NLI Week 2019-2020

It’s NLI day!

To review:
NLI = National Letter of Intent

The National Letter of Intent is a document signed by future college athletes confirming their intent to attend and compete for a particular school. Signing the NLI signals the end of the recruiting process—all other schools must immediately cease recruiting that gymnast. The NLI is accompanied by the athletic aid (scholarship) agreement. Gymnasts can’t sign NLIs if they are not receiving athletic aid.

Wednesday marks the beginning of this year’s NLI period, during which schools will finally reveal to us which gymnasts have signed on to join their programs for the 2020 competitive season. The large majority will not be surprises since most of these gymnasts have been verbally committed to these schools since the womb, but there are always a few little pieces of interest (usually regarding who doesn’t sign rather than who does).

So, let’s see what we see.

Note: Many teams announce their classes one-by-one on social media, so if you’re desperate to know who has been signed by a particular school, keep an eye on that. I’ll note them here once the schools provide their official press release.

NLIs 2019-2020

UCLA Jordan Chiles
Frida Esparza
Kalyany Steele
UCLA did not issue a release but did announce the three expected signings on social media. We also learned that Brooklyn Moors will be attending UCLA, but not until the 2021 season.
OKLAHOMA Vanessa Deniz
Brooke Weins
Oklahoma also has not issued an official release (the cool kids don’t even do releases anymore, you guys…) but did announce the signings of Vanessa Deniz and Brooke Weins on social media. This was also supposed to be the class of Ragan Smith, who has not yet signed. Nor has Kaitlin DeGuzman, originally a verbal for this year.
FLORIDA Release Payton Richards
Florida’s announcement was an anticipated one because this is also supposed to be the signing class with Morgan Hurd and Riley McCusker, neither of whom are in the initial announcement. We know they’re both going for the 2020 Olympics, but we have seen people in the past go the “sign and defer” or “sign and wait to see if I’m going pro” routes.
LSU Release Bailey Ferrer (2019)
Kai Rivers
Kiya Johnson
Caitlin Smith
We now have the official announcement on Ferrer for 2019, an essential addition to a small incoming class. The news among the rest is Kiya Johnson coming a year early for 2020 instead of 2021, just like Desiderio did for 2018 and Ferrer for 2019.
UTAH Release Abby Paulson
Jillian Hoffman
Jaedyn Rucker
Paulson’s is the name you’ll know here after her successful senior elite season in 2017, but Jaedyn Rucker was also a gymternet sensation for her floor during the Nastia Cup this year.
NEBRASKA Release Kylie Piringer
Katheryn Thaler
GEORGIA Release Haley de Jong
Soraya Hawthorne
The Haley de Jong news hadn’t been reported previous to this week, so that’s another get for Georgia.
ALABAMA Release 1
Release 2
Release 3
Release 4
Makarri Doggette
Mati Waligora
Emma DeSantis
Kam Ryan
These latest two are new names, who hadn’t been previously announced as verbals to Alabama.
CAL Release Nevaeh De Souza
Natalie Sadighi
WASHINGTON Release Morgan Bowles
KENTUCKY Release Raina Albores
Shealyn Luksik
Raena Worley
MICHIGAN Release Gabby Wilson
Of note, this was also supposed to the signing class with Alyona Shchennikova.
AUBURN Release Aria Brusch
Addie Sabados
Piper Smith
Cassie Stevens
DENVER Release AK Subject
Emma Brown
Natalie Morton (2019)
Morton is a signing for the 2019 season, which expands Denver’s new class to four.
Release Erin Elkabchi
Adriana Popp
Release Raina Malas
Zoe Schweitzer
ILLINOIS Release Arayah Simons
Mia Townes
Grace Hester (2019)
MISSOURI Release Helen Hu
Adalayna Hufendiek
Grace Kaiding
Anna McGee
Hollyn Patrick
Sienna Schreiber
Release Chloe Negrete
Alexis Ortega
Emily Shepard
MINNESOTA Release Maya Alberton
Mallory LeNeave
Halle Remlinger
Release Juliette Boyer
Jordyn Jaslow
Alina Miller
Gracie Reeves
Isabel Redmond
Hannah Scharf
Release Hannah Munnelly
Nora Houseman
MARYLAND Release Reese McClure
Julianna Weil
Aleka Tsiknias
Release Kayla Bird
Jenna Domingo
Jane Poniewaz
STANFORD Release Jade Chrobok
Chloe Widner
Addie Stonecipher
Chrobok is among the top tier of Canadian elites, making the senior Pan Am team this year to compete the all-around.
Release Hannah DeMers
Brenna Hauser
Taylor Pitchell
Christie Tini
Ashley Veglucci
PITTSBURGH Release Lauren Beckwith
Reaia Floyd
Christina Weiss
PENN STATE Release 1
Release 2
Release 3
Amy Bladon
Bella Romagnano
Cassidy Rushlow
IOWA Ariana Agrapides
Jerquavia Henderson
Elinor Rogers
Madelyn Soloman
KENT STATE Release Karlie Franz
Olivia Amodei
Rachel Decavitch
Taylor Wentland
Jackie Harker
Release Celine Barney
Ruby Hernandez
Kayla Horton
Kaylee Kho
Tiffani Stufflebeam
Release Emily Holmes-Hacked
Abbie Pierson
Kianna Yancey
Release Sofi Sullivan
Tori Loomis
ARIZONA Release Mackenzie Barile
Zaza Brovedani
Malia Hargrove
Libby Orman
Avery Stauffacher
Release Elizabeth Culton
Hallie Thompson
McKenna Appleton
BALL STATE Release Megan Phillips
Grace Evans
TOWSON Release Camille Vitoff
Amy Stewart
Lauren Bolen
Release Logan Clagg
Addison Donis
Release Hadyn Crossen
Molly Parris
Mickayla Stuckey
TEMPLE Release Madison Brooks
Nichole Smith
Chloe Bellmore
Ryanna Head
Jori Jackard
Nyah Smith
Linda Zivat
Release Jada Mazury
Shyan Phillips
Alexa Solomon
Release Alyssa Resly
Bella Lahmidi
Anna LeRoy
Kelly MacLeod
RUTGERS Release Jenna Ferguson
Hannah Joyner
SEMO Release Mallory Desch
Dahlia Solorzano-Caruso
Jordan Jones

