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Friday Live Blog – February 26, 2021

Friday, February 26
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The Nastia Liukin Cup is wrapping up now, and the thing I always forget about this meet is that it’s very boring and I don’t care about it at all. There’s a reason L10 meets are just for the parents and there aren’t L10 fans.

Starting with today’s Big Five meet, every team there still has a low score (relative to their expectations) sitting in the NQS picture that they would love to drop today to pad that ranking. For Minnesota, that’s a road 196.3. For Nebraska, the team in the most precarious current position at #35 in the NQS rankings, that’s a 194.725. Nebraska’s peak so far this season is a 195.350, which is just not safe enough when there are 30 teams that already have an NQS average better than that.

Minnesota starts on a bye.

Nebraska starts on floor, which has hit 49 just once this season but should have a full lineup today. Maryland starts on vault, which has been their high score the last two meets.

Rotation 1

McClure opened vault for Maryland with 9.725.

Schweiter – BB – hits bhs loso series with some knee form – side aerial to tuck full, stuck. 9.650

Silberman – VT – UM – full on back tuck, lunge back, some direction. 9.750

Miller – BB – OSU – bhs loso, secure landing, pretty well extended – cat leap to side aerial, arm wave into split – straddle jump to straddle 1/4, small check, hit 180s – gainer tuck full, stuck. Strong work.

Gilbert – VT – UM – fairly large lunge on Y1/2, knees. 9.675

Burgess – VT – UM – more secure landing on her yfull, small slide back, somewhat deep on landing. 9.800

O’Donnell finishes on bars for Illinois with a stuck double tuck out of a full.

Hankins – BB – OSU – wolf single, hit – bhs loso, solid, good toe point – kickover, holds it to beat, slightly slow but fine – switch to split 1/4, well done – 2/1, small hop.

Barber – VT – UM – bounce back on Yfull, best position and amplitude so far. 9.775

Higgins – FX – Neb – front 2/1, controlled step, some knees – switch side to popa, hits her positions – rudi but a bounce back out of it and OOB – solid back 1.5 to layout, good positions. 9.675

Rubio – VT – UM – very strong stick on her yfull. Good.

Mizuki good stick to finish Illinois on bars

Piringer – FX – Neb – double tuck, solid – back 1.5 to layout, stuck landing – switch side to popa, clear finishing positions – double pike, hit, chest down. 9.900

Pritchard – BB – OSU – nice side aerial – bhs loso, strong landing – switch to straddle 1/4, short back leg on switch – 2/1, near stick, step-salute

Comin – FX – Neb – full in, hit, chest down but a secure hit – she’s in the lineup for Press here – front lay to front full, low but hit – split leap full to jump, a little short of that first position. But a nice addition to the lineup. 9.9 start? (Forget what I said before. front lay to front full is 0.2 CV. I literally watch one elite podium training and forget everything about the NCAA code.)

Hodges – BB – OSU – end of routine – gainer loso, hit – 1.5, nearly holds the stick, steps into salute, some legs.

Illinois went 49.250 on bars. Big number there.

Lorange – FX – Neb – double pike, hit, chest down – front lay to front full, solid, just some knees – 1.5 to front layout, has to tuck the layout to get it around because she was low.

Looks like when we joined Pritchard’s routine in progress it was after a fall, so Ohio State with three good and three weak routines on beam ends up with 48.650.

Waiting on the last score for Nebraska, which should get them into the better half of the 48s but it won’t be a 49. Illinois will have a comfortable lead after one. Minnesota will join on floor, and Ohio State goes to the bye.

Oof. It’s actually only a 9.525 for Lorange on floor so Nebraska goes 48.500 there. Not an ideal start. Probably gave her actual tuck credit on her last pass. Floor judges on the ball so far.

After 1:
Illinois 49.250
Maryland 48.925
Ohio State 48.650
Nebraska 48.500

Rotation 2

Higgins – VT – Neb – pretty large lunge back on her yfull. 9.700

Townes – BB – Ill – kickover front, small check – bhs loso series, secure – cat leap to side aerial to full full, holds the stick. Good.

Piringer – VT – Neb – very clean full, medium hop back, good layout position and amplitude. 9.800

LeBlanc – Ub – UM – giant full, a little late into gienger, some legs on catch – bail, loses some form in the air – struggles up on final cast hs – better giant full into stuck double tuck

Borden – Bb – Illinois – aerial to fhs to straddle 1/4, keeps it moving pretty well – beat to sheep, solid landing, not her most ring closure – punch front layout full, stuck. Very good.

I see something in the 9.7s posted for Minnesota’s first floor. 9.775

Dujakovich – VT – Neb – sticking to the full today, bounce back. 9.775

Glauber finishes bars for Maryland with a very crisp DLO, stuck landing.

Biondi – BB – Illinois – bhs loso series, secure landing, some feet – swtich to stag ring, strong work – side aerial, step back, covers – full turn, small check – 1.5, hop forward

Yeouch. Silverman just dismounted bars for Maryland with a DLO and her knee just gave way on landing. She’s down.

Sales finishes FX for Minnesota with just a back 1/2 to front tuck, very low front tuck, just did make it to her feet

Noonan falls on beam for Illinois and a split ring jump. Things just fell apart all over the place in the last few seconds.

Barber – UB – UM – continuing after the Silberman injury – hindorff to overshoot, catches a bit close on hindorff but makes it work – finishes DLO, very smooth stick.

Good gainer full stick for Takekawa on beam.

