 3 Rankings and Notes

equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 1. Oklahoma 197.900
  • Sooners retain #1 ranking and maintain average with 197.925
  • Nichols’ 39.875 AA score is highest since 2006, including VT 10.000
  • Capps scores two 9.950s and doesn’t win either event
  • Another UB far for Wofford takes away massive 198 score
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 2. LSU 197.625
  • 197.475 is season low score. So stop sucking, LSU
  • 9.925s lead team – Finnegan (UB, BB), Gnat (BB, FX)
  • Ruby Harrold finally debuts for 9.875 UB, 9.850 FX
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 3. Florida 197.342
  • Gators hold steady after 197.325 at UNC’s pride meet
  • McMurtry (VT, BB) and Boren (FX) lead team with 9.950s
  • 9.825 parades on UB, FX keep team total out of stratosphere
  • Baker (only UB) and Chant (no events) rested for this meet
green-up-arrow 4. Utah 197.050
  • Jumps ahead of Alabama for 4th after season-high 197.625
  • Skinner’s 39.775 AA total is second-highest this season
  • Skinner records 9.975 on VT, FX
  • Rowe wins UB with 9.950
reddownarrow 5. Alabama 197.008
  • Tide drops one spot despite season-high 197.225
  • Nickie Guerrero records 9.950 on both her events
  • Sims adds 9.950 on BB, Winston on FX
  • Desch adds BB for 9.875, Mahoney debuts UB for 9.850
  • Jetter adds FX, falls for 9.350
green-up-arrow 6. Kentucky 196.375
  • Kentucky finally good enough to take advantage of being in SEC
  • 197.100 is school record for second week in a row
  • Korth, Dukes, Stuart all break 39.4 in the AA
  • Dukes (BB), Korth (FX) lead team with 9.950
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 7. Denver 196.367
  • Second-hand Utah glow gives Denver season-high 196.875
  • 9.900s from Ogden, Ross (UB) and Fielitz (VT) lead team
  • Karr has a total off day for a bunch of 9.850s
reddownarrow 8. UCLA 196.263
  •  Idle UCLA drops two places to 8th
green-up-arrow 9. Southern Utah 196.150
  • Finally starts season, debuts in the 196s in beating Stanford
  • BB 9.875s from Jorgensen, Bozzuto, Ramirez, Webb lead team
green-up-arrow 10. Michigan 196.100
  • Michigan records first hit meet of 2017 for 197.050, jumps to 10th
  • Artz scores first career 10.000 on FX
  • Zaziski rebounds from two poor meets with 9.975 on UB
reddownarrow 11. Missouri 195.950
  • Missouri counts UB fall for 195.550, drops three ranking places
  • Ward goes 9.950 on VT again, though it was weaker than last week
  • Harris scores 9.900 on FX for team’s second-best number
reddownarrow 12. Nebraska 195.875
  • Nebraska improves to 196.050 but falls one spot in the rankings
  • Epperson makes Husker debut on three events, Williams still just BB
  • Lambert leads AA (39.200), VT (9.875), and FX (9.900)
green-up-arrow 12. Georgia 195.875
  • Georgia’s vague BB recovery hits a wobbly snag for 48.725, 196.225
  • Snead’s 9.900 on VT, Marino’s 9.900 on FX lead team
  • Johnson sticks a Yfull for 9.875
  • UB rotation judged with a CoP called “None for Rachel Schick, bye”
green-up-arrow 14. Boise State 195.763
  • Boise State gets into the 196s in season’s 2nd meet for 196.225
  • McGregor’s 9.900 on UB leads the team
  • Means joins the FX lineup for first time with 9.800
reddownarrow 15. Cal 195.725
  • First score of 196 so far this season with 196.300
  • Richardson UB, Palomares VT, Williams FX lead team with 9.900s
  • FX is only event under 49 after counting 9.650 and 9.700
reddownarrow 16. Auburn 195.717
  • A meet of 9.7s sends Auburn to a 195.800
  • Milliet leads team with 9.875 on BB
  • Depleted VT lineup goes a meet-low 48.800
green-up-arrow 17. Oregon State 195.667
  • OSU recovers from disaster for a season-high 196.900
  • McMillan wins three events, co-victory with Aufiero on UB for 9.900
  • Dessaints takes the UB crown with 9.900
  • 9.775 is lowest counting score
reddownarrow 18. George Washington 195.592
  • GW hits 196.000 for first time this season
  • Mermelstein’s 9.875 on BB and Winstanley’s on FX lead team
  • 49.150 BB score keeps team ranked 6th on the event
reddownarrow 19. Washington 195.250
  • Improves 0.150 over last week with 195.325
  • Burleson takes meet AA title with 39.350
  • Duranczyk’s 9.925 on UB leads the team
  • Counting a fall on FX takes away possible 196
reddownarrow 20. Ohio State 195.233
  • OSU falls to Iowa by virtue of a bit too much of a 9.7 fest
  • Still improves season average with 195.525 total
  • BB scores lead team, Hofland 9.900, Merkle 9.875
reddownarrow 21. Illinois 195.133
  • Unexpected struggles on UB land Illinois with 195.300
  • Highest score is 9.850 from Horth (UB), Leduc (BB)
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 22. Iowa 195.063
  • Iowa stays planted at 22nd for third-straight week after 196.175
  • Drenth leads AA with 39.350, BB with 9.925
  • Kaji’s FX 9.900 is second-highest Iowa score
  • 49.375 BB total leads to victory over Ohio State
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 23. Arkansas 194.775
  • Without both Wellick and Garner, Arkansas endures for 195.025
  • McGlone, not pee pants at all, leads team on her three events
  • Thrown-together UB lineup struggles for 48.425 with no falls
green-up-arrow 24. NC State 194.619
  • Another high 194 (194.850) keeps NC State in the top 25
  • 9.900 for Paris Phillips on FX leads the team
green-up-arrow 25. West Virginia 194.608
  • 195.550 against Oklahoma is season-high by over a point
  • Koshinski’s 9.950 on FX is the team’s one score in the 9.9s

