2020 NCAA Roster Reveals

It’s going to be pretty much all elite, all the time ’round these parts through the world championships—and even a little bit after because we have a big Olympic apparatus qualifier in Cottbus in November—so I wanted to get this in now while we have a lull.

It’s roster release season in NCAA gymnastics as teams present to us which walk-ons are joining the previously signed athletes in these freshmen classes…as well as who has mysteriously disappeared from the rosters since last season because of mysteriousness. Not every team has released its roster yet, but we have a good start to delve into.

The two-column charts here compare the 2019 rosters to the 2020 rosters for a quick glance at who’s new and who’s gone.

LSU 2020
2019 Roster 2020 Roster
Reagan Campbell – SO Reagan Campbell – JR
Julianna Cannamela – SR
Rebecca D’Antonio – FR Rebecca D’Antonio – SO
Bridget Dean – SO Bridget Dean – JR
Christina Desiderio – SO Christina Desiderio – JR
Sami Durante – SO Sami Durante – JR
Kennedi Edney – JR Kennedi Edney – SR
Sarah Edwards – SO Sarah Edwards – JR
Bailey Ferrer – FR Bailey Ferrer – SO
Sarah Finnegan – SR
Courtney Goodrich – FR
Olivia Gunter – SO Olivia Gunter – JR
Ruby Harrold – JR Ruby Harrold – SR
Kiya Johnson – FR
McKenna Kelley – SR
Ashlyn Kirby – JR
Lexie Priessman – SR
Kai Rivers – FR
Kamryn Ryan – FR
Alyona Shchennikova – FR
Caitlin Smith – FR

The one non-senior departure for LSU is Ashlyn Kirby, who missed all of last season with injury and does not appear on the team’s 2020 roster.

LSU’s original verbal class for this year was just Kai Rivers and Caitlin Smith (and Bailey Ferrer before she showed up a year early), so they’ve really gone to work since then. Not only with the recent addition of Shchennikova, either. Kamryn Ryan signed her NLI for Alabama just last fall, and then LSU was like, “MINE PLEASE.” Ryan finished 4th on VT at JO nationals this year.

2019 Roster 2020 Roster
Abby Armbrecht – SR
Wynter Childers – JR Wynter Childers – SR
Emma DeSantis – FR
Maddie Desch – JR Maddie Desch – SR
Asia Dewalt – FR
Kylie Dickson – SO Kylie Dickson – JR
Makarri Doggette – FR
Emily Gaskins – FR Emily Gaskins – SO
Angelina Giancroce – SR
Jensie Givens – FR Jensie Givens – SO
Lexi Graber – SO Lexi Graber – JR
Ari Guerra – SR
Griffin James – FR Griffin James – SO
Bailie Key – SO
Tia Kiaku – SO Tia Kiaku – JR
Alonza Klopfer – SO Alonza Klopfer – JR
Shea Mahoney – JR Shea Mahoney – SR
Sania Mitchell – FR Sania Mitchell – SO
Shallon Olsen – FR Shallon Olsen – SO
Macy Orosco – FR
Mati Waligora – FR

In addition to those seniors from last season, Alabama has seen the roster departures of Bailie Key, who retired, and Asia Dewalt, who was a scholarship freshman last season but did not see competition time.

Two of Alabama’s freshmen for the 2020 season, Makarri Doggette and Mati Waligora, should both be quite good. And they’ll need to be, since 2020 for Alabama can’t be about keeping pace with 2019 results and simply replacing the lost routines. It must be about improving on 2019.

