US Scores, Post-Classic

It’s time for a little score check-in. Now that we have a few more numbers for everyone, it’s a little easier to see where we are now and what people need to do at nationals in a week’s time (!) to save their team-selection narratives.

These scores take into account every meet so far in 2021 for those who have qualified to nationals, along with the associated/presumed petition people. (I think. We’ll know whenever USAG announces the roster.)

I’ll start with what happens when taking everyone’s best score on each event from any competition in 2021.

Best Score All-Around

So, no surprise that Simone is on top with two falls. The thing I didn’t expect before hitting “sort” was Leanne Wong up there tied with DiCello in third place. That’s largely thanks to her vault and floor scores from the March camp, which were quite a bit higher than we saw from her at the Classic meets on those events. Whether that’s a realistic representation of what we might see at nationals/trials, who can say, but it’s worth keeping in mind that her apparent peak is right up there for now.

Next, the same thing but by average of all 2021 scores instead of peak.

Best Score Average

Less surprising numbers here, pretty much reflecting and reinforcing the hierarchy we saw at Classic, with Wong dropping back down because she has more misses and 12s on her record this year.

Now to do the same thing on the events.

Best Score VTAverage Score VT

Biles, Skinner, and Chiles make up the top three vaulters for the US so far this year, though there are also tons of the DTYies who are quite close.

Jade Carey’s one vault showing early this year put her at 14.800, right in there but also potentially significant in the “JADE CAREY FOR TEAM INSTEADDD?” flight of fancy in that her vault has not separated itself from a Jordan Chiles DTY in the scores.

Best Score UBAverage Score UB

Sunisa Lee enjoys a major lead in the top bars score standings—though her fall at US Classic sees her drop a smidge behind McCusker’s one routine on the average score standings. The edge that Lee’s 15.200 provides over everyone else on the best scores shows what a team-score advantage that routine can provide if she shows consistent hits over the next few competitions.

One surprise for me is how high Chiles sits on the bars leaderboards. Like bars, though. She has gone over 14 on bars in all three of her attempts this year.

For those trying to make a case for this team for their bars routine specifically, we’re going to need to see better than a mid-14.

Best Score BBAverage Score BB

Emily Lee’s 15.100 from the March camp is the top US beam score for the year, eclipsing Biles’ hit from Classic, and could be a big deal if she’s able to replicate it. Though if I were Emily Lee, I would be somewhat concerned that my pretty-wobbly-but-stayed-on beam routine from Classic went just 13.700 without a fall or beam grab.

Again, Chiles’ every-routine-over-14 solidity has her in the top three on beam based on average, and this remains the event where Blakely is breaking in with that 14.600 she got that one time.

Significant so far is that we’re not seeing Eaker break the top three yet on either measure. For someone who’s Olympic argument is theoretically as a beam specialist, she’d need to get out of the low 14s.

Best Score FXAverage Score FX

Biles is still so far ahead with a fall. Chiles has the second-best floor score of the year so far, just ahead of Wong’s from camp, but does fall down the list on average thanks to miss from WOGA Classic, which was very early in the year.

I expect a lot of shaking things up on floor at championships as more people start…errrr…trying there. But also look at Emily Lee sitting in the top 3 by average on two separate events.

We’re not trying to make teams yet (ppppppssssh yes we are) because it’s so early (ppppppssssh I don’t care), but if you take either set of numbers for this year—the best scores or the average scores—you end up with the same top-scoring team in a 3-count scenario: Biles, Chiles, S Lee, and DiCello, on 176.000 by best scores and 172.7872 by average scores.

I’ll do this again after nationals to see where we are.

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  1. Very interesting analysis. I’m surprised that Sunisa’s bars scores still keeps her on the highest scoring team.

    I was most surprised by Emily Lee being as high up there as she was and also surprised by Carey’s vaults not being top 3. Do we start considering Emily Lee for the individual place or even the team (especially if Sunisa can’t get floor back?) And I think these vault results should stop the Careys from considering going the team route any further. She just needs to accept her individual spot and be done with it.

    Things are so far from settled that this upcoming nationals will be the most crucial we’ve had in a very long time.