Rubio – UB – Maryland – hits gienger, leg break on catch – overshoot, attempting handstand but I wouldn’t give it – giant full, late into double tuck, step back. A hit fill-in bars routine. Not full difficulty but gave them something.

Ramler – FX – Minnesota – split ring jump full – double pike, great feet, small movement on landing – switch ring to switch 1/2, lovely – 1.5 through to 2/1, under control on landing – 1.5 to layout with a dance out. Good work. 9.925

Followed a 9.225 from Sales. We didn’t see the whole routine but also wouldn’t have had her intended difficulty with that last pass.

Scott – BB – Illinois – kickover to bhs, pretty smoothly connected – switch to split, a bit short on switch, split looked solid – aerial, small arm wave correction – gainer full, stuck. The hit they needed.

Hooten – FX – Minnesota – full in, good chest up – switch side to popa, nice height – front full to front pike, just a bit steppy – double tuck, forward on landing, lunge.

So Maryland survived the injury to Silberman for a 49.175 on bars. That was an escape. Illinois also survived a fall for 49.150 on beam.

Loper – FX- Minnesota – front lay to rudi, good twisting shape and does well to control that landing – switch ring to split leap full, solid 180s, not the most ring – 2.5, quick present to cover being just a hair short – 1.5 to layout, hit.

Nebraska goes 48.750 on vault, which means they’re going to need some positive rotations on bars and beam to get out of the low 195 zone again.

Loper goes 9.900 to take Minnesota to 49.250 on floor.

After 2:
Illinois 98.400
Maryland 98.100
Nebraska 97.250
Minnesota 49.250
Ohio State 48.650

Going to be interesting to see what Maryland does on beam with Weir unavailable today and now Silberman injured. We’re going to have at least one beam debut there.

Rotation 3

Illinois on the bye now.

Piringer – Ub – Neb – small hesitation on first hs – maloney to bail, short of vertical – short cast hs on high bar – some legs on the giant full, double tuck, down and a bounce forward. 9.700

Burgess – BB – Maryland – kickvoer to bhs, very solid kickover, small pause but not jeopardizing credit – split jump to straddle 1/4, nice height on straddle 1/4 – beat to side somi, good – gaienr front full, step back. Good hit.

Remlinger hits a yfull with a hop back

Lorange finishes bars with giant full to double tuck, step forward.

Hooten – VT – Minnesota – Y1.5, hit, a bit deep and a hit off to the side, neither major, hop.

Chesney – FX – Ohio St – hit double pike – front full to front tuck, a bit low – back 1.5 to alyout, nice layout position, solid landing.

Ramler – VT – Minnesota – very strong y1.5, stuck landing, small lean to hold the stick and some knees.

It’s 10.000 for Ramler. For that one? I thought last week was better. They may have misunderstood. Bars. She needs to get a 10 on bars.

Rouse falls on beam in the third spot for Maryland.

And now Hodges for Ohio State sits a 1.5 to front lay/tuck on floor.

McClure – BB – Maryland – aerial, small lean and keeps it moving into bhs – switch to straddle 1/4 – kickover to split jump, good height on kickover as always – gainer front 1.5, stuck. Very strong landing. 9.800

Minnesota 49.225 on vault as despite the 10.000 from Ramler, they had a 9.750 from Quarles that had to count.

Edwards – FX – OSU – great height on double pike, overdoes it some with a bounce back – 1.5 to layout, solid layout shape – switch side to popa, over turns the switch side, good split positions – double tuck, solid.

49.200 for Nebraska on bars returns them to a stronger pace if they can hit beam.

Barber – BB – Maryland – aerial with a leg-up check, goes as high as sideways – bhs loso series is strong – kickover to beat, very good – switch to split, comfortable – 2/1, stuck

Rubio – BB – Maryland – straddle jump to straddle 1/2, leg-up check – standing front tuck to bhs, solid – beat – round off tuck 1.5, lunge forward.

Gagliardi – FX – OSU – double pike, solid control – rudi, bounce up in place – switch side to wolf full, a bit bouncy – double tuck, chest up, well hit –

Maryland 48.925 on beam for another successful survival rotation. Ohio State will also be able to drop a fall but will count a 9.625 on floor.

After 3:
Maryland 147.025
Nebraska 146.450
Minnesota 98.475
Illinois 98.400
Ohio State 97.625

Nebraska with a critical beam rotation coming up amid the real chance for a season high. Minnesota going to bars, which has been quite soft so far today, so a chance for a huge number.

Meanwhile, LIU goes 48.175 on vault, a high so far for them on that event.

Rotation 4

Lowe – VT – OSU – solid stick on her yfull, just some distance and amplitude deductions.

Lorange – BB – Nebraska – small cover on full turn – bhs loso series, hit – switch to split, good toes, lean correction – hitch kick to side aerial, hit – split jump 1/2 from side, comfortable – 1.5 hop forward

Miller – VT – OSU – clean yfull in the air, lunge back – and a subsequent lunge back from Swartzentruber on hers.

Hooten – UB – Minnesota – shortish first hs – blind to piked jaeger to overshoot, good piked jaeger,a bit too close on overshoot catch – doubel front, lunge forward

Riccardi – VT – OSU – strunggles on a yfull, deep landing, lunge to the side

Colombo – BB – Nebraska – side aerial with a large check, leans at hips – side aerial to split – 2/1, hit, crossed legs, small movement

Willmarth – Ub – Minnesota – good Ray – bail, clean handstand position – a bit short on final cast? – giant full to double tuck, stuck.