UTAH 2020
2019 Roster 2020 Roster
Alexia Burch – SO Alexia Burch – JR
Hunter Dula – FR Hunter Dula – SO
Cammy Hall – FR Cammy Hall – SO
Jillian Hoffman – FR
Cristal Isa – FR Cristal Isa – SO
Emilie LeBlanc – JR
Kari Lee – SR
Shannon McNatt – SR
Makenna Merrell-Giles – SR
Maile O’Keefe – FR
Abby Paulson – FR
Adrienne Randall – FR Adrienne Randall – SO
Missy Reinstadtler – JR Missy Reinstadtler – SR
Macey Roberts – SR
Jaedyn Rucker – FR
MyKayla Skinner – JR
Sydney Soloski – SO Sydney Soloski – JR
Kim Tessen – JR Kim Tessen – SR
Lauren Wong – SO

Lots and lots of turnover in the Utah roster this year with just 7 returning athletes from last year’s team.

In addition to that senior class leaving, we have Skinner not returning for the 2020 season, as we knew, and Lauren Wong also not returning to the roster. Wong competed one UB routine in her first year and exhibitioned here and there on VT and UB over the last two seasons.

The newbies on this roster are crazy talented, but they’re going to have to do a lot with only 10 of 24 final-lineup routines returning for Utah.

2019 Roster 2020 Roster
Alexa Al-Hameed – FR Alexa Al-Hameed – SO
Sterlyn Austin – FR Sterlyn Austin – SO
Rachel Baumann – FR Rachel Baumann – SO
Amanda Cashman – FR
Sami Davis – FR
Haley De Jong – FR
Rachel Dickson – JR Rachel Dickson – SR
Loulie Hattaway – FR
Soraya Hawthorne – FR
Rachael Lukacs – FR Rachael Lukacs – SO
Mikayla Magee – FR Mikayla Magee – SO
Marissa Oakley – SO Marissa Oakley – JR
Alyssa Perez-Lugones – FR Alyssa Perez-Lugones – SO
Megan Robers – FR Megan Roberts – SO
Emily Schild – SO Emily Schild – JR
Sydney Snead – SR
Sabrina Vega – JR Sabrina Vega – SR
Abbey Ward – FR Abbey Ward – SO

Sami Davis is the one unexpected departure on Georgia’s team from last year’s roster. She competed 8 floor routines for Georgia in 2019 but recently took a medical retirement.

Amanda Cashman—who verbally committed to Utah ages ago, then switched to Georgia—was the later addition for Georgia, joining the original signing class of De Jong and Hawthorne.

2019 Roster 2020 Roster
Raina Albores – FR
Josie Angeny – FR Josie Angeny – SO
Madison Averett – SO Madison Averett – JR
Katrina Coca – SR
Danaea Davis – SR
Kaitlin DeGuzman – FR
Sidney Dukes – SR
Anna Haigis – FR Anna Haigis – SO
Mackenzie Harman – SO Mackenzie Harman – JR
Kassidy Howell – FR
Alex Hyland – SR
Mollie Korth – JR Mollie Korth – SR
Alaina Kwan – JR Alaina Kwan – SR
Shealyn Luksik – FR
Katherine Marianos – SO Katherine Marianos – SR
Megan Monfredi – SO Megan Monfredi – JR
Cally Nixon – FR Cally Nixon – SO
Arianna Patterson – FR Arianna Patterson – SO
Hailey Poland – JR Hailey Poland – SR
Elyssa Roberts – FR
Aubree Rosa – SR
Allison Snyder – SO Allison Snyder – JR
Katie Stuart – SR
Ella Warren – SO Ella Warren – JR
Raena Worley – FR

It’s a year of change for Kentucky, returning just 11 of the 24 routines from last season’s final lineups and losing so many essential scores. Only one thing to do—throw 50,000 freshmen at the problem and see what happens.

