2018-2019 NCAA Freshman Playlist

Because it’s never too early.

The freshman playlist for the 2018-2019 NCAA season has been added to the essential links section in the menu at the top. Or, you can just look at it here:


It contains links to the latest routine videos that exist for next season’s incoming NCAA freshmen (at DI, full-scholarship schools) so that they’re all in one place for when you need to start preparing likely lineups and doing your freshman research. As you do.

Whenever possible, I try to use YouTube videos (as uploaded by USAG, R5 Insider, or the gymnasts/parents) so that everyone can watch, but when necessary, the links will lead to Flo Pro videos because that’s where the videos are.

As the summer progresses, I’ll continue adding (or subtracting as necessary) walk-ons as we begin to learn who is actually joining these teams beyond the scholarship signers.

For your lineup-panic reference, here are the final 2018 lineups for some key teams, noting which routines are coming back and which are not.


Vault Bars Beam Floor
Dennis Dennis G Glenn Kocian
A Glenn Honest Kocian Kramer
Ross A Glenn Nguyen Ross
Tratz Kocian Ohashi Tratz
Hano Lee Ross Hano
Hall Ross Lee Ohashi


Vault Bars Beam Floor
Lehrmann Webb Catour Showers
Showers Showers Showers Schoepfer
Dowell Catour Lehrmann Dowell
Jackson Dowell Brown Jackson
DeGouveia Lehrmann Webb Webb
Nichols Nichols Nichols Nichols


Vault Bars Beam Floor
Hundley Boren Hundley Hundley
Skaggs Skaggs Skaggs Gowey
Foberg Hundley Boren McMurtry
Boren Gowey Gowey Slocum
Slocum Foberg Baumann Boren
McMurtry McMurtry McMurtry Baumann


Vault Bars Beam Floor
Finnegan Durante Macadaeg Kirby
Edwards Hambrick Hambrick Desiderio
Harrold Harrold Edney Priessman
Cannamela Edney Desiderio Edney
Hambrick Priessman Campbell Finnegan
Edney Finnegan Finnegan Hambrick


Vault Bars Beam Floor
Reinstadtler Lewis Stover Lewis
Lee Merrell-Giles Merrell-Giles Lee
Lewis Reinstadtler Soloski Reinstadtler
Tessen Lee Lee Soloski
Merrell-Giles Tessen Reinstadtler Merrell-Giles
Skinner Skinner Skinner Skinner


Vault Bars Beam Floor
Williams Breen Roby Epperson
Roby Roby Crouse Roby
Epperson Schweihofer Schweihofer Orel
Schweihofer Epperson Houchin Williams
Crouse Houchin Breen Crouse
Houchin Crouse Williams Schweihofer


Vault Bars Beam Floor
Oakley Pedersen Snead Arnold
Arnold Schild Dickson Pedersen
Vega Vaculik Schild Babalis
Dickson Snead Oakley Dickson
Snead Oakley Babalis Snead
Schild Dickson Vega Vega


Vault Bars Beam Floor
Armbrecht Guerra Armbrecht Armbrecht
Mahoney Graber Childers Guerra
Guerra Dickson Ernst Desch
Graber Winston Graber Graber
Guerrero Childers Winston Winston
Desch Mahoney Guerrero Guerrero


Vault Bars Beam Floor
Keelen Sternberg Shu So Seilnacht
Gallarzo Williams George Robinson
Sy Seilnacht Watterson Keelen George
George Schank Gallarzo Sy Seilnacht
Robinson George Williams Gallarzo
Williams So Seilnacht So Seilnacht Williams


Vault Bars Beam Floor
Yamzon Yamzon Yamzon Bargiacchi
Garner Shaffer Garner Wellick
Wellick Laird Wellick Yamzon
Shaffer Wellick Carter Burton
Speed Speed Laird Schaffer
Burton Garner Burton Carter


Vault Bars Beam Floor
Riley Nelson Rose Nelson
Hoffa Goings Schaefer Roberson
Copiak Roberson Copiak Schaefer
Goings Burleson Goings Hoffa
Roberson Copiak Roberson Washington
Burleson Riley Burleson Burleson


Vault Bars Beam Floor
Dukes Carlisle Stuart Poland
Kwan Warren Rechenmacher Warren
Davis Stuart Poland Rechenmacher
Rosa Coca Korth Hyland
Hyland Hyland Dukes Dukes
Korth Korth Hyland Korth


Vault Bars Beam Floor
Shchennikova Townsend Funk Townsend
Funk Funk Zaziski Funk
Brown Farley Brown Marinez
Townsend Shchennikova Shchennikova Brown
Zaziski Zaziski Farley Zaziski
McLean Brown Marinez McLean