Week 3 top AA:
1. Maggie Nichols, Oklahoma – 39.875
2. MyKayla Skinner, Utah – 39.775
3. Alicia Boren, Florida – 39.625
3. Baely Rowe, Utah – 39.625
5. Chayse Capps, Oklahoma – 39.600
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Week 2 Rankings and Notes

green-up-arrow 1. Oklahoma 197.888
  • First team to break 198 with a 198.025 v. UCLA
  • Nichols wins AA again with 39.750, Capps’ 39.700 is 2nd
  • Two falls but counts no score lower than 9.825
  • Nationally 3rd on VT, 1st on UB, BB, FX
  • Capps’ 9.975 is top BB score so far.
reddownarrow 2. LSU 197.700
  • Fall to 2nd after pitiful, lowly 197.575. Was that a try?
  • Ashleigh Gnat’s VT is the season’s first 10.000
  • #1 nationally on VT
  • Hambrick leads team AA with 39.600, 9.950 on FX.
  • Still no Ruby.
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 3. Florida 197.350
  • 197.600 in home opener, 4th-highest national score
  • Baker leads team AA with 39.575
  • Slocum performs first competition vault, scores 9.950
  • Five 10.0 starts on vault is currently the most in the country
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 4. Alabama 196.900
  • Improve on last week’s total with a 197.100 to stay in 4th
  • Winston two 9.950s on UB, FX and 39.600 AA lead team
  • Maddie Desch debuts 1.5 on vault
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 5. Utah 196.763
  • 196.900 away against BYU: higher VT, FX, lower UB, BB vs. week 1
  • Skinner leads team with 39.600 AA, wins every event title
  • Schwab (FX) and Merrell (VT) are team’s other 9.9 scores
green-up-arrow 6. UCLA 196.263
  • Improves on last week’s score by over a point with 196.825
  • Lee’s 9.950 on BB leads the team
  • 9.925s on UB (Ross, Lee) and BB (Kocian)
  • Ross does not start from 10.0 on BB for second straight week (9.825)
  • No routines from Preston
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 7. Denver 196.113
  • Denver holds onto 7th with 196.350 in home opener.
  • Karr wins the AA again with 39.425
  • Addison wins FX with 9.925
  • Competes only five VT and FX routines again
reddownarrow 8. Missouri 196.100
  • Two-meet weekend sees Missouri score 195.850, 196.225
  • Ward goes 9.925 on VT in first meet, 9.925 on BB in second meet
  • Morgan Porter scores 9.950 on VT in second meet
green-up-arrow 9. Kentucky 196.013
  • Program-best score of 196.950 away at Florida
  • Korth ties for meet AA crown with 39.575
  • Four scores of 9.9 or better (2 Korth, 1 Dukes, 1 Hyland)
green-up-arrow 10. Nebraska 195.700
  • Season debut of 195.700 with eight entire gymnasts
  • Crouse and Laeng tie with 39.350 AA, 9.925 on UB
  • Houchin competes VT, UB, FX in debut
  • Ashley Lambert returns from injury to compete VT, UB, BB
  • Grace Williams limited to BB, FX
green-up-arrow 11. Auburn 195.675
  • Auburn does not count a fall this week, gets into 196s with 196.025
  • MJ Rott records team-high 9.950 on FX
  • Only score over 9.850 for Auburn in the meet