Edwards – VT – OSU – nearly stuck her yfull, small step

Loper – UB – Minensota – maloney to pak, nice – 1/2 turn on low, a bit late – somewhat short in cast – giant full to double tuck, stuck.

Jennings finishes on vault for OSU, bounce in place on yfull

Noonan – FX – Illinois – front 2/1, lunge forward – rudi, under control – switch ring to an attempted cat leap 1.5 that was pretty out of control – 1.5 to layout is solid.

49.025 for Ohio State on vault.

Ramler – UB – Minnesota – maloney to pak, perfect – good hs – van leeuwen – strong cast hs opn high – toe on to FTDT, stuck landing. Another great showing. More of a 10 than her vault.

Thaler through beam for Nebraska with a stuck 1.5.

Roby – BB – Nebraska – We have no scores in this rotation for far for Nebraska, so no idea what’s happening here – aerial, good – bhs loso, strong – split jump to stag ring, small check – side aerial to full, hit landing, chest down

Scott – FX – Illinois – front 2/1, pretty large lunge forward out of it – nice split positions – back 1.5 to layout, a bit short on landing – rudi, solid

Curtis with a big break on beam for Nebraska but stays on – another huge break on loso series, two large wobbles that will take away the score, but no fall. Stuck dismount.

I like that the scores have just fully died now.

Anyway Ramler went 9.975 on bars. The comparison between that 9.975 and the 9.925s they’ve been giving out for participation in this meet on bars……

Minnesota 49.575 on bars.

Nebraska had a 9.325 from Colombo earlier in the beam rotation so that wobble-burger from Curtis will be significant.

Illinois 49.075 on floor to stay well over 196 pace.

LSU/Kentucky to get started pretty soon.

Curtis goes 9.375 on beam, which will have to count for a 49.700 Nebraska rotation. That means the final will be 195.150, which does drop the 194.7 but not by a ton…

After 4:
Nebraska 195.150
Minnesota 148.050
Illinois 147.475
Maryland 147.025
Ohio State 146.650

Rotation 5

Sonier BB – Minnestoa – bhs loso series, good form, small lean – beat to split jump 3/4, large break and falls – resumes with standing loso, check – 1.5 dismount, very short, large lunge to the side.

OK five routines now for Minnesota to get the score from today’s meet. Slash the win because Illinois is not that far behind.

LSU and Kentucky starting now.

Rotation 1

Worley – VT – Kentucky – yfull, good height and clean in the air, medium bounce back. 9.825

Johnson – UB – LSU – small hesitation on first hs – maloney to bail, legs together well – better final cast hs – toe on – DLO, stuck landing. Nice start. 9.800

Back a Big Five – Townes hit her Y1.5 for Illinois, hop forward

Bunn – VT – UK – verrry clean yfull and a stick. Good work. Just a bit deep, legs apart. 9.850

Minnesota gets a clean beam hit from Loper.

Dean – UB – LSU – shortish first hs – Ray, hit, slightly tight hip position – comes up slightly short of vertical on bail – better final cast hs – DLO, legs apart, small hop forward. 9.750

Magnelli – VT – UK – handspring pike 1/2, solid height and open, medium bounce back, improving on control. 9.900 is quite high for a full tenth bounce back, so keep an eye on that.

Meanwhile Mara Titarsolej made her debut for LIU and went 9.900 on bars. So that changes things.

Dunne – UB – LSU – good first hs – tkatchev to pak, lovely height – 1/2 turn on low, good toes but late on the turn position – small arch in cast on high bar – DLO, small step. Some things but pretty. 9.750

Patterson – VT – UK – a larger bounce back on her handspring pike 1/2. 9.775

Bryant – Ub – LSU – good first hs – blind to jaeger, high – rushes cast hs on high – bail – hits cast – 1/2 turn to double front, comes in deep on the double front landing today but minimizes the step, medium size

Angeny – VT – UK – lovely yfull, great position and height, small bounce back

Shchennikova – UB – LSU – short first hs – Ray catches a bit close this time to good pak – 1/2 turn on low, a little late – solid final cast hs – DLO, same position – lunge forward. 9.775

Ramler is finishing things for Minnesota on beam – bhs loso, very nice – aerial to beat, smoothly connected – beat to split ring jump, very strong – side aerial to full, stuck. Excellent. her usual.

Nixon with a strong yfull for Kentucky, small hop in place.

Durante – UB – LSU – good first hs – blind to jaeger, high – solid cast positions – Pak, small leg break – 1/2 turn on low slightly crooked but finish it in vertical – FTDT, tries to sell the stick but step-salutes. Still best of the rotation. Judges didn’t agree. 9.825 compared to Bryant’s 9.850.

It’s 9.950 for Ramler as Minnesota finishes on 197.375 and she finishes on 39.850.

After 1: Kentucky 49.375, LSU 49.000

Vault scoring definitely a lottttttttt looser than bars scoring so far, though we also saw what happens when LSU doesn’t stick and doesn’t get benefit of the doubt on routines like Shchennikova’s and Dean’s, and doesn’t stick.

Illinois is done at 196.500. Ohio State had another problem rotation on bars so this will be a drop score. Nebraska’s total raised to 195.200. And we’re waiting on Maryland to finish. 196 looks out of the picture now, but should be a high 195.

Rotation 2

Durante – VT – LSU – ooooof, not the vault from last week. Lands short and hands down.