Vault Bars Beam Floor
Becker Moss Riddle Smith
Phillips Krippner Watson Cerio
Krippner Watson Sylvia Watson
Watson Day Slappey Slappey
Day Cerio Milliet Day
Glenn Milliet Krippner Milliet


Vault Bars Beam Floor
Chesnok Kern Addison Sundstrom
Sundstrom Sundstrom Glynn Kern
Schou Chesnok Brown Schou
Addison Glynn Sundstrom Karr
Brown Brown Karr Addison
Karr Karr Schou Brown


Vault Bars Beam Floor
Collantes Collantes Collantes McGregor
Remme Muhlenhaupt McGregor Bir
McGregor Stockwell Esmerian Webb
Bir McGregor Means Stockwell
Stockwell Remme Remme Remme
Means Means Amado Collantes


Vault Bars Beam Floor
Miller Tucker Bower Bower
Harris Kelly Allbritten Turner
Huber Allbritten Porter Porter
Tucker Miller Tucker Huber
Ward Porter Kelly Tucker
Porter Huber Ward Harris


Vault Bars Beam Floor
Montgomery Ung Montgomery Cutler
Quaglia Quaglia Lu Ung
Hitchcock Montgomery Korlin-Downs Hitchcock
DeMuse Hitchcock Gardner Garnder
Ramler Ramler Ung Ramler
Williams Lu Ramler Williams


Vault Bars Beam Floor
Singley Khamedoost Singley Jacobsen
Yanish ColussiPelaez Minyard Gill
Davis Singley Yanish Davis
Greene Jacobsen Lazaro Singley
Jacobsen Briscoe Gill Lowery
Gill Dessaints Davis Yanish


Vault Bars Beam Floor
Cole Lawson Cole Cole
Fitzgerald Navarro Flam Navarro
Navarro Flam Price Flam
Flam Bryant Navarro Lawson
Bryant Price Bryant Bryant
Price Rogers Fitzgerald Price


16 thoughts on “2018-2019 NCAA Freshman Playlist”

  1. Glad to think about something fun and positive in the midst of the s***storm that is USAG. But wasn’t t this Milliet’s last season?

  2. Adnerys DeJesus is now walking on at Nebraska instead of Maryland. Rebecca D’Antonio is walking on at LSU. Carley Bayles is walking on at Utah State

  3. I wonder what LSU is going to do with beam… Ferrer, though promising, seems to be hardly Macadaeg/Hambrick material.

    1. Do you think Lizzy Leduc will transfer there? I heard rumors a few months ago, but there doesn’t seem to be any recent news.

    2. Right!? I’m a bit shocked LSU has only one incoming frosh. What’s going on with their recruiting game? It seems like between Clark’s eye for talent and the charm of the program, they should have more than one recruit?
      Critical for LSU’s success will be healthy Priesmann and Kelly, and Harrold figuring out collegiate and bringing her best every week. Maybe all of the one event’ers could become two. It looks like they will be scrounging for those 9.9+ scores.

  4. I wonder if anyone from UCLA will get to do the AA in postseason next year. They should be able to come up with 6 FX stronger than Ross and 6 VT stronger than Kocian (unless she upgrades).

    1. My hope is that Kyla continues to get even better on floor. She improved so much between last year and this year and even throughout this season. I hope that improvement continues and that she’s in the floor line up though there are so many amazing people on the team especially if Macy Toronjo comes back at full strength. I think UCLA should just do 5 floor exhibitions every meet because their floors are so fun to watch and they have the depth to have that many amazing floor routines.

      1. I forgot about Toronjo. I’ve pretty much given up on seeing her compete. But I wish she’d be able to do floor and beam.

    2. Seeing as the goal is to post the highest score and to win a National Championship, I sure hope not.

      I love Kyla. She is the mental rock that this team will greatly need with Peng moving on. But with no floor spots vacating from last year, Wright and Frazier coming on board, and Toronjo potentially coming back, Kyla is perhaps the 9th best floor option on this team.

      Oklahoma will be bitter. Florida will be a beast. To repeat UCLA will need every thousandth of a point it can scratch out and the best opportunity to do so comes with Kyla out of the floor lineup, IMO.

    1. Sekai and Marz potentially on vault with 10.0 start values, Marz and Norah fill in on bars, Norah on Beam and floor is just going to be crazy but hoping to see Kocian, Marz, Ohashi, Tratz, Hano and Kramer in post season. The depth is crazy for this UCLA team

      1. She does have a Omelianchik that we saw at woodward and recently we saw a Y1.5 on snapchat I think but I still have doubts as maybe she is not confident or the coaches are not confident in letting her compete the 10;.0 start value vaults

  5. Hannah Morrow is no longer going to Maryland, I believe she is now Iowa State. Sophia Restanio is also not going to Maryland, she is now going to U Penn.

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