2017-2018 NCAA Freshman Playlist

I’ve added a new feature to the site, a compilation of links to the latest routine videos of next year’s NCAA freshmen so that they’re all in one place for when you inevitably need to evaluate what next season’s classes will look like and how tragic they’re going to be. This way, you don’t have to go painstakingly scouring YouTube for them and end up running into this old problem.

No. I certainly did not.


These are the latest extant videos, so for some they’re from a couple of weeks ago, and for some they’re from 2014 because no one has seen you do a beam routine since then. Wherever possible, I tried to use YT videos from USAG, R5 Insider, or the gymnast’s parents so that everyone can watch, but when necessary I went to Flo Pro because…that’s where the videos are.

Once we get rosters for the 2018 season, we’ll know more about the other walk-ons to be added (i.e., who they are, if they actually showed up, and what their names happen to be).

5 thoughts on “2017-2018 NCAA Freshman Playlist”

  1. This is absolutely awesome! Love it! If you add additions please add Logan Varnadore to the list for Utah State. You already included her indentical twin Leighton Varnadore on the list. They will both be attending in the Fall. Thank you!


    Okay anyway this is my savior and gives me something to watch during class today.

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