Pac Rims – Women’s Live Blog

Watch on Flo.
Live scores, sort of.

I’ll be here for all three subdivisions of the women’s team competition, which are divided like so:

Sub 1 (2:30 CT) – Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Cuba, Taiwan
Sub 2 (5:00 CT) – Argentina, New Zealand, Mexico, Costa Rica
Sub 3 (7:30 CT) – USA, Canada, Australia, Colombia

The first subdivision will start with Chile on vault, Ecuador on bars, Peru on beam, and Panama on floor. Cuba’s individual rotates with Ecuador, Taiwan’s individuals rotate with Panama.

Heads up that based on the nothing going on that we see on the streams right now, we’re not that close to starting at 2:30 CT.

Warmups now underway.

Chuang – FX – falls out of double turn – double tuck, bounce backward and stumble OOB – front tuck through to layout full, landed entirely OOB – L turn – split leap 1/1 – switch – switch 1/2 – front 1/1

Chacon hitting some D acro elements on beam for Peru.

Missed the beginning of Bolona on bars for Ecuador, but I did glance over to see her resting upside down on the bars, so probably didn’t go great. 8.150.

A couple Ylayouts in the first two vaults for Chile from the juniors.

Portillo – BB – Peru – long pause before series, big fight to keep her bhs loso series on the beam but she does – aerial to split jump, not bad at all – side somi with a lean – switch to split 1/2, the split positions aren’t there but she has competitive content – side aerial with another lean, good fight again – 1.5 with large bound forward

Gibson – UB – Ecuador – she’s a WOGette – inbar – toe Shap, nice height – pak, feet but caught it – stalder 1/2, stalder 1/1 with a hesitation – step up to high – toe 1/2 to front giant, can’t get it up over the bar and hops off – potential at the beginning of this one (we won’t see that many inbars and shaps in the first subdivision) – double pike dismount, nearly falls, large stumble back

M Castro – VT – Chile – handspring front tuck with large bounds forward

Mendez of Peru is off beam on a side aerial.

Heron – FX – Panama – double turn to split jump 1/1 – double tuck with slide back – switch 1/2 – 1.5 to front full, nice speed and pretty OK legs – split leap 1/1 – leap heavy routine but they were fine.

Grijava of Ecaudor, simple bars, no same-bar release that I saw, but hit –

Mora – UB – Ecuador – clear hip to toe shoot – and then dismounts with a layout full – that was the whole routine other than casts and giants, which will get E destroyed. About putting up a hit.

Diaz – BB – Peru – bhs loso, large break but nice extension in bhs – switch ring attempt that won’t get credit, but props for going for it, and she should have no problem with a normal switch – side aerial with a lean – split leap 1/2 is short – aerial is pretty, steps forward out of it – split jump to straddle – layout full dismount. Lots of wobbles but some nice qualities there.

Peru is the most competitive of the teams so far.

Vidiaux – UB – Cuba – stalder Shap to crazy bail, collapses in entire body but stays on the bar – stalder 1/1 attempt, couldn’t complete and hops off – tries again, same result. Again, same result, third fall.  Finally finishes with FTDT.

Perez – BB – Peru – switch, nice – split jump to wolf jump, hit – back handspring to back tuck, extremely tentative, had fallen before she started – and another fall. Shame because the the leap positions are there for her. Jusssst saves a front tuck. Switch 1/2, split leap 1/2 – front layout full dismount.

For Chile on vault in the first rotation I saw three Ylayouts, a handspring tuck (all 4.0 Ds) and a Ypike (3.5). Missed the other vault.

Rotation 2:

Chacon of Peru finishes floor with back 1.5 with lunge.

Missed Castro on bars because of an ad in the middle of her routine. Thanks Flo!

Navas – Panama – VT – Yfull, a couple stumbles back but nice to see an upgrade in difficulty –

Really nice 2.5 dismount on beam from Vidieaux, but she did have a fall on a leap early in the routine.

Portillo – FX – Peru – split leap 1/1, solid – double pike and sits it, overcooked – back 1/5 to 1/2, secure, some pike and knees – front lay front pike

Heron – VT – Panama – nice control on Yfull landing, small hop, knees throughout but not a bad vault at all.

