Keeping Up With the Cool GIFs – Week 7

This week…

Gracie Kramer did a violence

Allie and KJ hated getting 198.400

This happened in real life with a camera there

And the judges were like

No seriously

Maggie Nichols got halfway to a perfect 40

Kiya Johnson adopted and cared for a DTY

While Shallon learned an important lesson about college salutes

Greg Marsden appeared among public people for a tribute to Megan

We all started classes at Evanni’s Bootcamp

Lexy Ramler got two 9.975s back to back

Every landing at the Mardi Gras meet got a CONGRATULATIONS SIREN

It was all fun and laughs until we saw the scores

Lexi Graber did her own nightmare-broken-doll routine, just on beam

Home scoring was FUNNNNN

Nia did an impression of me watching meets

Alexis Vasquez got a 10 but then Lynnzee Brown tore her Achilles

UCLA and Utah are now exactly tied going into Sunday’s dual meet

And the split was all part of Cristal Isa’s plan

6 thoughts on “Keeping Up With the Cool GIFs – Week 7”

  1. >Lexi Graber did her own nightmare-broken-doll
    >routine just on beam

    Per SEC Scoring, that Lexi Graber beam situation was judged to be a DISMOUNT: 10.0 . Any missed elements: disregarded of course.

    1. I mean the meet was SEC scoring and I believe she went 9.325.

      Make fun of scoring all you want, but acting like only the SEC gets high scores is ridiculous. I mean Vega would have a 10 already if she anchored beam or floor at UCLA or Oklahoma (or admittedly LSU).

      1. When people say “SEC scoring” they don’t mean that ~only~ the SEC gets high scores. It’s a reference to when all the top teams were in the SEC and enjoying delicious home scoring compared to the rest of the country. We alllllll know that UCLA and OU etc etc are getting silly scores right and left as well.

  2. And Crystal Isa scored a non-boo’d 9.15 for that spectacular finish. A 9.6 would have given the Utes a 49 on floor.

    As always, Spencer, these are awesome!!

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