    Chiles is only going to score higher on bars from here. She has so many connections she’s not making in her competition routine that will boost her D score by a lot. This would mean that DiCello wouldn’t be needed on bars where I thought she’d provide a boost to that event. But in Sunisa Lee isn’t on the team, then you would need DiCello’s bars.

    These results very slightly weaken DiCello’s case in my opinion even though she is still in the main tier of contenders. If Sunisa does get floor back, DiCello would be needed only on vault and potentially beam and I wouldn’t call those her specialties…

    This is so fascinating and uncertain it’s crazy!!!

    1. I have been saying Emily should be taken for beam for basically a year or two, I hope she gets it. My team is currently
      Biles, Chiles, McCallum, S Lee (team)
      DiCello, Wong (alternates)
      E Lee, Carey (intividuals)

    2. I doubt Jade Carey seriously believes there’s any scenario in which the U.S. would forgo an individual spot for the sake of including her in the team score, when any number of the top gymnasts could easily put together a winning team total. Maybe a country with less depth would be willing to make the sacrifice. In any case, she made a decision … probably the best one for her, since there really is no other guarantee of getting an Olympic spot … but the price is she will not be going on the team. Which is fine for the team, because with Biles, they could take Chiles, Wong, pretty much anyone vaulting in the 14+ range, and be fine. Biles and Carey will probably two-per-country out the others, if all goes well, anyhow.

      1. Do we know who has two vaults? Biles, Carey, McCallum, Skinner, any others? Are there any wild cards who might compete two at Nationals/Trials?

      2. I’m not counting Wong until she actually competed a second vault, which she never has.

        Even McCallum hasn’t competed a second vault in a really long time, so I wouldn’t put her on the list either.

      3. That ‘sacrifice’ would be not only ludicrous but silly considering that Carey and Daddy have acted from entirely selfish, weaselly motives this entire quad. If Chiles keeps going this way and improves before Tokyo Carey will look even less necessary as any part of the US team. Carey is in no way an all-arounder or an asset to any team except on floor and vault; they knew that, made their bed, and now can lie in it.

    3. Jade has only competed 1 vault this year. She has not done 2 in competitions like Simone and Skinner have. You can say you want Skinner on the team for vault, but what about floor? It’s surprisingly a weak spot for the US now. Skinner is supposed to be strong on vault and floor, but 12.9 won’t cut it. I guess we can roll with a strong score from Simone and high 13’s from 2 others. But a strong floor/vault score from Simone and Jade, with Chiles to fill in some gaps, plus a bars/beam worker would be the perfect team.

      1. Anonymous, how in the world is it selfish and sleazy for Carey to claim that individual spot? They were playing by the rules this year and it was a very smart decision.

      2. Anonymous–No. Educate yourself on the situation, of which you know nothing. They were bending the rules and sleazing through loopholes the USGF was dumb enough to leave them. ‘Smart,’ no. Using low cunning, yes.

  2. Does anyone know if Chiles is planning on bringing back her Amanar? Not that she needs it – just curious

    1. She did it during podium training at Classic, but it wasn’t very solid. Seems like she is trying, but it just isn’t worth it. Her DTY scores so well, so why take the risk on an uncertain Amanar?

      1. My only concern is that DTYs sometimes get artificially capped at 9.2 execution at major championships. We have seen 9.3s and 9.4s given out but sometimes they lowball them.

        Either way, an Amanar would in my eyes seal the deal for Chiles as long as it’s consistent and well landed. We saw in 2016 how Amanars began scoring into the stratosphere as the competition went on and started going 9.5 for Raisman.

        I don’t think Tom will even consider vault final potential as a selection factor with Carey and Biles being total locks there. Skinner is effectively equal with Carey but Tom is not bringing Skinner unless her floor is top 3 as well and her all around score improves.

  3. It’s not surprising at all to see Emily Lee in good positions. She is so underrated and that’s a result of Kara being constantly overscored in national meets and getting international assignments for that beam routine. Emily’s routine is miles better than Kara’s and everyone knows it. She just lacks international experience unfortunately.

    1. Agree! Kara’s lines are very nice for beam, but the other events don’t really stand out. And, despite her international experience, she hasn’t exactly risen to the consistency level that would make her a better bet than Emily.