S Castro – Chile – UB – giant full – nice piked jaeger! – crazy bail in straddle position – very close on shoot to high with head hang – double pike with feet and a step. Nice toes on the bars and piked jaeger, though –

Grijava – BB – Ecuador – side somi with a check – split jump 1/2 from side position like an American – bhs loso, fall, very tentative with knees – switch side is nice, good extension – switch to switch 1/2, will not get credit

Palamara on UB for Chile did a gigantic jaeger that got away from her in form in all places on catch, but still gigantic, also showed Pak and double pike dismount

Nice leaps from Diaz on floor, hits a double back final pass securely – switch ring almost there –

Casella for Chile has to pause on the high bar after her shoot and then can’t control the cast handstand

Jimenez – BB – Ecuador – Y spin – switch 1/2, short but secure – back tuck with step – switch – side aerial – has some acro chops – split jump sissone, not bad – back layout full with hop back – 11.3

Perez – FX – Peru – straddle jump 1/2 – back 1.5 with lunge – switch switch 1/2 – just a front layout as her second pass with a large bound forward – split leap full, feet – interesting that her leaps were stronger on beam, perhaps just my expectations for beam leaps are lower so they were closer to meeting it – back full and OOB

Gibson – BB – Ecuador – beam the only event still active – switch leap with a check – split jump – bhs loso, nice legs on bhs, loses them a little on loso – side aerial is hit – L turn may not get credit for being below horizontal – switch 1/2, secure, feet – back 1.5 with step back. Good to get a hit in. She struggled on beam at regionals and missed JO nationals this year. 10.6.

Bolona – BB – Ecuador – full turn – switch, good back leg extension – side aerial with knees and a check – bhs loso, more confident in that series than a lot so far – switch side, rushed – split jump from side position – split leap to sissone, fine – split jump full, too complex – just a front layout dismount.

Theme on beam: going for complex leaps that won’t get credit, like switch 1/2, but attempting no difficulty on dismount

Mora – BB – Ecuador – switch, short – back tuck, step back – bhs loso, step back but pretty nicely done – full turn with large break – side aerial hit, pretty good extension save the feet – split jump to wolf – side aerial to tuck full dismount. A tight routine like most we’ve seen, but some skills there.

Rotation 3:

Ampuero – BB – Chile – falls on loso series

Jimenez – FX – Ecuador – double Y spin attempt, almost around but not quite, close to getting it – double full – switch switch 1/2, not bad – front tuck through to layout full, a little bounce – split leap 1/1 – sits back 1.5 final pass, shame, had a good one going

Lo Yu Ju – UB  – giant 1/2, intended to be full – overshoot no handstand – toe shoot to high – flyaway dismount

M Castro – BB – Chile – switch leap mount, good – switch to split, not quite there but not bad – fall on loso series with crazy legs – saves side somi  and side aerial – switch 1/2, feet – layout full –

Tsuk layout from Perez on vault. Y layout for Portillo.

Grijava has some power on floor – too much – OOB on both double pike and double tuck – just a layout third pass

Chaung – UB  – nice jaeger and tkatchev – things get crazy in the form on the bail and she can’t save it, falls – double tuck, near stick.

Palamara – BB – Chile – bhs loso with step back, nice legs shape – aerial, wellll short and falls. Switch to split – saves punch front – front layout full dismount, large lunge

Diaz – VT – Peru – Yfull with stumble back but kept it to her feet –

Navas – UB – Panama – overshoot, shoort back to high – clear hip to tkatchev, nice speed, well short in handstand – FTDT dismount attempt to her hands –

The floor feed has gone dark in case you’re curious.

Mendez – VT – Peru – Yfull with bounce back. A few more fulls in this rotation from Peru, though, which will help. Second vault handspring front pike.

Rodriguez – UB – Panama – horizontal cast hs to overshoot – giant 1/2 to clear hip to Delladio, lunge forward but stays on her feet

S Castro – BB – Chile – aerial, small hesitation – bhs back tuck series, falls – switch to split, nice – Chile has some ability here but is not hitting – side aerial with a check – her extension is good – side somi – straddle jump from side – front full dismount with hop

Chacon – VT – Peru – Tsuk back pike with large stumble –

Gibson – FX – Ecuador – back 1.5, hit – switch and switch 1/2 to bouncy wolf jump – front layout – split leap 1/1 – double L, will probably get credit for getting it around – rudi.

I wish I had seen what Heron fell on on bars for Panama because it looked hilariously out of control –

Casella – BB – Chile – aerial and falls – another fall on loso series. So that’s zero beam hits for Chile in the first five routines – side aerial with a lean – wolf to split jump, not as comfortable in the splits as some of the other Chileans – punch front layout and third fall of the routine.

Mora – FX – Ecuador – 2/1 with a bounce back – switch – switch side, fine – using the Sacramone 2008 music – front layout to front tuck – split 1/1 that is well short – back 1.5 with knees to lunge – front full, same –

Merino – BB – Chile – pretty aerial, hit – bhs to back tuck, hit – switch, good extension – split leap 1/1 attempt, not around and not split – Y spin full, a little over turned – wolf jump to sissone – side aerial, hit – side somi, grabs beam but stays on – front layout, stays on. That was their best beam routine, so I hope that counted for the team even though it was sixth?

Vidiaux – FX – Cuba – whip to 3/1, awesome! So high – front tcuk through to 2.5, pretty strong control, small step – full in, great height, step – split leap 1.5, bouncy but hit her 180 and the rotation – switch – this is in a totally different class to the other routines in this subdivision – double tuck, hit. Nice. 13.300.

