Reese’s Cup 1996 – A GIFcap

1996 Reese’s International Gymnastics Cup


Hey, what does this dude have against Viktoria Karpenko?

Ahhhhhhhh kill it. KILL IT.

“Is my wig gonna come off?” – Andrea Bertha Joyce

Live look at Russian podium training

Chinese coaches spotting bars

Oh she’s Martha!

Kerry Perry arrives at the arena

The real champion

Smile knowingly and blink once if you need us to save you from Bela

Americans be dancing like…

B-value high-to-low transition in NCAA



Steve Penny’s USA Gymnastics

I agree, ears

Literally the words he said. Direct quote. Don’t @ me.

Much beam, very feeling



Maybe let’s cut Diapey Dmitri from the show…

Some things can’t be unseen

That transitions nicely into the Vietnam War portion of the show?


Shot while on beam. Kristie will use Karolyi sense memory for this one.


I mean…guys…


I’m screaming


When your pants touch the floor of the public bathroom

Never forget what happened here

I crown thee, Kathy Johnson, queen of the Martians

Alex liked it the most

Did Superman…poop his pants?

Searching for Suzanne’s approval

The Case of Peter Vidmar and the Palpable Discomfort

I think Kristie Phillips summed it up best when she said

7 thoughts on “Reese’s Cup 1996 – A GIFcap”

  1. OMG. The video of that girl falling on her face is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Def pulled that up on youtube and watched like 800 times.


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