  4. It’s nice to see Morgan Hurd way at the bottom of the list. When you focus your energy more on posting anti semitism on social media than your training you shouldn’t expect to be anywhere near Olympic shape.

    1. OMG enough with this bs. No, Morgan is not up there because of her recent surgery you dipshit. She’ll regain her form by trials though, I‘m sure. Now, the bigger problem with Hurd is that she has no outstanding event even at her best. She‘s a solid 56+ all arounder but so are quite a few other people who can outscore her on bars and beam. No real potential for event finals and no chance to make the all around if Jordan or Suni hit. Simone‘s a given… I guess alternate is all she can hope for.

    2. Wow, it’s the Zionist Nazi again! So sorry for you: it’s looking like Bibi won’t be able to avoid jail after all. 😀

      1. Really not sure what Bibi has to do with Morgan being an anti-semite

      2. Really not sure how Morgan can possibly be called anti-Semitic and Bibi can possibly be called anything but a fascist Nazi

      3. It’s crazy how you defend antisemitism just because it’s your precious Morgiboo

      4. It’s insane the ASSumptions you make (well, no, it’s not for a MAGAt…) I don’t even love Hurd’s gymnastics any more and think she has no chance of making the Tokyo team–unlike you, I’m capable of defending someone I’m not in bed with or insanely stanning for. Nothing about her posts or her stances is in any way anti-Semitic, honey; lay off the Faux Noise haterade and get in touch with reality, as opposed to the unhinged and violent world you’ve chosen to make your little bubble.

    3. I guess it’s a reflection of the fact she probably has been able to train less because of the surgery, and really, what does a teenage girl occupy herself with when she can’t train? Social media. Doesn’t matter if she’s conservative or liberal. It’s less training time, period.

      1. The problem is Hurd has become a favorite mostly due to social media and I think this is true for a few US gymnasts now. “OMG I NEED CHELLSIE on the team!!” or “I’ll just be crushed if Riley doesn’t make it ommmggg”. People have favorites, not because of their abilities, but because of social media superficial BS. It’s a sport, not a popularity contest. Maybe it is due to injuries, but Hurd hasn’t been able to get her full difficulty back since 2018. You may want to consider lowering your expectations now.

      2. Hurd looked great at 2020 American Cup. A lot of people forget that because the season disappeared after that. But I was feeling really optimism about her making the team after seeing that.

        Obviously a lot has changed since then. But I think it’s a misnomer to say she hasn’t had her difficulty back since 2018.

      3. No, the problem is that Memmel is hardly comparable to Hurd or McCusker or Chiles or Eaker or any other social media ‘stars.’ She’s a World AA champion and Olympic silver medallist who now has *two children* and is making an unprecedented comeback. FIFY.

      4. Ahh, so you’ve followed Memmel very closely. Watched her weekly youtube training videos religiously and here you are. Saying she’s a bigger star than the younger girls who have a better chance of making the Olympic team. Ok.

      5. I think most people’s favorites are for reasons other than their likelihood to make teams, right? I don’t personally always find rooting for the most likely winner to be that enjoyable. I like to support gymnasts who have individual pieces of gymnastics that I want to see on the world stage, or who have backstories that resonate with me, etc. Sometimes they’re the ones that make the team and sometimes they aren’t.

        I don’t think there’s really a right or wrong reason to like a gymnast. Saying people like gymnasts because of their social media rather than their abilities… there’s more to it than both of those things (I like Morgan’s ‘abilities’ on floor regardless of whether they’re justifiable on an Olympic team based on her scores) and also people are going to like what they like (I love Memmel’s comeback even though I find most of her gymnastics not very pretty).

        And sure, there’s Morgan fans and Chellsie fans and Riley fans with unrealistic expectations, but you can say that for everyone’s fans, including Simone’s.

      6. @Anonymous 12:15 AM Does it hurt to be as stupid as you are?
        Your abysmal ignorance of Memmel’s career, which was vastly more impressive than that of any of “the younger girls with better odds of making the team” OTHER THAN BILES, is embarrassing, but what’s really mortifying is that you are dumb enough to imply in any way that I said Memmel would make the Olympic team. Of course she won’t; she just wants to compete as an elite gymnast again. The point is, you drooling little twunt, Memmel was a legitimate star for years and is still more famous than this month’s social media Thing will ever be. Memmel doesn’t need social media to be a star and a phenomenon. Idiots like you can’t even conceive of someone actually being educated and knowing anything beyond what’s on InstaTwatFace today.