  • Milliet limited to UB, BB
reddownarrow 12. Michigan 195.625
  • Counts a BB fall for second-consecutive sub-196 score: 195.725
  • Artz 9.950 on FX, Karas 9.900 on VT are team’s high scores
  • Polina hits bars this time for 9.825
  • Zaziski struggles again, 37.275 AA score
green-up-arrow 13. Cal 195.438
  • Cal’s 195.550 performance is similar to Monday’s 195.325
  • Palomares BB 9.875 is team’s highest score
  • Draghi returns to compete BB, still no FX
reddownarrow 14. George Washington 195.388
  • GW falls on bars for 195.225, lower than week 1
  • 9.900 on BB from Winstanley and Zois are team’s high scores
  • GW currently ranks 5th nationally on BB
green-up-arrow 15. Boise State 195.300
  • BSU goes 195.300 on opener, lowest score since 2015 opener
  • McGregor wins AA with 39.000
  • Means competes VT for first time, falls for 9.150
  • Mejia 9.900 on UB leads team
green-up-arrow 16. Georgia 195.200
  • Recovers from first week BB with two-straight no-fall beams
  • Lowest counting beam score is 9.775
  • 196.800 on Saturday, 196.875 on Monday*
  • Snead’s Monday 9.950 on VT is team’s highest score of weekend
green-up-arrow 17. Washington 195.175
  • 195.175 in Elise Ray’s coaching debut
  • Copiak falls from bars, suffers major back spasms, halts routine
  • Goings leads team with 9.925 on BB
  • Burleson competes AA for 39.200
green-up-arrow 18. Ohio State 195.088
  • Upsets Michigan with 195.800 home victory
  • Mattern VT 9.900, Hofland UB 9.850 lead team scores
  • No falls in 24 routines
reddownarrow 19. Oregon State 195.050
  • Catastrophic UB rotation, BB falls see Oregon State fall 10 places
  • 194.525 is team’s lowest score since January 2013
  • McMillan 9.900 on VT is team’s high score
green-up-arrow 19. Illinois 195.050
  • Improves over 1.5 on last week with solid 195.900
  • Leduc returns to AA with career-high 39.425
  • Also leads team with 9.925 BB, 9.900 FX
reddownarrow 21. Minnesota 194.813
  • Minnesota’s 194.900 is similar to first-meet total
  • Disastrous UB, counting 8.900, takes away possible 196
  • Gardner leads team AA with 39.175
equal-sign-clip-art-5pypjt-clipart 22. Iowa 194.692
  • Two-meet weekend is 195.475, 194.400
  • Multi-fall BB rotation sends second score into 194s
  • Metcalf UB 9.900 in second meet is team’s high
  • Zurawski two-straight 9.875s on UB
 reddownarrow 23. Arkansas 194.650
  • Achilles tear to Amanda Wellick ruins everything
  • Three UB falls, five routines on VT, FX lead to 193.950 total
  • Scoring is led by McGlone’s 9.900 on VT
green-up-arrow 24. Sacramento State 194.438
  • Look at you Sac State
  • Into the top 25 after two consecutive 194.4s
  • Second 194.4 included counting two falls on BB
  • 9.850s from Caitlin Soliwoda (BB) and Tara Catour (FX) lead team
reddownarrow 25. NC State 194.413
  • BB problems give NC State a 193.900, 194.800 two-meet weekend
  • 9.875 from Knight (UB), Paris (FX) on Monday are team’s highs
  • Alexa Phillips didn’t vomit on anyone