2019 Roster 2020 Roster
Jade Degouveia – JR Jade Degouveia – SR
Brenna Dowell – SR
Vanessa Deniz – FR
Jordan Draper – SO Jordan Draper – JR
Ashley Hiller – SR
Jenna Dunn – FR
Erin Hutchison – FR
Emma Lapinta – FR Emma Lapinta – SO
Nicole Lehrmann – SR
Alex Marks – SR
Maggie Nichols – JR Maggie Nichols – SR
Evy Schoepfer – SO Evy Schoepfer – JR
Bre Showers – JR Bre Showers – SR
Ragan Smith – FR
Allie Stern – FR Allie Stern – SO
Karrie Thomas – SO Karrie Thomas – JR
Olivia Trautman – FR Olivia Trautman – SO
Anastasia Webb – SO Anastasia Webb – JR
Brooke Weins – FR
Carly Woodard – SO Carly Woodard – JR

Nothing out of the ordinary for Oklahoma here—seniors going, freshmen arriving, circle of life and whatnot. I’m basically already on Ragan Smith watch because I’m fascinated to see how that goes.

2019 Roster 2020 Roster
Grace Broadhurst – SR
Emma Brown – FR
Lynnzee Brown – SO Lynnzee Brown – JR
Diana Chesnok – SR
Emily Glynn – SO Emily Glynn – JR
Maddie Karr – JR Maddie Karr – SR
Claire Kern – SR
Courtney Loper – JR Courtney Loper – SR
Natalie Morton – FR Natalie Morton – SO
Maddie Quarles – FR
Alexandra Ruiz – FR Alexandra Ruiz – SO
Callie Schlottman – FR
Kaitlyn Schou – SR
AK Subject – FR
Mia Sundstrom – SO Mia Sundstrom – JR
Alexis Vasquez – FR Alexis Vasquez – SO

Denver always has a small roster, but with just 11 gymnasts listed on this year’s team, it’s a really small roster. In addition to the seniors departing, Maddie Quarles transferred to Minnesota after not competing in the 2019 season.

2019 Roster 2020 Roster
Leah Bivrell – FR
Kayla Bird – FR
Halli Briscoe – JR Halli Briscoe – SR
Mariana Colussi-Pelaez – SR
Lacy Dagen – JR Lacy Dagen – SR
Madi Dagen – FR Madi Dagen – SO
Destinee Davis – JR Destinee Davis – SR
Jenna Domingo – FR
Savanna Force – SO Savanna Force – JR
Sabrina Gill – JR Sabrina Gill – SR
Lexie Gonzales – SO Lexie Gonzales – JR
Lena Greene – JR Lena Greene – SR
Mary Jacobsen – SR
Jaime Law – JR Jaime Law – SR
Maela Lazaro – JR Maela Lazaro – SR
Isis Lowery – JR Isis Lowery – SR
Niya Mack – SO Niya Mack – JR
Alex McClung – FR Alex McClung – SO
Alyssa Minyard – JR Alyssa Minyard – SR
Kristina Peterson – FR Kristina Peterson – SO
Jane Poniewaz – FR
McKenna Singley – SR
Colete Yamaoka – SO Colette Yamaoka – JR
Kaitlyn Yanish – SO Kaitlyn Yanish – JR

Leah Bivrell, who was a signed freshman on the team last season but did not compete, is no longer on Oregon State’s roster.

2019 Roster 2020 Roster
Sierra Alexander – JR Sierra Alexander – SR
Alyssa Baumann – SO Alyssa Baumann – JR
Alicia Boren – SR
Maegan Chant – JR Maegan Chant – SR
Amanda Cheney – SR
Leah Clapper – FR Leah Clapper – SO
Jazzy Foberg – SO Jazzy Foberg – Redshirt SO
Rachel Gowey – JR Rachel Gowey – SR
Amelia Hundley – JR Amelia Hundley – SR
Syndey Johnson-Scharpf – FR Sydney Johnson-Scharpf – SO
Nya Reed – FR Nya Reed – SO
Payton Richards – FR
Savannah Schoenherr – FR Savannah Schoenherr – SO
Megan Skaggs – SO Megan Skaggs – JR
Halley Taylor – FR Halley Taylor – SO
Trinity Thomas – FR Trinity Thomas – SO

Weep not for Florida’s one-member freshman class this year as they wait for (theoretically) Hurd, McCusker, and Jones all to arrive for the 2021 season. Florida needs to make up for the lack of Boren, but the team will hope that Foberg coming back does much of that work.