      7. Memmel super fan you are indeed and in a scary Nick Jonas sort of super fan way screaming in the audience like there’s no tomorrow way. You love Memmel, but she was and never will be as big as you make her out to be. She will never be a Nastia, Gabby, Shawn, Simone or even Ally, get over yourself. You, and Memmel are not that important. Nationals will prove that. Bye.

      8. Anonymousturd @ 5:29 AM You’re too imbecilic even to bother to school. I’ll have to be content with having mortified and shamed your cretinously ignorant little self. Memmel BEAT Liukin for the World title, you dumb little bitch–it’s the title Liukin doesn’t have. Memmel was far better than Douglas (who won one big title because the far superior Komova handed it to her on a silver platter) and completely equal to Johnson and Raisman in terms of brilliance. Only Memmel’s injuries and Marta Karolyi’s sociopathy prevented her from winning as many medals as they did. Run along now and shove your personal electronic dildo (oh, excuse me, your ‘smartphone’!) up your oozing syphilitic cunt where it belongs!

      9. Actual achievements over hype >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ALL DAY
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      10. MemmelSuperFan (I don’t know what else to call you), you need to work on keeping your anger in control, you may be anonymous here, but you’re way out of line, come on.

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        Lack of basic reading comprehension is such a sad thing, and syntax/grammar which are deficient to the point of idiocy are even more pathetic. ‘Anger management?’ even a dolt like you should have been able to come up with a slightly more impressive pop-psychology ‘insight’ than that. You should try expanding your reading list beyond Joke Terfling’s Twitter comments 😀

      20. Darling, even someone as seriously intellectually challenged as you should be able to manage better attempts at insults than this. ‘Anger management’ is so very 2000 pop-psychology. Do expand your reading list beyond Joke Terfling’s Twitter. Try harder. 😀

    4. Yes. And lets be real… she is embarrased to compete for the USA anyway. So let her stay home in her cargo pants, lol and protest.

      1. Ya exactly. She’s become ridiculous lately. She knows she’s not good enough so she’s getting people to talk about her for other reasons.

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      8. @Anonymous at 5:25 AM Truth hurts, doesn’t it, little Zionist hoodlum? Why do you absurdly insist that Bibi’s and Israel’s police state atrocities are ‘off topic’ in a discussion of Palestinian rights–or that any observation of the atrocities committed by Reichwing Jews is ‘anti-Semitic?’ That’s laughable on its very face. You have absolutely nothing; I have yet to see one–even one– quote from Hurd which could even be twisted as ‘anti-Semitic’ by MAGAtrash like you.

      1. You are one of the biggest imbeciles I’ve ever encountered. STFU.

  5. The gap between Leanne and Kara’s potential scores vs. there actual scores is insane. Leanne with 57.3 maximum score but is yet to get out of the 54s this year. Kara meanwhile did the DTY back at March camp and in theory has one of the most difficult AA programs (5.4 + 5.7 + 6.4 + 5.9 = 23.4), but she’s so downgraded now on vault and bars, beam, and floor are never getting full difficulty credited.

    What could have been with them…I hope Leanne at least thinks about sticking around for 2021 Worlds if she doesn’t make the Olympics. Kara is probably ready to go to Utah though.

    1. Kara’s beam routine construction is a joke. In a code that maximizes execution, why is she doing a million C+ skills and all the ring skills in the code of points (and not doing them properly)? She is a lovely gymnast and has a lot of potential, just needs routines that really show the best of her habilities and minimize unnecessary deductions, on beam and also floor.

      1. Unfortunately, what this code maximizes is connections of mediocre C (and sometimes B) elements to the virtual extinction of actually difficult skills–see every Chinese routine just now. However, Eaker has never been all that; she has serious flaws even on beam (and not just her ring leaps either!) and E. Lee, for example, is vastly superior. It’s to the point now that Eaker’s routine is no better than Chiles’–and beam is not Chiles’ event.