Davis – Ub – UK – good jaeger – bail, a bit short of vertical – solid cast hs on high – DLO, pace back. 9.775

Shchennikova – VT – LSU – very very strong y1.5 – stuck landing. Excellent. These scores have already been high…

Goes 9.950. I’m fine with that, slight knees, slight direction, especially clear on replay. But we’ve seen worse go 10. I know it’s BBS sacrilege, but this was better than Ramler’s 10 on vault from earlier. Also not consistent with the 9.900 Kentucky vaults as this was more than .05 better.

Bunn – Ub – UK – blind to jaeger, a bit low but caught – bail, some elbows on catch – DLO, good stick. 9.800

Arenas – VT – LSU – another excellent vault – great stick on her full, has the height – great layout shape. 9.925

Nixon – Ub – UK – good first hs – maloney to bail, nice vertical position – hitting casts well – FTDT, stuck landing. Gorgeous routine.

Edwards – VT – LSU – bounces out of her Y1.5 today. 9.875

Kentucky is celebrating like whoa for Nixon’s bars…

9.975 for her. So much for that tight bars scoring. But it was very clean.

Luksik – Ub – kentucky – Tkatchev, a bit close – good cast hs – bail, legs together, a tad short of vertical – good cast hs – DLO, stuck landing. Good second half. 9.850

Johnson – VT – LSU – DTY, very good, chest up, small bounce back. 9.950

Worley – UB – UK – clear hip to tkatchev, a little low but fine – good cast hs – pak, hit – solid 1/2 turn position on low – FTDT, bounce back

Bryant – VT – LSU – handspring pike 1/2, probably her closest to a stick so far, but still a hop back. She’s fully laid out at the end.

Angeny – UB – UK – nice high jaeger to overshoot (her overshoot is so high it almost starts to look like a bail mistake) – good cast hs on high – DLO, small slide back

9.925 for Bryant. It makes total sense for that vault just viewing it alone, but when you compare it to Magnelli’s 9.900 for the same vault, it stops making sense because Bryant’s was higher, with a better position, and a much smaller lunge.

Anyway, it’s a gigantor 49.625 for LSU on vault after a weak bars rotation and weak first vault. They did really well. I thought Edwards was a little high but I don’t have a ton of qualms with that score. High but warranted.

Kentucky, however, maintains the lead after a 49.325 on bars.

After 2: Kentucky 98.700, LSU 98.650

This is a meet.

Rotation 3

Harman – BB – UK – check on full turn – bhs bhs loso, hit solidly – switch to gainer loso and falls. Gainer tuck full with a step forward.

Dean – FX – LSU – doubel pike, good height but can’t control the landing, large bounce back and then a balance check to make sure she didn’t go OOB – 1.5 to layout, under control, some knees – split leap full to split jump full, hit, a bit soft – double tuck, deepish, step back, keeps it in bounds again. 9.700

Meanwhile LIU counted 80 billion falls on beam.

Magnelli – BB – UK – bhs loso loso, hit, small check – hitch to switch side, solid – full turn, arm wave cover to control – 1.5, step forward. 9.800

Desiderio – FX – LSU – hits her DLO, chest up, under control – back 1.5 to layout, slightly odd on landing but just a small adjustment – switch ring to split full, good – double tuck, a bit deep but pulls it out fine. 9.900 is a lot.

That was a solid one. Though I am basically at Defcon Priessman with her and floor, where it’s like, “Sweetie are you OK to do this?”

Nixon – BB – UK – bhs loso, large leg up check and lean but keeps it on – aerial to split, hit – 1.5, step forward. 9.700

Arenas – FX – LSU – front 2/1, good control, some leg crossing, not a lot – front lay to front full, high full (too high?) lost some leg position in the air – switch 1/2 to wolf full look good – double pike, deeeep landing and lunges back OOB and another leg-up check to keep herself to her feet.

Balance checks on floor have been an unfortunate floor theme for LSU so far.

Bunn – BB – UK – good full turn – bhs loso loso, small check – switch to split, shorter split positions for her, back leg low – 2/1, great stick.

Ballard – FX – LSU – DLO, step back, keeps it in bounds – 1.5 to layout to stag jump, secure landing – swithc ring to switch 1/2 – are we sure about this 8.825 for Arenas? That doesn’t seen right. – doubel pike, chest down, small adjustment

But the actual score for Arenas is apparently 9.825, which…no. Not at all. You guys they didn’t take OOB. That is malpractice.

9.850 for Ballard.

Worley – BB – UK – switch side is hit -0 aerial to bhs loso, strong landing, some knees – 1.5, tries to seel stick, steps out to salute. Solid hit.

Edwards – FX – LSU – front 2/1, slide forward – front full to front full, another medium bounce forward, keeps it in – switch side to popa, good popa, somewhat crooked on switch side – double tuck, bounce back. A hit, not a lot of control. 9.900 is quite high

Angeny – Bb – UK – bhs loso loso series, another leg-up check that takes saving – aerial, hit – side aerial to tuck full, stuck, a little off line. Kentucky stays in it.

I’m still not over them not taking the OOB on Arenas BTW. The not taking OOB is the real pandemic.

Bryant – FX – LSU – double front, pace forward, keeps back foot down – front lay to rudi, great layout position, solid control – switch 1/2 to popa, good – front 2/1, small movement forward. Definitely best of the rotation.

Bryant goes 9.950. LSU 49.425 on floor to Kentucky’s 49.050 on beam.

After 3: LSU 148.075, Kentucky 147.800

Kentucky a deficit now, but has the rotation order in their corner.