Rotation 4:

Heron – BB – Panama – bhs loso series, falls -back pike, hit – back 1.5 dismount with hop

Vidiaux – VT 1 – Cuba – Tsuk 2/1! – Got it around, large lunge forward, some legs, but hit

Vidiaux – VT 2 – Cuba – handpsring pike 1/2 – comfortable for her, nice and high, hop back

Rodriguez on beam for Panama just sat a series, shooting herself off the beam and planting on the mat

Grijava – VT – Ecuador – Tsuk layout with a lunge back

Diaz – UB – Peru – giant full, legs – giant 1/2 to jaeger, hit – crazy leg straddle overshoot – toe shoot – will get major handstand and leg break deductions here – double tuck with hop, hit –

Merino of Chile, hands down on first pass on floor – but she has a nice switch ring and leap height

Navas – BB – Panama – attemps a bhs bhs layout 2feet series – falls – but it wasn’t awful-looking in the air – aerial is nice – pretty 2/1 dismount as well. Lots of talent.

Mendez for Peru on bars falls on a jaeger, good toes – misses hand on bail – strong double front dismount

S Castro – FX – Chile – nice leap amplitude as well – double pike, large stumble back – 2/1 with a stumble and it looks like she hurt her ankle and is stopping. Training helping her off the floor.

Lo Yu Ju – BB  – punch front, falls – short on aerial and falls again – switch – front lay full dismount with steps – she’s limping off

Chacon – UB – Peru – Pak attempt, tucked it, brushed floor – can’t save cast handstands on low, adding extra swings – shoot to high – double tuck, small hop

Ampuero – FX – Chile – nice double Y spin! front full – attitude turn – switch – split leap 1/1 – back 1.5 with knees, a little landing stumble – switch ring – front layout –

Chuang – BB – no chance on punch front, barely landed feet first, falls – back tuck, check – isolated bhs – side aerial with check – side somi, good – attempts to work out of it with a half turn from side position, which was a cool idea but did not go great – switch to straight jump full, good! – full turn, overturns – gainer pike with hop.

Casella – FX – Chile – 2/1 with a stumble – switch 1/2 – front full, no height and sits it – switch – split leap 1/1 – double turn – split jump 1/1 – back 1.5.

Like many of these routines in the first subdivision, it was leap heavy and the leaps were stronger than the acro, which isn’t necessarily expected from the smaller countries.

Now, who wants to place bets on when we see actual scores from this subdivision?

Scores are slowly coming in now. Palamara of Chile leads the junior division with 45.550 (although we still don’t have a beam score in for Navas of Panama who may end up higher), Simona Castro leads the seniors with 44.000 despite injuring herself in the middle of floor (and still getting 11.450?)

SUBDIVISION 2 – with Argentina, Mexico, New Zealand, and Costa Rica

I assume there’s some sort of trampoline or rhythmic award ceremony going on off camera, because the US national anthem just started playing, which would be pretty random otherwise…?

Warmups now. New Zealand on vault, Mexico on bars, Costa Rica beam, Argentina floor.

Esposito – FX – Argentina – double pike, small hop – switch – double tuck, controlled well – switch 1/2 – finishes 1.5 with legs

Nice press handstand mount from Salas on beam for CRC – switch 1/2, check, short of split – back tuck, hit – standing front tuck, keeps it on the beam – standing loso to back pike series – split leap 1/2, fall, had nice extension though – some checks on leaps bhs bhs 1.5, short with large and awkward lunge to the side

Briceno on bars from Mexico hits a Gienger. Legs but hit. Was going well enough until getting caught in a stalder 1/2 and having to jump off.

Tarabini – FX – Argentina – nice double front, may have stepped out but good height and position – attempts split 1.5, gets it around but some position issues – double arabian, awkward landing but keeps it to her feet with just a little slide – awkward landing on double tuck.

Very nice Shap to Pak combo from Moreno on bars – also had Shap 1/2 (legs) and piked jaeger, good difficulty on the bars.

Montoya CRC hits a loso loso series on beam, split ring leap attempt with get destroyed in E, and possibly D – check on L turn – good aerial and side aerial – switch to split to sissone – 1.5 with hop.

Brett – VT – NZL _ Y layout

Campos – UB – Mexico – stalder full, nice – toe shap with legs to immediate hindorff, hits but has to take extra swing – mostly good Pak with some feet – Shap 1/2, can’t grasp bar and falls. Oh, Mexico…

Fernandez – FX – Argentina – switch 1/2 – double back – split jump 1/1, nice extension there – switch – split leap 1/1, same, good positions and height – 2/1 with a hop, some legs – front full, knees and a hop to the side –

Ryan – VT -NZL – Y full, good distance, large bounce back . Second vault is handspring front tuck with lunge.