*The official weekly rankings debut Monday morning, so the Monday meet between Georgia and NC State is not included in the totals or standings. If it were, Georgia would rise to 10th, and NC State would rise to 24th.

Full rankings at RoadtoNationals. Continue reading Week 2 Rankings and Notes

Week 1 Rankings and Notes

green-up-arrow 1. LSU 197.825
  • Hambrick leads AA with 39.575
  • Edney debuts with 9.950 on vault
  • LSU counts no score lower than 9.850
  • Priessman collegiate debut on floor, falls for 9.200
  • No routines from Ruby Harrold
reddownarrow 2. Oklahoma 197.750
  • Nichols introduces herself with casual 39.725
  • Nichols 9.975 on UB the highest score of the weekend
  • Lowest score on bars is 9.900
  • Dowell returns to OU with 9.9s on VT and UB, 9.750 on FX
green-up-arrow 3. Florida 197.100
  • Baker debuts as FX anchor, delighting millions
  • Hundley competes AA for 39.375, reduced acro difficulty
  • Boren nearly sticks Y1.5 for 9.950
  • Gowey falls on college debut on UB because life
reddownarrow 4. Alabama 196.700
  • Falls to Oklahoma but records rare 196 of opening weekend
  • Winston AA 39.500, upsets Oklahoma beam with 9.950 event win
  • Desch makes collegiate debut on VT (9.800) and FX (9.650)
green-up-arrow 5. Utah 196.625
  • Utah solid in opener, landing errors on VT, FX drop tenths
  • Skinner debuts with 39.550 AA, DTY, tucked double double
  • Merrell adds AA for 39.425
green-up-arrow 6. Missouri 196.225
  • Missouri surprises for 6th with 196.225
  • Score is consistent with last season’s home avg, 196.095
  • Morgan Porter suspended for first meet
  • Freshman Tucker debuts in AA with 39.175
green-up-arrow 7. Denver 195.875
  • Karr establishes herself as new McGee with 39.500 AA
  • Ogden debuts with 9.8s on UB, BB
  • Addison adds BB, Ross adds FX to both compete AA
reddownarrow 8. UCLA 195.700
  • Drama BB and unready FX undermine potential 197
  • Kocian debuts with AA 39.425, 9.875 on UB, FX
  • Ross debuts with 9.875s on VT, UB
  • No 10.0 vaults
  • Two massive saves, two SV problems make BB usual amount of crazy
green-up-arrow 9. Oregon State 195.575
  • Upsets Auburn in season opener
  • Shows two 1.5s on VT from McMillan and Dessaints
  • Aufiero returns with 9.850 on UB
  • Gill debuts with hit VT, FX, falls on UB for 8.850
green-up-arrow 10. George Washington 195.550
  • Identical lineups to last season come through with top-10 score
  • CDA 9.875 on VT, DeMoura 9.875 on FX lead team
reddownarrow 11. Michigan 195.525
  • Michigan counts a bars fall to drop into the 195s
  • Was just .125 behind Utah on remaining events
  • Shchennikova debuts on UB, falls on cast 1/2 for 9.025
  • Zaziski does AA in Michigan debut, falls on UB, FX
  • Karas returns on three events, not full difficulty
green-up-arrow 12. Arkansas 195.350
  • Five VTs, but otherwise Arkansas fills lineups w/ realistic sets
  • Hailey Garner debuts with team-best scores on UB, BB
  • McGlone downgraded to 50% pee pants on BB for 9.800
  • Wellick (duh) leads AA (duh) with 39.300
