The 10s of Week 7

This week, 16 routines received a 10 from at least one judge. Have at it.

The 10s

Kiya Johnson – Vault (Friday) – LSU

Maggie Nichols – Vault – Oklahoma

Maggie Nichols – Bars – Oklahoma (partial)

Trinity Thomas – Beam – Florida

Evanni Roberson – Beam – Washington

Alexis Vasquez – Beam – Denver

The 9.975s

Olivia Trautman – Vault – Oklahoma

Allie Stern – Vault – Oklahoma

Maile O’Keefe – Beam – Utah

Ruby Harrold – Vault (Sunday) – LSU

Kiya Johnson – Floor (Sunday) – LSU

Maddie Karr – Bars – Denver

Lexy Ramler – Bars – Minnesota

Lexy Ramler – Beam – Minnesota

The 9.950s

Sienna Schreiber – Bars – Missouri

FLO link

The 9.925s

Anastasia Webb – Vault – Oklahoma

20 thoughts on “The 10s of Week 7”

  1. O’keefe was amazing – why wasn’t that a 10 (speaking to the LSU judges – they would have made it a 13).

    1. O’Keefe pikes down her dismount, which is low. She also needs to work on her foot form on her aerials.

      1. Sigh – these types of comments could be said about every single gymnast.
        If we are comparing this routine to the many other 10’s across the country, this scores a 10.

        College gymnastics is such a broken sport. Eventually, people will lose interest because it’s so ridiculous.

      2. There are a few gymnasts who have no built in deductions: Vasquez, Ramler, Wojick, Finnegan, Ross. When they hit they are literally perfect.

      3. ^ yes
        people (including the judges) seem to forget that execution is more than just landings.

      4. I promise you those gymnasts have “issues” with their gymnastics; especially, Wojick, Ramler, Finnegan and Vasquez.

        I definitely didn’t say that only landings matter; re-read my comment . I have major issues with how college gymnastics is being judged and it extends further than a “college stick.”

        Reading is hard 😳

      5. Whoa, chill. What I said is true, whether or not it applies to you (and I’m not sure why you’re interpreting it as a personal attack on your particular anonymous internet comments).

        People, including judges, do have trouble distinguishing excellent gymnastics with built-in form deductions from ‘perfect’ gymnastics. Or I suppose they choose not to distinguish them, in the case of the judges, which is another discussion – where do you draw the line between 10-worthy gymnastics and non-10-worthy gymnastics?

    1. The judge who gave that vault a 10 should seriously be released from further judging duties. This is not an exaggeration – her credentials should be taken away. That is one of the worst judging moments in gymnastics history.

      1. Almost up there with giving Edney a 9.7 with a fall.
        Yes to consequences for these judges. They are demonstrating their inability or unwillingness to take the most obvious, unquestionable deductions.

      2. Also STOP LETTING SCHOOLS/COACHES HIRE JUDGES. I cannot believe the conflict of interest there.

  2. Maggie’s done a billion 10-worthy bars routines and they give a 10.0 to that one with a huge leg sep on the pak?

    Also, vault judging is really starting to annoy me. A stuck y1.5 or DTY does not mean it’s an automatic 10.0 or 9.950. Almost all of those vaults have noticeable knee form or lack of distance, and really show how it’s only the landing that’s being judged.

    And does anybody have an update on Lynnzee Brown?

    1. Per DU’s Twitter, she has an Achilles injury and will be out the rest of the season

    2. Maggie gets a 10 every time she doesn’t make a significant error – those billion 10-worthy routines ALSO got 10s.

  3. Just for fun (because of all the over scoring blah blah blah). If anyone is keeping score, of the 16 10’s (10 or partial):
    OU 5
    LSU 3
    Denver 2
    Minnesota 2
    Florida 1
    Mizzou 1
    Utah 1
    Washington 1


    Big 12 5
    SEC 5
    Big 10 2
    Pac12 2
    Summit League 2

    And, a couple more achilles injuries. I was at a meet where this happened a couple years ago. The air goes out of the room. My heart goes out to these kids.

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