2019 Roster 2020 Roster
Maya Albertin – FR
Casey Betts – JR Casey Betts – SR
Carson Cronin – FR Carson Cronin – SO
Rachel Cutler – SR
Kate Grotenhuis – FR
Kaitlyn Higgins – FR Kaitlyn Higgins – SO
Mary Korlin-Downs – JR Mary Korlin-Downs – SR
Mallory Leneave – FR
Ona Loper – SO Ona Loper – JR
Ivy Lu – JR Ivy Lu – SR
Lexie Montgomery – SO Lexi Montgomery – JR
Abbie Nylin – FR Abbie Nylin – SO
Kristen Quaglia – JR Kristen Quaglia – SR
Maddie Quarles – Redshirt FR
Lexy Ramler – SO Lexy Ramler – JR
Halle Remlinger – FR
Tiarre Sales – FR Tiarre Sales – SO
Ali Sonier – FR Ali Sonier – SO
Andrea Stancik – FR Andrea Stancik – SO
Becca Taylor – JR
Selena Ung – SR
Paige Williams – JR Paige Williams – SR
Hannah Willmarth – SO Hannah Willmarth – JR

Transfer Maddie Quarles comes to Minnesota from Denver as a redshirt, but otherwise it’s the normal for Minnesota—other than the early departure of Becca Taylor, who had not competed.

2019 Roster 2020 Roster
Kelli Chung – Redshirt JR
Clara Colombo – FR
Sienna Crouse – SR
Makayla Curtis – SO Makayla Curtis – JR
Adnerys De Jesus – FR Adnerys De Jesus – SO
Anika Dujakovich – SO Anika Dujakovich – JR
Sarah Hargrove – FR Sarah Hargrove – SO
Sierra Hassel – JR Sierra Hassel – SR
Taylor Houchin – JR Taylor Houchin – SR
Abby Johnston – FR Abby Johnston – SO
Catelyn Orel – Redshirt JR
Kylie Piringer – FR
Kaylee Quinn – FR Kaylee Quinn – SO
Kynsee Roby – SO Kynsee Roby – Redshirt SO
Megan Schweihofer – SR
Kathryn Thaler – FR
Rachel Thompson – Redshirt FR
Megan Thompson – FR
Megan Verceles Carr – SO Megan Verceles Carr – JR

We have a few departures in Nebraska’s roster beyond those 2019 seniors. Catelyn Orel theoretically could have taken a 5th year, but she’s now coaching at Arkansas for the upcoming season. Kelli Chung, who finally did get to compete some bars last season, also didn’t hang around for a 5th year. The two Thompsons, neither of whom competed, have not returned to the roster for 2020 either, with Megan Thompson transferring to Arizona State.

2019 Roster 2020 Roster
Katie Becker – JR Katie Becker – SR
Aria Brusch – FR
Samantha Cerio – SR
Sabrina Cheney – FR Sabrina Cheney – SO
Gracie Day – JR Gracie Day – SR
Molly Frack – FR Molly Frack – Redshirt FR
Jada Glenn – SO Jada Glenn – JR
Derrian Gobourne – FR Derrian Gobourne – SO
Taylor Krippner – SR
Abby Milliet – SR
Kendal Moss – JR Kendal Moss – SR
Morgan Leigh Oldham – FR
Elise Panzner – FR
A’Miracal Phillips – SR
Allie Riddle – SO Allie Riddle – JR
Adeline Sabados – FR
Reid Schaefer – FR
Mia Schlarbaum – FR
Skyler Sheppard – Redshirt JR Skyler Sheppard – SR
Emma Slappey – JR Emma Slappey – SR
Ashley Smith – SO Ashley Smith – JR
Piper Smith – FR
Cassie Stevens – FR
Anna Sumner – FR
Meredith Sylvia – SO Meredith Sylvia – JR
Drew Watson – SO Drew Watson – JR
Sydney Wrighte – FR Sydney Wrighte – Redshirt FR

Auburn dropped a few of its non-competing walk-on freshmen from last year’s roster with Schaefer and Schlarbaum not coming back, but did add a bunch of new ones with a 7-member freshmen class.