Alvarado – BB – CRC – hits loso series – aerial to split to sissone is strong – side aerial, secure – split jump 1/2 from side position, not bad actually – check on full turn – switch to split ring leap (don’t do that skill, the rest of the leaps are quite good, but get rid of that) – punch front layout full with hop. Good routine.

Castro – UB Mexico – Shap 1/2 with legs but hit – Yikes, takes piked jaeger wayyy too close and catches with her heels – keeps going – nice tkatchv and Pak – hits shap – very short final cast – FTDT with hop.

Magistrati of Argentina falls on floor on 2.5 to layout(?) attempt. Overflipped the 2.5 and had nothing. Double pike, a little deep but hit – popa – 2/1, a little hop.

Escoe (CRC) falls on loso series on beam – split jump 1/2 from side with a check, fairly short of 180 – aerial with a check – full turn – strong side aerial –

Vargas – UB – Mexico – hop grip change to nice piked jaeger – saves bail with a little arch – brushes feet on mat swinging on low – shoot to high – double pike with hop

Dominici – FX – Argentina – split side 1/2, good extension – full in with bounce back – switch ring – split leap full, nice split shape – double arabian, good form, minor hop forward, solid – double tuck, medium bounce back – full twisting back dive (like a rulfova but on the floor), which is cool – popa – 2/1 last pass with a bounce back – a few too many larger bounces back, but a nice routine.

Andrade – BB – CRC – hits los series – does illusion turn – aerialw ith knees and a check – side aerial, larger check – has to grab the beam on next skill – 1.5 dismount, well short and falls –

Miranda – Ub – Mexico – Pak with a little legs – cast 1/2, really nice stalder extension – shoot to high – hits tkatchev – 1/2 turn to front stalder1/2, pushes through it – double tuck, deep with hop

Araujo – FX – Argentina – double tuck, short with a step – split ring leap – crossover step out of 2.5 – switch ring has some shape issues – split leap 1/1, pretty short, may want to go with simpler leaps – front tuck through to back 1/1, short with lunge to the side

CRC has some really nice qualities on beam, just the whole falling thing. Dominici will take that floor routine even with the landing issues. Mexico is going for the difficulty with all those Shap 1/2s and piked jaegers on bars, but a few too many YIKES moments in that rotation.

Rotation 2

Escoe – FX – CRC – double tuck, a little short, OK – switch ring – split ring leap, not bad 180 department – back 1.5 with hop to the side – Y spin – front layout wiht bound –

Vargas – BB – Mexico – switch split mount and falls – switch 1/2 to split ring jump, fine – good shape on aerial, tentative full turn – bhs bhs layout full dismount, stuck

Brett sticks double tuck to finish up bars.

Ryan – UB – NZL – toe Shap, nice – to bail, just a bit of hip position – toe on to toe shoot – giant full to double tuck with step. Another useful hit.

Fall on double pike for Andrade (CRC) on floor

Dominici – VT – Argentina – Tsuk 1/1, solid with bounce back –

Briceno Mexico falls on side somi to start routine. Oh Mexico, he says again. Check on otherwise fine loso – switch – back tuck, solid – wolf jump to split jump, good wolf, feet on split jump – back pike with check –

Matthewson – UB – NZL – clear hip – giant 1/2 jaeger, feet but caught – giant full – blind change to front layout – just a front lay and didn’t see her go to the low bar?

Salas – FX – CRC – double tuck, solid landing – double pike, deep but saves –

Moreno – BB – Mexico – loso mount, hit – bhs loso, large check but saves it – switch ring, not bad, check  – 2/1 dismount with step back

Fishwick – UB – Shap to bail, some arch in bail and again in toe on handstand but hitting – shoot to high – good cast handstand – hits jaeger – dismounts just layout. NZL deciding not to do bars dismounts?

Araujo multiple steps back on Yfull but keeps it standing.

Campos – BB – Mexico – switch split mount, small check – aerial, good height, some knees, secure – nice switch leap – bhs loso series with step back – double turn and falls – nice sissone work – 1.5 to hop.

Shout out to Camila Montoya for using Beauty and the Beast music on floor

Luna Fernandez holds the (basically a) stick on her Yfull, short but saved the landing very well –

Followed by solid full for Magistrati, step back

Castro – BB – Mexico – full turn with a check – switch to pike jump to split jump, extremely short on split jump – back tuck, secure – switch 1/2, much better lift on that than split jump – side aerial to bhs series and falls – nice aerial – side somi – dismounts with only a layout.

Miranda – BB – Mexico – pretty press handstand through to V sit mount – bhs loso series, hit – good legs – split ring leap, and split ring jump, good 180s – side aerial with a check – aerial, small check – split jump to wolf jump, more trouble in extension there – switch – layout dismount from her too

LOTS of people dismounting with simple layouts on beam and bars today. Some, it’s just their skill level, but for a lot it’s not.