Arkansas/Alabama and Georgia/Missouri starting now. Focus on Arkansas/Alabama. Lots happening tonight and some meets have to get cut.

Rotation 1 starts in Arkansas, Pennese on vault – strong stick on her full, the best she’s done – just a little pike and direction. 9.800

Waligora – UB – Alabama – blind to jaeger, nice height into overshoot – a hair short on a couple casts – DLO 1/1, holds the stick, just some pike in the air. Good. 9.900

Johnston – VT – Arkansas – nearly a stick for hers, step back into salute, more distance than the first vault. 9.725

Graber – UB – Alabama – gienger, legs on catch but hit – toe on to bail, small legs apart, good vertical position – FTDT, chest down, step

Olszewski – VT – Arkansas – medium bounce back on yfull, again progressing in distance. 9.775

Final rotation starting with LSU and Kentucky now.

Desiderio – BB – LSU – switch to switch 1/2, a bit of a pause between so adds a beat jump after the 1/2 to get her combination – bhs loso, solid – aerial, hit – gaienr full, strong start. 9.875

Shaffer vaults a Y1/2 for Arkansas, but a large lunge forward this time.

Albores – FX – UK – double tuck, nice height and position, secure landing – front lay to front full, also comfortable – double pike is pretty deep though, lunge forward.

Shanias Adams nails some beautiful handstands on bars for Alabama. Good hit.

Elswick with a large bounce back on her yfull for Arkansas.

They finally went back and took the OOB for Arenas on floor. I can rest easy now.

Durante falls on beam for LSU in the second spot. Not her day.

Blanco some beautiful handstands as well for Alabama, shuffle back on FTDT.

Hambrick anchors vault for Arkansas, sits her Y1.5. Won’t be the vault score Arkansas wanted, as the last three didn’t deliver their best and the first three were evaluated a little more soberly.

Doggette finishes for Alabama, strong tkatchev to pak, one short cast hs, DLO, holds the stick with a lean. Nice.

DeJong and Nguyen delivered in the 4th and 5th spots for Georgia on bars to retain the hope of a 49 there.

Arkansas just 48.850 on vault. Alabaam 49.325 on bars.

Shchennikova – BB – LSU – candle mount, drops a little early but fine – bhs loso series, solid – onodi, smoothly done – switch to split, some back leg on switch – good aerial – bhs gainer full, stuck. Good work. 9.925

I just looked back to Georgia and Marisa Oakley is on the ground mid-bars but I missed it. Nooooo.

Bunn – FX – UK – double pike, solid control – switch 1/2 to wolf 1.5, a bit short on switch 1/2, around well on wolf – 1.5 to front pike, stuck – rudi, strong work.

Ah, saw what happened with Oakley, fall on a piked jaeger and slammed really awkwardly.

Bridget Sloan and Jordyn Wieber talking about the women they’re empowered by. Glad it’s that and not the other thing they have in common.

Dean – BB – LSU – full turn with a check, arm wave and a little lean – side aerial to bhs, hit, usual knee – switch to split is solid – aerial, covers an adjustment well – side aerial to full, some knees, stuck. 9.800

Oklahoma went 49.375 on vault. 9.950 for Davis. 9.925 for Schoepfer. Denver went 49.2745 on bars. 9.950 for Brown

Haigis – FX – UK – rudi to loso, looks like she justtt kept that loso in bounds but was taken off line – switch side to popa, nice extension – double pike, overcooks it, bounce back. 9.825

Rotation 2 starts in Arkansas. Bailey Lovett hits bars though some handstand verticality issues. Gets better as it goes, double tuck, small hop.

Shallon hits DTY well. Small slide back.

Johnson – BB – LSU – bhs loso series, check – switch to switch 1/2, another arm wave check, neither large but both present – kickover, solid – 2/1, small step. 9.875 is a lot there.

Angeny – FX – UK – double pike, small slide – switch side to popa, slightly overturned on switch side, solid positions – back 1.5 to layout, layout slightly low – doubel tuck, cowboys to pull it around, short landing with a lunge

Campbell – BB – LSU – bhs loso and fallllls. Wow. That’s the second time this year LSU has missed the last routine to lose the meet – aerial to sissone is nice – slide back on 2/1.

Luisa Blaco with a near stick on her Y1.5 on vault. Small step. Some knees

Worley – FX – UK – full in, pretty strong, chest was the slightest bit forward but sold it – front full to layout, stuck landing – double tuck, solid.

Lexi Graber deep on her Y1.5 with a lugne back to save it. Shania Adams follows with a critical vault and just does a full this time, large lunge back.

LSU finishes with 196.775, which will be a drop score for them.

maggie O’Hara finishes for Arkansas on bars – good jaeger, a bit short in hs out of it, pristine bail – finishes FLO, stuck. Nice one.

FINAL: Kentucky 197.100, LSU 196.775

A strong eprformance from Kentucky. Definitely some overscores in there, but they did well. LSU looked really strong on vault after that first fall but won’t be pleased with the other events, really. And of course gave it away with a counting fall.

O’Hara went 9.950 for Arkansas to get them to 49.325 on bars to Alabama’s 49.125 on vault to carve into that lead.

After 2: Alabama 98.450, Arkansas 98.175

Georgia gets a really strong Y1.5 from Megan Roberts, nearly stuck, small step, loses knee form at the end. 9.950 is too high there though.

And now we have LSU/Auburn about to start.