2019 Roster 2020 Roster
Frances Bidwill – FR
Allison Bower – SR
Chelsey Christensen – SO Chelsey Christensen – JR
Lauren Clevenger – SO Lauren Clevenger – JR
Mya Cotner – FR
Belle Gottula – SO Belle Gottula – JR
Helen Hu – FR
Madeleine Huber – SR
Adalayna Hufendiek – FR
Grace Kaiding – FR
Brooke Kelly – SR
Paige Kovnesky – SO
Xarria Lewis – SR
Hannah McCracy – FR Hannah McCrary – SO
Anna Magee – FR
Mary Nicholson – JR Mary Nicholson – SR
Hollyn Patrick – FR
Morgan Porter – Redshirt JR Morgan Porter – Redshirt SR
Sienna Schreiber – FR
Becca Schugel – Redhsirt SR
Alisa Sheremeta – SO
Aspen Tucker – JR Aspen Tucker – SR
Michaelee Turner – SR
Britney Ward – SR

The annual Missouri “everyone’s gone suddenly!” announcement featured the disappearance of three underclasswomen from last year’s team, meaning just 7 athletes return to the team from the 2019 roster.

Of significant note, Frances Bidwill has disappeared. She competed a bunch of vaults and several bars routines last year, so it’s not a “this non-competing walk-on disappeared” situation. I expected her to be a contributor in 2020.

Also noteworthy is the transfer of Alisa Sheremeta from UIC (RIP) to Missouri. She scored very well at UIC, and I’m eager to see how that translates to SEC meets.

2019 Roster 2020 Roster
Corinne Belkoff – SR
Juliette Boyer – FR
Justine Callis – SR
Jessica Ginn – JR Jessica Ginn – SR
Jasmine Gutierrez – FR Jasmine Gutierrez – SO
Morgan Hart – JR Morgan Hart – SR
Kaitlyn Harvey – FR Kaitlyn Harvey – SO
Jordyn Jaslow – FR
Mekayla Jones – JR
Anne Kuhm – SR
Katelyn Lentz – SR
Cairo Leonard-Baker – SO Cairo Leonard-Baker – JR
Alina Miller – FR
Isabel Redmond – FR
Gracie Reeves – FR
Hannah Scharf – FR
Ashley Szafranski – JR Ashley Szafranski – SR
Kaitlyn Szafranski – SR
Megan Thompson – SO
Stephanie Tripodi – FR
Heather Udowitch – SR
Maya Williams – SO Maya Williams – JR
Morgan Wilson – SR Morgan Wilson – Redshirt SR
Graycee Zaugg – JR Graycee Zaugg – SR

“Throw freshmen at the problem” is also going to be a major theme for Arizona State in 2020 with all the routines lost from last year’s seniors. (Remember that Anne Kuhm was technically a transfer, so even though she was new to NCAA gym in the 2018 season, she was already a junior at that point). Non-seniors Stephanie Tripodi and Mekayla Jones are also gone from last year’s roster.

Helpfully, Morgan Wilson is back. She did compete in four previous seasons, but she only appeared in the first two meets of the 2016 season, so she can be eligible to classify that year as a redshirt and get a fifth year.

Megan Thompson has transferred in from Nebraska, where she did not compete last year.