      2. I think Kara’s floor abilities really are limited, so maybe chucking whatever she can is the best option.

      3. On paper an F+A and E+A is extremely competitive. Equivalent to a an H and then a G element. But her downgrade and fall risk on the 3.5 is too high.

    2. I’m no expert … but that seems to me like a coaching philosophy of banking on difficulty at the expense of execution, like throwing the most difficult skills they can land and hoping they clean up over time. It seems to work to some extent … I guess we’ll see how well it works at the final stage. I think Leanne is a beautiful gymnast, though, and I love her spirit and toughness.

      1. Wong is a lovely gymnast and deserves better coaches. Her current ones are among the very worst, which is really saying something.

    3. The Gage girls certainly are an odd couple aren’t they? Really makes you wonder what’s going on with the coaching. I watched a youtube live mock Gage meet where Leanne did a VERY nice amanar. This was late last year, November I believe? Eaker looked fabulous. But, in competitions this year so far, they’ve just looked sort of mediocre. Seems like so much wasted potential, but whyyy?

      1. I’ve never seen Eaker look even Real Good, much less ‘fabulous.’ She is the most overhyped, overrated gymnast of this quad without a close second; she’s not even particularly good on beam, just overscored in the US. Rings anyone? LOL! Emily Lee is vastly superior and can actually do one or two other events.
        However, Wong really is talented and exposes, as you say, a lot of the problems with GAGE. Remember the epic nothing that was Courtney McCool? So bad in Olympic qualifying she was removed in disgrace from further competition? That’s a typical GAGE product. Al and Armine are not great coaches to say the least; Fong was at least partially responsible for the deaths of Julissa Gomez AND Christy Henrich, as well as the total destruction of what should have been Katelyn Ohashi’s brilliant elite career, so….

  6. P.S. to all of this: This is a really awesome compilation, Spencer! Thank you!!!!!

  7. Was anyone else horrified by the bad floor routines? The dancing was tragic. Simone, Chiles, Skinner, etc the top tier girls were trash. Eaker had the only sort of decent dance floor routine. Sooo bad.

    1. Yes, just imagine a floor lineup in Tokyo with Kayla, Mykayla, Jordan, Simone, Jade and Sunisa, it would be depressing. Thank god Mykayla won’t make the team and I hope Grace and Riley outscore Kayla at nationals and trials, so they can get their spots.

      1. @Anonymous 7:33 A triple twist , whip into it or not, hasn’t been among the ‘most difficult passes of the day’ in twenty-five years, honey. DO try to KEEP UP!

    2. Eaker’s was little better, and since Eaker can barely get through NCAA-level tumbling passes in terms of difficulty, ummm….
      You apparently don’t realize that US gymnasts’ floor choreography and ‘dance’ has been terrible for decades now.

      1. It’s been terrible for years but still there were a few gymnasts showing up with good presentation like Lauren Hernandez, Kocian, Maroney, Nastia. With the absence of Riley, in this past championships there was not even one acceptable routine, at least not on floor. Morgan, Kara and Grace can be lovely to watch but presented very mediocre artistry and choreography.

      2. Well it was more TERRIBLE at this competition. Before there were a few shining lights… But honey those days are gone!

      3. Eaker had a gorgeous whip + triple which was one of the most difficult and best-executed passes of the day. And it’s not in NCAA. And I’m sure had we seen Hurd, McCusker, and Lee on floor that we’d have more artistic options

      4. @Anonymous 7:33 Eaker had that pass for five minutes, she never did anything else remotely difficult, it’s an E, and do you really think no one in NCAA has ever done frigging triple twists? LMAO!

      5. @Anonymous 7:33 A triple twist , whip into it or not, hasn’t been among the ‘most difficult passes of the day’ in twenty-five years, honey. DO try to KEEP UP!

