And now, an important message from USA Gymnastics



7 thoughts on “And now, an important message from USA Gymnastics”

  1. If we drank every time “empower” or a derivative of the word was used we’d need a 12-step program. Someone needs a thesaurus.

    1. But that’s kind of the point. This Kerry Perry just goes on and on with words that sound good at first (i.e. “Empowerment “) … then repeats them over and over and over until it becomes a parody.

      Particularly when the actions taken do not match the words….for example, regardless of what one believes should have been done (or not done) with Rhonda Faehn, I think *everyone* is in agreement that the timing of Perry’s actions were not in the “gymnast’s best interests”….let alone demonstrating transparency….

  2. Thank you for trying to empower us with this empowering post. I feel empoweringly empowered. Because empowerment. #empower

  3. What do y’all reckon the odds are on Perry keeping her job after Wednesday? 50/50 she’s gone by the end of the week? #pleasego #getsomeonecompetent #jfc

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