The Balance Beam Situation

Because gymnastics is a comedy, not a drama

Keeping Up With the Cool GIFs – Week 7

This week…

Gracie Kramer did a violence

Allie and KJ hated getting 198.400

This happened in real life with a camera there

And the judges were like

No seriously

Maggie Nichols got halfway to a perfect 40

Kiya Johnson adopted and cared for a DTY

While Shallon learned an important lesson about college salutes

Greg Marsden appeared among public people for a tribute to Megan

We all started classes at Evanni’s Bootcamp

Lexy Ramler got two 9.975s back to back

Every landing at the Mardi Gras meet got a CONGRATULATIONS SIREN

It was all fun and laughs until we saw the scores

Lexi Graber did her own nightmare-broken-doll routine, just on beam

Home scoring was FUNNNNN

Nia did an impression of me watching meets

Alexis Vasquez got a 10 but then Lynnzee Brown tore her Achilles

UCLA and Utah are now exactly tied going into Sunday’s dual meet

And the split was all part of Cristal Isa’s plan

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