Rotation 3

Matthewson – BB – NZL – small hesitation in press handstand to v sit mount but good – fall on bhs loso series, very tentative – fall again on side aerial – 1.5 dismount off to the side and steps off the mat –

Either Vargas’s floor music went out or it’s just very quiet suddenly – good 2.5 in later portion of routine – final pass 2/1 with a little bounce

Araujo – UB – Argentina – toe 1/2 to jaeger, good – Pak, hit – toe shap to bail, some hip angle – shoot to high – giant full – double tuck, step back. Will get deducted for feet throughout, but a higher level overall

Fishwick – BB – NZL – bhs loso series, hit – switch to wolf jump, shortish on wolf jump position – side aerial, check – prettttty double turn – split jump 1/2 from side position, get rid of it – back tuck, hit – gainer pike with hop

Look at Luna Fernandez with that big piked jaeger! Pak, struggles to get up in a cast 1/2 on low and has some handstand issues – shoot to high – annnnnd another dismount of just a layout.

Ryan – BB – NZL – bhs back tuck and falls – hits side somi –

Moreno – FX – Mexico – double pike, larger bounce back – double tuck, step – front 1/1, shuffle/slide but holds the landing without too much deduction

Tarabini – UB – Agentina – nice height on piked tkatchev – some crazy legs on bail – shoot to high – giant full – blind chenge to double front dismount with a slightly awkward step but good set –

Alvarado CRC vaults a Yfull to her hands

Magistrati – UB – Argentina – tkatchev, nice – bail, clean – toe on to toe shoot – DLO, good, step – she struggled a little on an early pirouette but after that clean and efficient.

Brett NZL fell on her beam mount

Briceno – FX – Mexico – double arabian solid – double tuck with a bounce back – switch ring to switch 1/2 – strong 2.5 to front tuck

Dominici – UB – Argentina – toe full, fairly late – Toe Shap to Pak, very pretty – toe Shap 1/2, pretty good legs – nice handstands and toes – jaeger, a touch close but fine – annnnd then I was typing and she’s gone. I’m assuming a Delladio?

Esposito – UB – Argentina – tkatchev with some knees in the air – Pak, hit, may have brushed feet – cast 1/2 on low is a struggle – shoot to high, fine – double tuck, short with lunge

Castro – FX – Mexico – double pike, big with bounce back and OOB – double tuck, exactly the same thing – switch, short back leg – switch 1/2 – third pass is just a back layout placeholder -I’m assuming she’s not at 100% with all these layout placeholders – split leap 1/1 – front 1/1 to low stag.

Miranda – FX – Mexico – double tuck, a little deep with a step back – split leap 1/1 – very nice split ring leap, lovely extension, she has quite a bit of potential in that department on beam and floor – which is probably why they’ve given her “THIS SEEMS LIKE SOMETHING LIKE BALLET MUSIC” – 2/1 with hop – switch ring, great – front full to stag, a bit too flat there

Rotation 4

Montoya for CRC has fallen on a high piked jaeger

Matthewson – FX – NZL – double tuck, large bounce back – front lay to front tuck – popa – 1.5, some legs –

Araujo of Argentina off beam crazily on a loso series – pretty side aerial toward the end – just a layout dismount

Fernandez – BB – Argentina – nice loso mount – loso series secure with some legs – good height in split to sissone combination – side aerial, hit – check on a side leap – switch split with back leg – layout full dismount, off the mat to the side

Moreno – VT – Mexico – Yfull – controlled, small step back, some feet

Andrade – UB – CRC – blind change to jaeger, takes it too far and falls

Castro – VT – Mexico – handpring front pike 1/2 with larger stumble backward

Tarabini – BB – Argentina – secure punch front – solid aerial – switch side is high, a little crooked – bhs loso and falls –

Brett – FX – NZL – solid double Y, gets it around – double tuck, slightly awkward landing but high and mostly controlled – switch 1/2 a bit short – 2.5 good – 2/1, some legs, controlled – switch – split leap 1/1 – front full with lunge out – nice routine

Magistrati – BB – Argentina – round off back tuck mount and she hit it! bhs loso loso series, solid, good – switch to split to back tuck, short but saves it with a check – full turn huge break – aerial, solid – side somi, solid as well – this is a nice routine, lots of potential – switch side – 2/1 hop back

She turns senior next year.

Ryan – FX – NZL – 2.5 to front tuck, crazy legs in twisting but secure landings – double tuck, a little short with a step – switch – split full, OK, a little short – L hop full – 2/1 to split jump, comfortable routine.

Dominici – BB – Argentina – switch split mount, very good – switch, hesitant – switch 1/2, check, gets to 180 but loses her feet in that one, though not in her simpler jumps like the split – aerial, small adjustment – bhs loso series, check – side aerial, hit – switch side, solid – double tuck dismount, a couple steps back but I’m happy to see a D dismount for just the second time in two subdivisions

Esposito – BB – Argnetina – bhs loso series, good – switch to split to back tuck, a little shorter in the switch, but she does a good job trying to maintain her toe point in leaps – switch 1/2, short – aerial with some knees, saves with a check – switch side, check – 1.5, hop back

But another good one. Argentina should be happy with the day. Very encouraging, especially on beam. And Agustina Pisos wasn’t even here.