reddownarrow 13. Auburn 195.275
  • Falls to Oregon State at home after meet of 9.7s
  • Freshman Day leads team on VT, UB
  • Engler returns on UB and BB (9.775, 8.800)
  • Milliet debuts in AA and shows Omelianchik VT (9.600)
green-up-arrow 14. Kentucky 195.075
  • Korth debuts AA for 39.075 win
  • Just one event each for Waltz (BB) and Kwan (VT)
  • Hyland 9.875 on BB leads team
green-up-arrow 15. NC State 194.925
  • Knight challenges Florida’s AAers with 39.350
  • Counting BB fall takes NC State out of 195s
  • Everyone on this team is from two families, like a cult
green-up-arrow 16. Northern Illinois 194.825
  • Northern Illinois?!
  • Prentice leads team with 9.875 FX, 9.850 BB
  • But…Northern Illinois?!
reddownarrow 17. Minnesota 194.725
  • 9.900 from Abernathy on FX leads team scores
  • Everyone misses Mable and Nordquist on BB for 48.025
  • Ivy Lu (remember the name) does UB for 9.775
green-up-arrow 18. Penn State 194.625
  • Garcia scores 9.950 on UB to lead everyone and everything
  • Tsang leads team on other three and in AA with 39.350
  • No Kiera Brown
green-up-arrow 19. West Virginia 194.400
  • Koshinski 9.925 on VT, Gillette 9.900 on BB lead team
  • Counting fall on FX takes away a 195
green-up-arrow 20. Ohio State 194.375
  • Mattern continues to lead with team-best VT, UB, FX, AA
  • Aepli debuts on VT, UB, FX
green-up-arrow 21. BYU 194.225
  • Hawes (nee Wilde) and Westergard go 9.900 on UB for 49.225 rotation
  • The Who’s New vs. Who Just Got Married w/ New Last Name game
  • Hortman leads AA with 38.975
green-up-arrow 22. Illinois 194.200
  • Leduc competes just one event, BB for 9.875
  • Horth returns on three pieces: VT, UB, BB
  • Counting 8.675 on bars destroys meet score
22. Iowa 194.200
  • Sullivan competes AA in debut for 38.900
  • Kaji 9.875 on UB leads team
  • Counting two falls on UB takes score down into 194s
green-up-arrow 24. Michigan State 194.175
  • Canadian Ella Douglas competes AA, leads BB, FX scores
  • Everyone misses Lisa Burt
  • No routines from Lagoski
reddownarrow 25. Arizona 194.025
  • Catastrophic BB takes score down close to 193s
  • Leydin debuts with 9.650 on VT, FX
  • Swanson leads VT with 9.850

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2017 Preseason Coaches Poll

Road to Nationals has released the annual coaches poll for the 2017 season in which the coaches did a pretty good job of copying and pasting last year’s final rankings and then bumping up all of their friends. Can you imagine if we had to care about a sport where this kind of stuff…mattered?

On a scale from 1 to agreed with me, I’d give the coaches a solid 7. It’s sort of a January Yurchenko full of a showing. The silver lining is we know what we have to work on.


  • Sadly, no random 1st-place votes for Boise State this year. A real shame. This is also why we can’t do a poll of college gymnastics sites. We’re all too sarcastic. We would be like, “1. Oshkosh.”

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