Oh, and Graycee Zaugg is Graycee Rushton, just in case you saw the name and were like, “Who the eff is Graycee Zaugg and how did she get to be a senior despite never existing before?” (autobiographical)

2019 Roster 2020 Roster
Shynelle Agaran – SR
Leksana Andrews – FR
Audrey Barber – SO Audrey Barber – JR
Collea Burgess – SO Collea Burgess – JR
Alecia Farina – JR Alecia Farina – SR
Sanya Glauber – FR Sanya Glauber – SO
Emma Johnson – JR Emma Johnson – SR
Austynn Lacasse – FR
Emilie LeBlanc – SO
Sophia LeBlanc – FR
Deanna Magro – SR
Megan McClelland – SR
Reese McClure – FR
Randi Morris – JR
Kirsten Peterman – JR Kirsten Peterman – SR
Alex Robinson – SR
Sabriyya Rouse – SO Sabriyya Rouse – JR
Alexsis Rubio – FR Alexsis Rubio – SO
Emma Silverman – FR
Aleka Tsiknias – FR
Julianna Weil – FR
Tiara Wright – JR Tiara Wright – SR

All sorts of newness for Maryland with 7 freshmen in this year’s class, the now-traditional star gymnast transferring away (this time Emilie LeBlanc to Utah), and the now-traditional replacement gymnast transferring in, this time Randi Morris. That’s a fascinating case. You might remember Morris—she was a Texas Dreams gymnast who was one of the top JOs at nationals in 2016 and originally went to Bowling Green, where she competed in the 2017 and 2018 seasons, then disappeared for 2019. She has now surfaced as a junior at Maryland for the 2020 season.

2019 Roster 2020 Roster
Mackenzie Barile – FR
Payton Bellows – SO Payton Bellows – JR
Christina Berg – JR Christina Berg – SR
Zaza Brovedani – FR
Courtney Cowles – JR Courtney Cowles – SR
Kennedi Davis – FR Kennedi Davis – SO
Asia Rose Duvernay – FR Asia Rose Duvernay – SO
Sydney Freidin – SO Sydney Freidin – JR
Malia Hargrove – FR
Haylie Hendrickson – SR Haylie Hendrickson – Redshirt SR
Laure Leigh Horton – SO Laura Leigh Horton – JR
Mackinzie Kane – FR Mackinzie Kane – SO
Alivia Kendrick – FR
Jenny Leung – JR Jenny Leung – SR
Maddi Leydin – JR Maddi Leydin – SR
Danielle Nosek – FR
Libby Orman – FR
Adra Parks – SO
Danielle Spencer – SR
Avery Stauffacher – FR
Heather Swanson – JR Heather Swanson – SR

A couple notable non-senior departures on the Arizona roster as Adra Parks is no longer on the team after competing vault in every meet last season, and Alivia Kendrick is also no longer on the roster, though she did not compete a routine last year.

Arizona also got a 5th year for Haylie Hendrickson, who did not compete in her first year there during the 2016 season.

2019 Roster 2020 Roster
Madison Brunette – FR Madison Brunette – SO
Kyla Bryant – SO Kyla Bryant – JR
Jade Chrobok – FR
Kaylee Cole – JR Kaylee Cole – SR
Taryn Fitzgerald – SR
Rachael Flam – SO Rachael Flam – JR
Grace Garcia – SO Grace Garcia – JR
Morgan Hoang – FR Morgan Hoang – SO
Hailee Hoffman – SR
Nichols Hoffman – SR
Taylor Lawson – SO Taylor Lawson – JR
Eve Micco – FR Even Micco – SO
Lauren Navarro – SO Lauren Navarro – JR
Kelly Ramm – FR
Catherine Rogers – SO Catherine Rogers – JR
Wesley Stephenson – FR Wesley Stephenson – SO
Adela Stonecipher – FR
Ashley Tai – JR Ashley Tai – SR
Grace Waguespack – FR Grace Waguespack – SO
Chloe Widner – FR
Aleeza Yu – JR Aleeza Yu – SR