SUBDIVISION 3 – with USA, Canada, Australia, and Colombia

No one knows who’s winning yet. Don’t worry, this is normal and fine.

The subdivision begins with the US on vault, Canada on bars, Australia on beam, and Colombia on floor

So, it looks like Magistrati from Argentina currently leads the juniors with 48.650.

Is it a rule that elite judges have to wear character shoes?

Dominici is in with a 51.050.

Sounds like we’re still doing some award ceremonies for the other disciplines, so…this competition will continue getting on your last nerve.

OK we’re marching in. Here we go, here we go.

Rotation 1

Perkins – BB – Australia – single wolf turn, fine – bhs loso, hit, knees throughout – side somi, hit, a little hesitation –

Lee – USA – VT – DTY, fine, some knees, a lunge back – 14.500.

Paterson – UB – Canada – blind change to piked jaeger, hit – Pak, fine, some feet – an arch on the low bar – hits Shap 1/2 – giant full to TERRIFYING double tuck in which she clipped most of her feet on the bar. She’s fine. That dismount was not.

DiCello – VT – USA – DTY, pretty in the air, just minor legs, good height, small hop back. Solid. 14.450

Hurd – VT – USA – DTY – good, direction was nice, medium hop back, pretty much her usual. 14.650

Spence – UB – Canada – toe full, a little late, some legs – Shap to Pak to toe on to toe shap 1/2, just loses the legs in the toe shap a little – nice save on clear hip to keep going – piked jaeger, a little messy in the legs, double pike, rough form, controlled landing

Chiles – VT – USA – DTY – still very comfortable for her, not adding back Amanar yet, minor hop back, nice height, good direction. 14.700

Chiles – VT 2 – USA – Tsuk full, easy peasy, small hop back, good form

Stephens of Australia way undertwists her beam dismount, hand down

DeJong – UB – Canada – stalder half to jaeger, wayyyy too close and can’t catch.

McCallum – VT – USA – a bigger bounce back on her DTY, but also fine and will be a solid score -14.400

Sayer – BB – Australia – check on series but hit, side somi, small adjustment, fine – aerial, some knees, small check – side aerial, quite nice but adjusts working out of it –

McCallum – VT  2 – USA – 1/2 on tuck 1/2, lunge back

Woo – UB – Canada – Shap to clear hip 1/2, leg break – can’t swing out of it and comes off the bar. Another fall for Canada.

Bowers – VT – USA – DTY – deeper, chest over landing with a lunge back, similar landing step to many but had more trouble getting it around, which is probably why we was the non-team vaulter. 14.100

Chipizubov – BB – AUS – layout 2 feet series, hit – nearly came off on front tcuk but saved it – nice leap ability – aerial to split jump, solid – loses her feet sometimes like in split ring jump but still nice extension potential – there’s a little Shchennikova to her work – 2/1 dismount, stuck. Good overall.

NCAA note on that one.

Avendano showing some nice simpler leap elements on floor and secure D tumbling, finishes with 2/1 with some legs and a hop back

Allaire-Bourgie – Ub – Canada – lovely shap to Pak combination – Toe shap 1/2, great legs together throughout – clear hip to giant fulll to giant 1/2 to piked jaeger, a bit close but nice, short handstand casting out – FTDT, stuck. Great routine.

Folino – BB – Australia missed beginning – hits side aerial – attempts switch ring that will be credited as switch split – punch front with step forward – aerial, comfortable, good – overturns full turn – bhs bhs double pike, very tight double pike shape that allows her to get it around, small hop.

Marois – UB – Toe Shap to Bhardwaj, some legs but also hit – shoot ot high – jaeger fingertips it but keeps it going – loose body shape in giant swings, like she’s going to arch over at any moment – was getting through until nowhere near enough height on double front and sits it

Solid vault for the US. Six DTYs, all hit normally for over 14. None of them landed wonderfully but all landed fine. Other highlight was Allaire-Bourgie on bars in an otherwise troubling bars rotation for Canada with four falls in six routines.

Rotation 2

Spence – BB – Canada – British mount – aerial to split jump to sissone, some looseness but fine – bhs back pike, hit – 2/1 bound back, some legs

We have an early stumble OOB for Perkins on a double tuck on floor –

DiCello – Ub – USA – Toe full to toe shap to Pak, lovely Pak, solid overall – Toe shap 1/2, good legs together – clear hip to half turn to piked jaeger, hit – SARAH GET OUT OF THE WAY – a very short orphan 1/2 turn at the end – FTDT with a step back – lost the legs a little bit at the end, some handstands throughout – but a strong hit overall. 13.350.