Rotation 1 from there starting now:

Foberg – VT – UF – solid Yfull, bounce up in place, good layout position. 9.850

Sumner – UB – Auburn – toe on, some hesitation – hits tkatchev, a little low – small arch in cast hs – pak is lovely – 1/2 turn on low, somewhat late – good final cast – DLO, stuck, arm wave

Skaggs – VT – UF – gorgeous full as always, stuck landing. 9.925

Rotation 3 starts in Arkansas.

Gianfagna with a solid first hit on beam. Deep on her kickover landing, otherwise solid. 9.875

Schoenherr for Florida with near-stick on her Y1.5, small hop. 9.950 without a stick.

Mitchell – FX – Alabama – double pike, solid – pulls around her dance combination – front tuck through to double tuck, deep sphere shape on landing, but hit. 9.850

Lovett – Bb – Ark – struggles on candle mount some, taking it right to hip support – small hesitation on full turn – switch to split, good – aerial, check, step forwrd – redoes it for aerial to loso, hit – side aeiral to full, stuck. 9.725

Gaskins – FX – Alabama – hits her DLO, pretty solid control – front tuck through to double tuck, deep again but under control. 9.875

Auburn has a bars fall from Stevens. Trinity follows with a large lugne forward on her Y1.5. Scores were rising but Reed and Thomas did not have their best. But Payton Richards adds back her Y15 and it’s very strong. Small movement on landing, some knees.

O’Hara – BB – Arkansas – side aerial to bhs, hit solidly, some knee – split to stag ring, hit – siude aerial to full, stuck. good.

Olsen – FX – Alabama – She’s competing for Victoria Woo tonight. Same. – goes with a 3/1 first pass, lunge back but a potential different option. Bridget impressed that Shallon is doing an elite skill, wait until she sees the Olympics – 1.5 through to 2/1, steppy again – double pike, short landing, lunge.

Shaffer – BB – Arkansas – switch to straddle 1/4, lovely – bhs loso series and falls. Finishes side aerial to full.

Scores are wrong for this meet. Shaffer fell. Carter hasn’t gone yet.

Adams – FX – Alabama – double pike, slide back – switch 1/2 to tuck jump 1.5, nice positions on switch – 1.5 to layout, hit – double tuck, chest down but landed under control.

Carter – BB – Arkansas – bhs loso, solid landing – beat jump to stag ring, solid, lovely stag ring position – aerial to sissone, strong – side aerial to full, lunge back. The rest was strong.

Graber – FX – Alabama – FTDT, lunge back, couldn’t tell OOB. Almost like there should be people with flags to tell you whether there was an OOB or something. Switch side. Wolf 1.5, slightly out of control. front tuck through to double pike, slide back. 9.850

Lazzari is leading off bars for Florida today. Clean until dismount, FTDT with a bounce back

Hambrick – BB – Ark – bhs loso hit – switch to switch 1/2, a bit short of position – beat to split 3/4, strong – gainer full, good stick.

49.150 beam for Arkansas.

Blanco – FX – Alabama – double pike, nice control – switch ring to switch 1/2 to straddle 1/2, good positions of course – double tuck, deep landing, lunge forward – front full to layout, loses position some in the layout.

Hambrick just got changed from 9.850 to 9.950 on beam. OK. So that’s 49.250 now.

Bridget says Blanco moves like an elite. Almost like she was an elite.

Cal and Utah about to start. Missouri in contention to defeat Georgia.

Baumann has returned to the Florida bars lineup today – blind to jaeger, great height – solid hs – bail, a little loose but got to vertical – hit casts – DLO, somewhat forward, small step. Another good one. better cast hs positions than last week.

Gobourne lunge forward on Y1.5

Schoenherr – Ub – Florida – toe 1/2, a little late, to high jaeger – good cast hs – bail, very solid position – 1/2 turn to double front 1/2 out, nearly stuck and then just bounded to Mars as her step-salute. 9.850

Alabama leads Arkansas by just three tenths now going to the final rotation.

Thomas – UB – Florida – good first hs – maloney to clear hip to pak, lovely – toe on to van leeuwen, excellent – hitting casts – DLO, small hop back. That’s all I saw to take.

4th rotation starting at Arkansas. First rotation starting at Utah.

Klopfer – BB – Alabama – wolf single, good – aerial to bhs, secure landing – beat to straddle 1/2, hit – cat leap to side aerial, hit – 1.5, small hop

Isa – VT – Utah – hit full, pikes it down a little at the end this time, small slide –

Desouza – Ub – Cal – good piked jaeger to overshoot, nice height – FTDT, nearly sells the stick with a college salute out of it.

Oh and Trinity got a 10 on bars. I missed that becaue I was like, well obviously that’s not a 10 because she didn’t stick. Don’t need to check the score.

Lunge back from O’Keefe on her yfull.

Li – UB – Cal – pak, small leg break – good hs on low – van leeuwen, nice – small arch in cast hs but pulls it back – giant full to double tuck, hop back. Not bringing the sticks today. 9.800

Cammy Hall step forward on her y1.5 for utah.

Waligora with a very secure beam for Alabama.

George – Ub – Cal – falls on her tkatchev.

Hickey – FX – Arkansas – double pike, high, bounce back – switch side to popa, a little low and bouncy – 1.5 to layout, better control, some legs on 1.5 – double tuck, secure.

Stanhope good control on her Y1.5 landing for Utah, small rebound in place. Held well because it looked like she was coming in under.