2019 Roster 2020 Roster
Erynne Allen – JR Erynne Allen – SR
Melissa Astarita – FR Melissa Astarita – SO
Amber Autry – SR
Jessie Basterdi – Redshirt FR Jessie Bastardi – Redshirt SO
Amy Bladon – FR
Alissa Bonsall – SO Alissa Bonsall – JR
Lauren Bridgens – SO Lauren Bridgens – JR
Kourtney Chinnery – SO Kourtney Chinnery – JR
Dymiana Cox – FR Dymiana Cox – SO
Sabrina Garcia – SR
Mason Hosek – SR
Donna Howell – FR Donna Howell – SO
Jessica Jones – SR
Gianna Laguardia – SR
Tess McCracken – JR Tess McCracken – SR
Kristen Politz – JR Kristen Politz – SR
Bella Romagnano – FR
Cassidy Rushlow – FR
Ava Verdeflor – SO Ava Verdeflor – JR

2019 Roster 2020 Roster
Morgan Alfaro – SO Morgan Alfaro – JR
Celine Barney – FR
Kamryn Bayer – SR
Mayson Bentley – FR Mayson Bentley – SO
Jiang Braley – SO
Mikaela Defilippo – SO Mikaela Defilippo – JR
Karen Gonzalez – Redshirt SR
Ruby Hernandez – FR
Kayla Horton – FR
Autumn Jorgensen – JR Autumn Jorgensen – SR
Molly Jozwiakowski – SO Molly Jozwiakowski – JR
Caitlin Kho – FR Caitlin Kho – SO
Kaylee Kho – FR
Alyssa Ladieu – SO Alyssa Ladieu – JR
Madison Loomis – JR Madison Loomis – SR
Madison McBride – JR Madison McBride – SR
Megan McBride – JR Megan McBride – SR
Karley McClain – FR Karley McClain – SO
Shylen Murakami – FR Shylen Murakami – SO
Hannah Nipp – SO Hannah Nipp – JR
Mary Packham – SO
Becky Rozsa-Thompson – JR Becky Rozsa-Thompson – SR
Rachel Smith – FR Rachel Smith – SO
Tiffani Stufflebeam – FR
Stephanie Tervort – FR Stephanie Tervort – SO
Nikki Thomas – FR
Emma Wissman – FR Emma Wissman – SO

2019 Roster 2020 Roster
Isabella Amado – JR Isabella Amado – SR
Gabriela Bouza – SO Gabriela Bouza – JR
Tatum Bruden – SO Tatum Bruden – JR
Tessa DePasquale – FR
Erin Elkabchi – FR
Alex Esmerian – Redshirt SR
Hope Masiado – FR Hope Masiado – SO
Courtney McGregor – JR Courtney McGregor – SR
Sarah Means – SR
Erin Morden – FR
Emily Muhlenhaupt – SO Emily Muhlenhaupt – JR
Maddi Nilson – JR Maddi Nilson – SR
Rachel Obman – SO Rachel Obmann – Redshirt SO
Tessa Otuafi – SO Tesssa Otuafi – Redshirt SO
Adriana Popp – FR
Shani Remme – SR
Dani Shafer – FR Dani Shafer – Redshirt FR
Samantha Smith – FR Samantha Smith – SO
Alexis Stokes – FR Alexis Stokes – SO

2019 Roster 2020 Roster
Esperanza Abarca – FR Esperanza Abarca – SO
Chloe Cluchey – JR Chloe Cluchey – SR
Kendra Combs – FR Kendra Combs – SO
Erica Fontaine – JR Erica Fontaine – SR
Carly Galpin – SR
Emily Holmes-Hackerd – FR
Rachel Hornung – FR Rachel Hornung – SO
Abby Kaufman – JR Abby Kaufman – SR
Kirah Koshinski – SR
Maya Kraus – FR
Kristin Lang – FR
McKenna Linnen – SO McKenna Linnen – JR
Sydney Marler – SO Sydney Marler – JR
Julia Merwin – JR Julia Merwin – SR
Taylor Sell – FR Taylor Sell – SO
Jacquie Tun – SR
Michelle Waldron – SO Michelle Waldron – JR
Kayla Yancey – FR
Kianna Yancey – FR