Marois – BB – Canada – also starts with that Britsh candle mount – bhs loso series with a check – front tuck, a little hoppy – switch to switch 1/2, switch was nice, the 1/2 got a little switch 1/2y – check on an aerial, but a hit

McCallum – UB – USA – weiler 1/2 to Stalder Shap to tkatchev, hit, some feet – Pak, solid – Toe Shap 1/2, good legs together – inbar – giant full to FTDT, stuck, Solid, secure routine, just some feet. 13.400

Good 1.5 on vault from Cortez of Colombia

Bowers – UB – USA – small hesitation in first hs – inbar full to toe shap to Pak to toe shap 1/2, nice combo, some leg moments – piked jaeger, hit – regular jaeger, a little close but hit – 1/2 turn to FTDT, stuck. Worked through well, good combos, just some form. 13.850

Chipizubov – FX – Australia – double pike, OOB –

A couple checks from Woo on beam but a good hit, some nice elements like the switch, just a few too many hesitations working out of elements for wobble deductions –

Hurd – UB – USA – inbar shap to stalder full to tkatchev, hit – Ricna to Pak, good – stalder shoot – inbar 1/2 – inbar 1/1 directly to FTDT with a hop. Good efficient routine, toes pointed well throughout, some short handstands and leg moments, but good. 14.600

Lee – UB – USA – piked jaeger, hit – Nabieva, hit – but can’t cast out of it, casts to horizontal into Pak, large deduction – Shap to Gienger, nice height in that – stalder – toe full, loses it completely and has to fall over the other way, tries to save it and improvise but probably would have been better just coming off the bar with all the deductions she’s incurring here – works into dismount, well down with a step. Rough one. 10.650.

No bars for Chiles?

Allaire-Bourgie – BB – Canada – aerial, small check – split jump to tuck jump 1/2, unusual in a good way – check on side aerial – bhs loso, check – double turn, nice speed, check – side somi to immediate split jump 1/2 from side position , LOVE the speed in combination and not bad on the split position – but a large wobble after the leap – switch to switch 1/2 to bhs, great – good extension and quick – 2.5 with a crossover step

Folino – FX – – full in to start, good – double pike final pass is well short with a lunge

Paterson – BB – Canada – third one with a candle mount but she collapses on hers, which should be viewed as a fall against the apparatus – wolf jump full with check – secure loso – full turn, check – switch 1/2 to back tuck – side aerial with a check – switch – split jump wolf jump, short of position on wolf – 2/1 hop back

Bowers currently leads the US juniors, Hurd leads the US seniors.

Rotation 3

Spence – FX – Canada – split jump 1/1 – pike full in with bounce back, keeps it in bounds, chest down but worked it out – 1.5 through to 2.5 with a bounce to the side, some legs – switch ring – split full, shortish – secure if chest down on double tuck –

DiCello – BB – USA -has to grab the beam to steady herself through her wolf turns, also a major error – switch ring, pretty – bhs loso loso swith a check – aerial to split ring jump, split ring shape a little wonky – bhs bhs 2/1 with a hop

Marois – FX – Canada – piked full in, nice, good control – a little short on split jump 1/1 – L hop full with leg actually above horizontal like it’s supposed to be – 2.5 to layout, archy on layout but fine – split leap 1.5 attempt, well short of split – L turn double but lost horizontal after first turn – 3/1 under rotated with a lunge –

Chiles – BB – USA – loso series good – aerial to split to straddle with a check – still atempting that split leap 1/1, it’s short with a leg-up check but stays on – nice side aerial – switch to switch 1/2, well short on switch 1/2 position – side somi, secure – double pike, hop back – hitting is a big moment for her, but I’m still not happy with this composition.

Woo – FX – Canada – DLO, stuck (and she had too otherwise OOB), good pass – double L, starts to lean but pulls it around – switch to switch 1/2 to sissone – front tcuk through to 2.5, legs but controlled – split jump 1/1 – double pike, hop back

Cortez of Colombia comes off on a Shap attempt

Judges taking a long time on Chiles’ beam, probably trying to evaluate that split full attempt

Lee – BB – USA – double wolf turn, also has to steady herself against the beam with her hand – aerial, solid – bhs bhs layout – crazy save but she did save it , seventy hours of leg-up wobbles, just pasued in a leg up,but saved – switch to switch 1/2 to back tuck, broke the combo but nice split positions – side aerial to loso loso, awesome combination, so hard and secure – switch ring – and split ring jump – so much difficult content – bhs bhs double pike, super deep with multiple steps back. Still 12.95. That’s how much difficulty she has

Nice Hindorff to Pak from Avendano on bars – jaeger, low but toes pointed –

McCallum – BB – USA – candle mount from her too – no steady against the beam on her wolf turns, but she does dunk a basketball, lean  – side aerial to loso, hit – punch front with a little bounce – switch to aerial, hit – sissone to full turn – double tuck, good, small hop