      6. @Anonymous 3:12 Yes, true. I didn’t like Nastia’s floor but yes to Laurie, Madison, and especially McKayla–she was so good and so underrated on floor!!! When you say Grace and Morgan can be lovely to watch, you should add Simone, Leanne, Suni, Emily, and Kayla to that list. Simone was fourth on Dancing with the Stars and should have finished higher; she’s a fine dancer but she, like the rest of these gymnasts, has a lousy choreographer and coaches who don’t care anything about movement or dance classes. If they only take occasional classes and their coaches keep hiring bad choreographers the gymnasts will never look much better than they do now, and I don’t think that’s mainly their fault. Riley looks good because she studies dancing and cares about line and obviously made her own efforts (dog knows Maggie Haney didn’t teach her any of that) but many gymnasts need encouragement to get more in that mindset–and deserve encouragement.

  8. I think it’s important to say that 2 vaults aren’t needed from anyone other than Simone and Jade, so it’s nice to have but means nothing for team final, AA or even vault final since those 2 are very likely to medal.

    Also, as much as people go on about Amanars, not one of the US girls for team contention would score higher on it than their DTY, based on what I’ve seen.

    I suspect that all of the 2019 top AA girls will be in much better form for nationals — Suni, Riley and Grace. Even with recoveries happening, I think they have the most to prove at nationals for what used to be assumed the most likely three to make it Tokyo with Jade and Simone.

    Jordan, Kayla, Leanne and Skye have 2021 momentum, although I don’t see any of them making any individual medals when scored internationally, even in AA.

    1. Possibly Jordan could get a floor medal but she’ll have to hit all dance and turn elements perfectly. Jordan also (right now) does have AA medal potential with 4 hit events.

      The only relevant 2nd vault is McKayla’s if she makes the team. She’d be allowed to perform both vaults in qualification and could possibly get second ahead of Carey. However her making the team is a long shot at this point unless floor improves by over a point from her on out. No one else is close to Carey’s two-vault score.

      You are absolutely correct that all eyes will be on Sunisa, Riley, and Grace. Sunisa needs one of her 15.2 days on bars along with a hit beam and the other two need a 57 day in the all around.

    2. In a way it’s too bad Carey got in first on the world cup scam, so to speak. Skinner’s been slightly outscoring her on vaults (as has Chiles) and could possibly match her scores on floor; it’s looking as if Carey is about to be *not* the second-best vaulter on the US team any more, and she didn’t even make floor finals at 2019 Worlds. Think you’re right about Amanars except for Biles’ of course. Chiles gets enormous scores for an easy-for-her DTY and doesn’t need the extra danger; sadly she doesn’t have a second vault. I agree about McCallum, McCusker, and Lee; people are counting them out way too soon based on Classics, which has never been important to Olympic selection. You’re also right about diCello, Wong, Blakely (who? lol), and even Chiles re individual Olympic medals–none has even a slight chance at those.

      1. She hasn’t put out her best scoring vaults yet, so your point is moot.

      2. And does she even still have those vaults? LOL. Dream on, CareySTAN!

      3. Yo, Anonymous? It’s less than two months before the Olympics. When’s she planning to ‘put out her best scoring vaults’ if not now? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      4. Well, in fairness, I don’t think Jade & Co needed to plan to peak in the past month, because she’s already secured her spot. So at this point she is just competing for the sake of getting back in the zone, with an ideal peak in July.

      5. Anonymous 9:21 Ergo my point is *not* moot, LOL. We’ve seen exactly how well US coaches and particularly Marta (spit) ‘peak’ athletes; every gymnast on virtually every Olympic team since the Evil Empire of the Karolyis has been so injured she could barely function, often doing huge further damage by competing. I expect nothing better and in fact probably worse from Daddypoo Carey.

      6. Anonymous 9:21 OTHER THAN BILES OBVIOUSLY. (these comment sections are nothing but idiottrolls who live to find the most miniscule exception or mistake and bitch about it–it’s their entire existence.) Biles has always been famous and successful enough (and has had coaches like Aimee Boorman who are not psycho) that she could tell Marta et al to fuck off.

  9. Does anyone know the status of Faith Torrez and whether she is competing at the upcoming U.S. Championships?

    1. She is on the roster that was just released today by USAG, so I assume that means yes.

  10. How does Morgan Hurd expect to compete at an Olympic Games if;
    A- she’s embarrassed to represent team USA
    B- she doesn’t even recognize some of the other countries competing at the Olympics?
    Those things completely go against anything and everything that is the Olympic spirit.
    An athlete like that would be an embarrassment to have on any team.