Adams – Bb – Alabama – split leap to aerial, small lean – bhs loso series, very strong – wolf double, smoothly done – finishes bhs 1.5, slide forward into salute. Good.

Schank hits well for Cal int he 4th spot – stuck dismount

Rucker Utah – lands short on y1.5, pace back

Shaffer – FX – Arkansas – doubel pike, nice – 1.5 to layout, very crisp layout position of course, the best – double tuck, comfortable landing

Burch for Utah also a bit short on her Y15 landing, pace back.

Graber – BB – Alabama – bhs lay-pike series, very good control – switch to split 3/4 with an arm wave, small – cat leap to kickover to scale, hit – gaienr full, stuck. Nice one.

These Arkansas home floor scores are something else. But everything;s rising on beam too with that 9.950 for Graber.

Lovett – FX – Ark – strong DLO, great height and position, small movement back – front lay to front full, good control, legs apart a tad on layout – 180 positions look strong – double tuck, a bit too much movement on landing but good.

So Cal’s actually leading Utah 49.200 to 49.175. That didn’t seem super likely halfway through that rotation. Utah some short landings on vaults. Also kind of inconsistent evaluation.

Lazzari up 4th for Florida on beam – gorgeous bhs loso loso series – side aerial to stuck full.

Doggette – BB – Alabama – bhs loso series, hit securely, some knees – switch 1/2, check – split jump 1/4, another small correction – side aerial and slips rigggggghhhttt off the beam. I think she’s OK but her foot slipped on the aerial and she slammed back. resumes and does the dismount.

Hambrick – FX – Arkansas – double tuck, strong landing, under control, chest up – rudi to back layout to double stag, good – good straddle positions – double pike, nailed landing. Excellent routine.

It’s 9.975 for Lazzari. Things are happening.

Blanco in a must-hit beam situation for Alabama – aerial, smoothly done – bhs loso series, the smallest adjustment – switch to swithc 1/2, perfect positions, small landing lean – 2/1, good.

Balnco’s 9.925 takes Alabama to 197.325

Carter – FX – Arkansas – double tuck, very strong landing – 1.5 to front full, just a bit deep –

Trinity Thomas on beam, following Baumann doing her usual for 9.825 – bhs loso, nailed – aerial to beat jump to Korbut, very smooth – side aerial to full, absorbs the landing. great.

Red alert: oklahoma went just 49.00 on beam.

Carter went 9.925 on floor, just like everyone in that rotation. So Arkansas will finish on 197.000, which is actually not a counting home score for them, losing to Alabama’s 197.325.

Georgia is fighting against a beam fall and has two more routines to hit.

Clapper is finishing the beam rotation for Florida – bhs loso loso, hit, some feet – switch to split, solid switch, split position a little short – side aerial to full, stuck

Rachel Baumann falls, which means Georgia will count a beam fall.

Second half of the 2nd rotation from utah

George – VT – Cal – good full as always, nice layout shape, slide back

Leah Clapper 9.975. This is killing me. She’s getting these scores because of the position, but her form is not in the same galaxy as Thomas, Baumann, or Lazzari.

LeBlanc – UB – Utah – blind to huge jaeger to overshoot – solid cast hs on high – DLO, stuck. Very nice. Her best of the season.

Florida goes 49.700 on beam, which will set a program scoring record. I mean…it was good?

DeSouza – VT – Cal – nearly fully sells the stick on her Y1.5 LOL, salutes out of it. Legs apart on block.

O’Keefe – UB – Utah – good first hs – maloney to pak, good amplitude – small hesitation on low bar but works through it into a good 1/2 turn position, double arabian is deep but only a small step back. 9.875

Li – VT – Cal – strong controlled landing on her yfull, just a small rebound in place – not the most distance but clean.

Isa – Ub – Utah – Good Ray – solid cast hs – bail, gets to vertical – giant full to DLO, shuffle back. Another nice hit with some things, which has been the theme of the Utah rotation.

Georgia is done with just a 196.100 after the counting fall on beam. Missouri takes the win with a 196.575, another useful score for them.

So, we have 1 rotation left in Florida and 2 rotations left in Utah. Florida in contention for another 198 here. For Auburn a high 196 road score looks likely if they can hit beam. Which would be a deal.

We also had a 10.000/9.900 split for Gobourne on floor. it looked like her normal, though I think her combo pass landing should have taken away the 10.

After 2: Cal 98.475, Utah 98.425

Oldham – BB – Auburn – bhs loso series, hit with knee – full turn, check – cat leap to side aerial, choreography walks back out o fit – 1.5 dismoutn short, shuffle back. 9.800

Clapper – FX – Florida – double tuck, a bit forward, step – 1.5 to layout to stag, hit, some travel on that stag landing – switch side to popa, overturns the switch side – double pike, pretty solid landing. 9.825

Gobourne – BB – Auburn – I think it’s very unfair that she has to do beam – bhs loso series, leg-up check – hitch kick to side aerial is more solid – cat leap to switch side, well short of position there – 2/1 super high, small slide back. A hit! 9.850! 39.575 AA!

3rd rotation starting in utah.

Burch – BB – Utah – bhs loso series, large break with an arm wave, pulls it back onto the beam – split to stag ring, a small check this time, but hesitant – cat leap to aerial, hit – gaienr full, stuck. Stayed on. 9.750

Quinn _ FX – Cal – front lay to rudi, solid control, keeps front foot down – switch side to popa, overturns her switch side some, nice lift into that straddle work – doubke pike, deeper landing with a lunge back. 9.800

Lazzari up third for Florida finishes her floor set with a secure double tuck. Good one.