14 thoughts on “NLI Week 2019-2020”

  1. That Stanford class looks really solid. I predict that they’ll start to climb in the rankings next year (or maybe the year after, when the powerhouse class of ’21 are seniors and next year’s freshmen have a year of experience under their belt).

  2. I thought Stanford didnt do NLI signings & releases of their next year’s freshman class until the spring due to the school’s stringent academic requirements… am I wrong & they’ve always have people sign their NLI in the fall signing period?

    1. My recollection is that Stanford does fall NLIs but what they don’t do is verbal commitments because of the academic standards. So sometimes when someone isn’t verbally committed anywhere, speculation is that they are trying to go to Stanford. Or sometimes someone will be verbally committed somewhere as a backup, but leave that if they get into Stanford.

  3. haley de jong has been verballed for over a year, college gym news and college gym fans both had her and it was in her insta bio, it’s not new info haha

    1. I remember Haley de Jong from a few years ago – she and her sister (I can’t remember if they were twins or just really close in age) were part of the Team B.C. squad and were the tiniest human beings ever.

      Has her sister verbal anywhere?

  4. Anyone know why Riley and Morgan didn’t sign? They were at UF for the visit, any insight?

      1. Yes, but as noted in the post, one can sign and defer which McCusker and Hurd chose not to do, so that’s why the above Anonymous is asking the question. 🙄

      2. @viv, please correct me if I’m wrong but this is how I understand it: this signing period goes from now until 8/1/19, so August 1st of next year is the last day they could possibly sign. Signing an NLI means you are committing to being on campus within one year of your signing date, so the latest that could be is 8/1/20, right in the middle of the Olympics and/or its crazy aftermath. So they are probably waiting until next year. They are deferring a year but they can’t sign the actual piece of paper yet.

  5. FYI – Canadian gymnast Brooklyn Moors was visiting UCLA this weekend. No signing yet, but an interesting development.

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