      1. Someone has got to care about Anti Semitism. Morgi sure doesn’t.

    1. Go take your Marjorie Taylor Greene “logic” and keep it to yourself. No one needs to actually know how dumb you are.

    2. Morgan is a teenage girl, and a sheltered one at that. Should she be using her platform to broadcast potentially dangerous ideology when she has no way of understanding the longstanding history firsthand? No. But this is what many hyper-liberal teens and college students do. Most have the luxury of going through this phase in relative obscurity. It’s obviously much more dangerous when the teen has such a wide platform. But let’s keep it in perspective. It’s immaturity, and a lack of geopolitical awareness, not genuine anti-Semitism.

      All moot if she shows up next week and breaks 57.

      1. Firstly she’s almost 20 so to say she’s a sheltered teenage girl is a bit of a stretch to belittle the significance of what she’s done. She’s also not someone I’d call liberal or even hyper liberal. She’s more of a dangerously far far left extremist.
        She really shouldn’t be posting about things she has absolutely no understanding of. Like you said most young people who go through that phase go through it with relative obscurity. But the thing is those young people also aren’t celebrated for the dangerous and hateful things they post and think they believe. Morgan is! When Morgan posts anti Semitic hate and propaganda she gets celebrated and encouraging cheers of yay Morgan. Morgan’s so amazing. What an activist. Bla bla bla things like that and worse.
        And anyone who brings it up is blocked and banned on social media, called horrible names like troll, Nazi ect. Because oh no not our little activist Morgiboo, she couldn’t possibly be anti Semitic, she loves protesting she’s an anti racist activist. Or no that’s not anti semitism because it’s not coming from the right. But left wing anti semitism is every bit as anti Semitic as right wing anti semitism. And right now it’s the left wing that’s hurting the Jewish communities.
        Morgan also hasn’t apologized when she’s had every chance to and it’s been weeks already. She also a professional “activist” and virtue signaler now and she hasn’t posted anything on her social media about #stopantisemitism or a blue square. Meaning she doesn’t give a $h!t and only believes in bs she sees on Twitter from people who hate Jews.

      2. What did Morgan even gain from posting what she posted? Nothing. It helps no one. Only hurts Jewish communities. So really what was her point?

      3. I agree. She definitely should apologize. It’s out in the open. So many people saw it and people are talking about it. She must be aware of that. Not apologizing is just proving that she’s doubling down on it.

      4. Morgan may be young but she’s a young ADULT. She’s not a child and hasn’t been one for years now. She needs to learn that her actions have consequences and she needs to take responsibility for her mistakes. An apology costs no money.

      5. @Anonymous 9:27 AM The immaturity, ignorance, and stupidity here are all yours. Own them. Your attempts to pontificate about Hurd’s youth are nearly as silly as your pretensions (which sound rather like Tiger Beat on the Potomac, aka ‘Politico,’ on a particularly bad day!) ‘Geopolitical awareness’ does not consist of reactionary Reichwing support of fascism–and that’s all you’ve got. Anyone who calls an intelligent young progressive ‘hyper-liberal’ has already moved the Overton window past Stalin and Hitler.
        As for the rest of you MAGAtrolls, I’ve yet to see ONE anti-Semitic comment by Hurd. Not even one. You scream and scream and can’t reference or quote anything. You’re amusing in a sick way.

    3. Yeah like if it’s kinda embarrasing to compete for America, like why you fighting so hard to compete for America? Is America perfect, lol nope. But you would be living a different life sis if you weren’t adopted and brought to America to live a nice privileged life. I dont need virtue signalling from some chick who has spent her entire life inside a gym, and now is getting pulled by the likes of Cringessica from Gymcastic to speak ‘truth to power’ ughh.

      1. Yes Jessica who thinks it’s White Supremacy to say a Chinese gymnast at Chinese Nationals has superior skills on beam. They aren’t even the same word. She’s such an idiot. Why is Spencer still working with her?