2019 Roster 2020 Roster
Alexis Beucler – JR Alexis Beucler – SR
Melissa Brooker – JR Melissa Brooker – SR
Katie Cox – SO Katie Cox – JR
Caitlyn Fillard – SR
Kailin Foland – FR Kailin Foland – SO
Drew Grantham – JR Drew Grantham – SR
Alliah Harrison – FR Alliah Harrison – SO
Olivia Hunter – SO Olivia Hunter – JR
Lauren Kent – SO Lauren Kent – JR
Hailey Mesmer – JR Hailey Mesmer – SR
Chloe Negrette – FR
Kasey Nelson – SO Kasey Nelson – JR
Alexis Ortega – FR
Alexa Phillips – SR
Paris Phillips – SR
Victoria Prati – SO Victoria Prati – JR
Meredith Robinson – FR Meredith Robinson – SO
Emily Shepard – FR
Alexis Sheppard – FR Alexis Sheppard – SO
Maggie Tamburrro – SR
Sara Watson – SO Sara Watson – JR
Nicole Webb – SO Nicole Webb – JR
Haley Zarett – FR Haley Zarett – SO

2019 Roster 2020 Roster
Danica Abanto – SO Danica Abanto – JR
Nevin Adamski – JR Nevin Adamski – SR
Olivia Aepli – JR Olivia Aepli – SR
Brooke Chesney – SO Brooke Chesney – JR
Elexis Edwards – FR
Claire Gagliardi – FR Claire Gagliardi – SO
Kaitlyn Gilson – FR Kaitlyn Gilson – SO
Alexis Hankins – FR
Peyton Hinterberger – JR Peyton Hinterberger – SR
Ella Hodges – FR
Amanda Huang – JR
Sydney Jennings – FR Sydney Jennings – SO
Morgan Lowe – SO Morgan Lowe – JR
Raina Malas – FR
Janelle McClelland – SR
Colby Miller – FR Colby Miller – SO
Miriam Perez – FR Miriam Perez – SO
Sarah Rowland – FR
Kali Schierl – SO Kali Schierl – JR
Zoe Schweitzer – FR
Jamie Stome – SR
Jenna Swartzentruber – SO Jenna Swartzentruber – JR

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  1. Man, Bailie Key was the most disappointing elite gone NCAA for me. I just loved her as an elite. Those injuries have gotta be rough.

    1. For UCLA followers, here is an unofficial 2020 roster:


      [Is there a stronger 2020 Senior Class in the NCAA than UCLA’s?]

      New athletes include Sophomore Samantha Sakti (a transfer from William & Mary), and Freshman (former elite) Kalyany Steele, and Freshmen Emma Andres, Chloe Lashbrooke, and Page Hogan.

      Last year’s roster members who have moved on include graduated Seniors Katelyn Ohashi and Brielle Nguyen. Projected 5th yr Senior Stella Savvidou (who was out for the entire season last year and some other years as well) is also not on the most recent roster likely due to continued injuries.

      Perhaps the biggest changes for UCLA this year are the Coaching Staff. Gone are long-time Head Coach Valorie Kondos Field (retired), Associate Head Coach Randy Lane, and Volunteer Assistant Coach Jordan Wieber (Arkansas’ new Head Coach). In at UCLA are the promoted to Head Coach Chris Waller, new Associate Head Coach (and UCLA Alum) Kristina Comforte, Assistant Coach (and former UCLA Volunteer Assistant Coach from 2014-2016) Dom Palange, and new Volunteer Assistant Coach BJ Das (who was a Volunteer Assistant Coach for Utah last season).

      1. That’s helpful, but let’s be honest….when it comes to decoding the UCLA roster we’re all here for the walk-ons.

    1. Lmao I said the same thing. I bet it’s because they haven’t released it yet like he said at the beginning

    1. That just sounds like a noun describing a disaster of a beam routine. Poor kid. Lol.

  2. How binding is a NLI? I was surprised to see that someone could sign a NLI with school A and then show up at School B instead. I know Simone signed one and didn’t do NCAA, but going pro is different than switching to a different team.

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