Allaire-Bourgie – FX – Canada – attempt at quad turn, got at least three, fell out of 4th turn – 2.5 with lunge forward – double pike, a hair short with a step – switch and switch 1/1, good positions – double tuck, deep with a couple steps back – 2/1, small hop

Hurd – BB – USA – back witha full, hit, small check – check on side aerial as well – switch – bhs loso, secure – aerial to split to straddle, hesitates between split and straddle – front tuck, wayyyy short and sits down on the beam – split jump 1/2 from side position – full turn with a check, she won’t be happy with this one – verrrrrry tentative on switch ring attempt, pulled out of it – pike full in to her face? She says she’s OK and tries to walk but she looks disoriented, maybe hurt ankles, maybe hurt head, and needs to be evaluated.

They’ve taken her off to be seen by trainers and now Bowers has to go on beam. Strong triple wolf and double wolf, best of the rotation – bhs loso loso very good – fhs front tuck, large check but stays on – aerial and falls, came in way short. Very poor beam rotation for the US, the big worry of course being the potential injury to Hurd – bhs bhs double pike, deep with a lunge but hit


Rotation 4

Hurd is warming up floor, so hopefully all is well. That always makes me nervous when someone lands head-adjacent, but we’ll see.

DiCello – Fx – USA – full in, nice and high, bounce back – nice landings overall – switch ring, split leap 1/1, well around, good execution – wolf triple and wolf double, assassinate me but executed comfortably this time – front 1/1 – switch 1/2 – double tuck, solid, small slide

Woo – VT – Canada – Yfull – fine full, hop back, some legs and a little pike

Chipizubov – UB – Aus – inbar – giant 1/2 to jaeger, a little close, very short hs casting out – good Pak – stalder full, great stalder position but extremely late, smae on stlader 1/2 – struggling on some casts – double tuck, lunge

Lee – FX – USA – DLO, hop back, good – double arabian, large lunge forward – switch ring – split leap 1.25, but good 180 positions – 1.5 to front full, a little hoppy – wolf triple and wolf double, struggles through the second one – double tuck, a little hop. Fine set as well.

De Jong – VT – Canada – DTY, good, efficient position, just a ltitle crossed legs throughout, fairly large bounce back –

Chiles – FX – USA – 1.5 through to double arabian, great position in double arabian, a little hop – DLO, small hop – L hop 1/1 – split leap 1.5, around – double pike, hop back – switch 1/1 is where it gets a little hairy, not at 180 – wolf double, some leg form – double tuck, hop back – a good one overall, started very well

Marois gets her DTY around, good height, legs, larger hop tto the side

McDonald – Ub – Australia – toe shap to clear hip to tkatchev to Pak, AWESOME height on some of those skills – good Shap 1/2 – toe full – some lare handstands but overall good – FTDT, step – only question is whether she brushed the mat after that Pak, which would take the score down

McCallum – FX – USA – double double tuck, pulls it around, secure landing, jsut in a sort of a ball shape – front lay to front 2/1 to front tuck, solid – wolf double, fine – switch ring and switch 1/2 – 3/1, pretty underrotated with a stumble landing – good split leap 1/1 – double tuck, good, small bounce back

Hurd will be going on floor.

Hurd – FX – USA – double double tuck, a little short with a lunge forward – DLO, good, small hop, improved shape since American Cup – a little bouncy on split ring 1/1 – front lay to front 2/1 to stag, excellent – switch ring – split ring, pretty – split jump 1/1 – double pike, step back. Good routine.

So I think Morgan Hurd just cured dying on a beam dismount. Because no ill effects after having serious trouble getting up and walking 30 seconds ago when she finished beam.

Bowers – FX – USA – good double front with a lunge – great open full in as well – why is she in the “only counts for the individual, not the team” position on floor? I don’t understand that – front 2/1 to front tuck with total Maroney arms – double tuck, a little stagger – good routine, definitely one of the top five on the team

Last routine is Sandoval on beam for Colombia, who finishes with a layout full with a hop back.

In the juniors, Bowers will take first place (GOOD THING THOSE ROUTINES DIDN’T COUNT FOR THE TEAM), with DiCello in second and Allaire-Bourgie in a very deserving third after some lovely gymnastics. Sunisa Lee 4th because of the bars disaster.

In the seniors, Grace McCallum will win, followed by Hurd in second and then Martina Dominici in third. Hurd ended up getting just 10.400 for the beam debacle, which put her down into second.

Looks like Chiles will make vault and beam finals, Hurd bars and floor finals, and McCallum all four finals.


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  1. No Chile’s on bars because FLO tweeted she jammed her fingers in practice…still planning on competing beam/floor though.

  2. Chiles have an injurie on her finger: “It sounds like she jammed her finger in practice” this is what Flogymnastics say on twitter

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