  11. Now Lauren from TheGymternet wants to tally up donations for gymnasts in Cameroon because tragically a gymnast died from unsafe training equipment. What is wrong with that? Nothing at all! But then White Savior Lauren does this long article presenting how FIG etc only wants to donate to WHITE EUROPEAN people, countries and leaving out so many other variables. Trying to be the white savior and ruining her whole impact.

    Cameroon needs lots of help with many issues, but gym equipment and the tiny amount of gymnasts there isnt one!

    1. Interesting, I read the same article and didn’t see where she said anything about FIG only wanting to donate to white Europeans, or any white savior vibes.

      Cameroon does need help in a lot of areas, but people can choose to donate for whatever they want, including gymnastics equipment, if they feel compelled. It’s not like she’s pushing for foreign aid to be diverted to gymnastics.

      1. Boo boo read HER RESPONSES in the comments when people called her out and asked more questions.

      2. I don’t know who Boo Boo is…was that directed to someone else? I did read Lauren’s responses and still didn’t get the white savior vibe, if you did that’s fine. If you don’t want to donate to sports in developing countries then don’t. It’s that simple.

  12. Lol where’s all the Memmel stans with their rainbow wishes and dreams of amanars, pattersons, layed out dos santos? Specialist spot or a spot on the team? Where are you now? Has reality set in? Falling back onto the ” Oh she is doing it for the love now! 2 kids 9 years, no matter what happens nothing matters, she already won.” Reality set in?


    1. You sound so bitter about the fact the Chellsie is doing gymnastics again and has fans. If you’re not a fan then just move on. What does it matter if people want to have wishful thinking towards her? It’s not like the Olympic team is decided by public vote.

      1. Too much wishful thinking IN ALL AREAS OF LIFE now. Get in touch with reality. But you will admit REALITY slapped you in your carb faces didnt it? lmao

        I wont be able to move on until all the Memmel fans dreams and wishes have been slapped by Mother Reality!

      2. I have enough reality in my life, I’m perfectly fine to keep some wishful thinking in the sports I watch for entertainment. And I don’t know what “carb faces” means?
        I don’t know what you were expecting from Chellsie but I was fine with her performance. She was nervous and not at her peak from 16 years ago, and that’s fine. It’s exactly what I expected.
        I don’t think you’ll ever bring down Memmel fans, it seems our definition of success is different than yours.

      3. Notyou–Can you even imagine being that filled with hate for anyone who does anything positive and powerful?

  13. Lauren from TheGymternet with her moronic woke speak via her twitter in regards to Cameroon ‘

    ‘A lot of their top international athletes have been white so I love that the program’s growth has extended beyond just the wealthy descendants of colonizers and is now much more inclusive than it has been even in recent years!’

    Her and Cringessica from Gymcastic drink from the same source.

  14. Sunisa just said these
    – her goal is to connect her 6.8 D bars and score a 15.4 on it
    – to score a 58 in aa (yes she will do aa), but it probably won’t happen so she will be happy with a 57
    – she will do the double on vault
    – she has three passes, silivas, 1.5+front full and double tuck on floor

  15. Reading these 110 comments just now was one of the most despicable experiences I have ever had on a gymnastics board. I bet y’all weren’t always this way. But plain and simple, lots of you are rotten on the inside. Rotten. Go outside. Do the work.

      1. What have Jewish people ever done to you? You’re so hateful.

      2. What part of Bibi’s crimes against humanity still can’t penetrate your thick skull, little MAGAturd?

        Zev Shalev
        Netanyahu has turned Israel into an unrecognizable state. Far from being the unshakeable ally of America, he conspired with Putin to elect Trump. This ‘strongman’ alliance set the world back decades as they trampled over basic human rights, rule of law and global norms.

        Eat THIS.

    1. MOMM – Let me guess THE WORK is something you have done and achieved, climbing those woke mountain steps one at a time. Now you shine down on all of is with virtue, morality and wokeness. Let us all gather beneath your bussoms and drink from your wisdom and truth!

  16. It’s insane isn’t it ? I’m loosing faith in humanity reading all this. I can’t believe the amount of insults over here. Spencer really needs to clean up his comment section.

    1. Spencer doesn’t read the comments section for a reason… so he won’t be cleaning anything up.

      There is/are 1 maybe 2 crazyies that post here over and over.

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