Stanhope BB – Utah – switch mount to switch, a check but holds it – bhs 1/1 to bhs, secure – 1.5 dismount, step forward

Oklahoma and Denver are done and Denver nearly got it in the end. Oklahoma finishes with just 197.175 to Denver’s 196.875. A much more useful score for Denver. Oklahoma didn’t count mistakes but had several.

Bordas – FX – Cal – comfortable opening double back – back 1.5 to layout, loses some legs in lay – switch to switch ring 1/2 to wolf, doesn’t quite get up to wolf position in the final element – rudi, triesss to keep that front foot down. 9.825

Nya Reed finishes FX with a shortish double pike, lunge forward. The rest was strong. 9.925 is too much for that last pass though.

Isa – BB – Utah – good candle mount position, held – bhs loso loso, right on – straddle to straddle 1/4, smallest shiver – bhs gainer full, stuck. Good one.

Gabby McLaughlin hits fifth for Auburn, ensuring that they will have a useful road score to count. Nice stuck gainer pike.

Thomas up 5th on floor for Florida – DLO, nailed landing – front full to layout to sissone, also comfortable – split leap full to split jump full correct – double pike, controls the landing well.

DeSouza some sliding landings up 3rd for Cal, but a solid hit.

Isa went 9.950 on beam by the way.

Trinity gets her second 10 of the day, this time on floor. If she had brought a good vault…

I thought beam was her best routine of the day, so…….

Utah moves Paulson to the 4 spot on beam. A check on her series but a hit. She gets 9.950, which seems…huh?

Baumann – FX – Florida – anchoring the rotation – double tuck, solid landing – 1.5 to front full, under control, some knees – switch 1/2 to popa, that’s the most she’s ever extended that switch 1/2, she was ON IT for senior night, like if I do one thing this senior night, it’s going to be to take my own eye out on a switch – double pike, slide back

Baumann 9.950 gives Florida 198.275, the new high of the season and the 5th-best score in Florida history. And think, reed and Thomas didn’t even vault well.

Finishing the 3rd rotation at utah with the last routines.

O’Keefe – BB – Utah – side aerial to loso, strong – switch to split leap, good back leg positions – check on choreography – cat leap to side aeiral to full, stuck. Good.

9.975 with a wobble on choreography. Cool. Amanda also pretending she didn’t see it.

Auburn also went 197.025, a huge score for them.

George – FX – Cal – front 2/1 to front tuck, small hop out – switch ring to split leap full, nothing to take there, not even precision – rudi final pass, keeps front foot down. Strong work. 9.875

49.500 for Utah, 49.200 for Cal.

After 3: Utah 147.925, Cal 147.675

Clausi – BB – Cal – kickover to beat, solid work – bhs loso series, also right on – cat leap to switch side, a lean adjustment on landing – side aerial to tuck full, stuck, good start. 9.875

Gilstrap – FX – Utah – double tuck, comfortable landing – front lay to rudi, a tad under – switch ring to split leap full, great positions of course, actually landed a little short on the split leap full today though – front lay to front full, some knees. Solid. 9.850

DeSouza – BB – Cal – aerial to sissone, nice aerial – bhs loso series, secure landing this week – beat to sheep – 1.5, stuck landing. Very strong work. 9.875

Paulson – FX – Utah – front lay tot front full to stag, good twisting positions, stag a little low – 2.5, good, slide forward – swtich to switch full, has the positions – 1.5 to layout, dance out but solid. 9.850

Li – BB – Cal – aerial to beat, nice – bhs loso series, held well, didn’t really give away a check, just a little soft – switch ring with a fun closeup of her face so we couldn’t even see it (we’re not here for faces!) – gainer pike, stuck. 9.875

Stanhope – FX – Utah – full in, hit, just a bit staggered – double tuck, nailed landing – switch side to wolf full, a little steppy – 1.5 to layout. Confident. 9.850

George – BB – Cal – aerial to back tuck, moved through pretty smoothly – wolf double, hit – hitch kick – beat to split ring jump, strong landing – gainer full, stuck. Another good beam routine. Really secure. 9.925

Good rotation from both teams so far. I can think of some meets where all of these scores so far would be at least 9.925. But that would be bad.

Rucker – FX – Utah – very strong full in, clear control on landing – was a little under split on her first element in the trio but the rest were nice and high – front full, excellent. 9.950

Bordas – BB – Cal – aerial with a check before her split jump, so possible broken connection – bhs loso series, holds it – switch to split, good – gainer full, stuck. That one potentiall critical check, the rest was great. Apparently it didn’t matter 9.900.

O’Keefe – FX – Utah – double pike, nailed landing – front lay to front full, a slide forward out of it – switch to split leap 1.5, pulls it around – 1.5 to layout, nice layout. Strong except for the middle pass slide. 9.875

Watterson – BB – Cal – wolf double, strong – bhs loso, lean correction – switch to split leap, a little tighter on switch than her usual – cat leap to side aerial to full, good stick. Strong beam rotation.

Soloski – FX – Utah – DLO, controlled landing, good – front lay to front full, step out – 1.5 to layout, good lift on layout. Nice. 9.925

Watterson 9.875, which is tied for the low of the rotation. Cal 49.450 on beam, .025 shy of the program beam record.

FINAL: Utah 197.375, Cal 197.125

Another meet that was probably closer than Utah would have expected, but this week a bit stronger score than against UCLA. Cal loses but will be very happy with another road 197.

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