World Championships Qualification Live Blog – Day 2

Back at it for day 2—and today’s 8 subdivisions of competition. So basically if I die at any point during the meet today, it will be your fault.

In subdivision 3, we start with South Korea and Ukraine. Shin Solyi is only on bars today, which is a surprise because she finished so well in the AA in 2021 and at Korean competitions this year, so that must be a necessity rather than a strategy decision.

Subdivision 3 – Rotation 1

Koslovska – FX – double pike, a coupel steps back – switch 1/2 – switch to split leap full – front tuck through to layout full – double L turn, may have just pulled that around – double tuck, chest down, controls landing

Eom lands somewhat short on a yfull leading off vault for KOR, hop to the side.

Nice split ring from Hribar on beam –

Santi – UB – giant full to a straddle deltchev, which was nice but she couldn’t get up to handstand after that and stops against the bar.

Lee Ys – VT – pretty Yfull, good amplitude, smaller hop. Nice.

Kasianenko – FX – double Arabian, lunge forward – FTDT, chest down, jarred back on landing – falls out of memmel turn attempt – double pike, pulls it around – switch 1/2 – double tuck, bounce back.

Yeo – VT 1 – by FAR the best rudi I’ve seen her do across training and warmup, chest up fairly well, bounce back. 14.366

Trtnik with 11.700 on beam. Kasianenko 12.333 on floor.

Yeo – VT 2 – great amplitude on DTY, lunge back. She was definitely saving those vaults for when it mattered.

Osipova – FX – bounce back 3/1 – double y not quite all the way around – double tuck, step back

Reece Cobb of NZL just through a good bars set. Really good amplitude on her shoot to high bar and nice line on handstands. 11.833

Yeo’s DTY goes 14.133, so she’s in just behind Carey and Chiles on vault.

Lee Dayeong finishes vault for South Korea. Better amplitude on her yfull than the first couple, though also more form in the air.

Rolston-Larking – UB – hits jaeger, some knees – pak, leg bend – stalder full, just does get it around, may be too late – has to do some correction recasts on low bar – finishes with flyaway dismount.

Furac – BB – aerial, smooth – switch, pause before side aerial, arm wave correction – side somi, large break but saves it with a bend forward at the hips – switch 1/2, attacked it, but another large wobble – wolf jump, little pause before sissone – kickover front is secure – back walkover before running for her punch front full dismount. Way over time. 1:44.

So Kasianenko’s 12.333 will rank as Ukraine’s top floor score.  South Korea’s vault score comes in about 3 tenths behind Belgium’s.

Subdivision 3 – Rotation 2

Seeing Shin Solyi in this bars warmup with a wrapped ankle and walking very gingerly on it.

Kozlovksa – VT – Ukraine – Just a Yurchenko layout, bounce back

Shin – UB – Korea – maloney, good leg position in pak, very clean – van leeuwen, solid – stalder, slight hesitation – jaeger, nice – toe full, just a bit late into double tuck, small hop. Good one. She has SUCH nice legs-together position on her transition elements.

Kasianenko hits a Yfull, chest a bit forward, medium step to the side back toward center

Eom – UB – maloney to pak to stalder to van leeuwen, solid, just a little leg break in pak – stalder 1/2 to piked jaeger, hit – toe full, late to FTDT, chest down, hop forward. But another pretty solid hit.

Good Yfull from Osipova, slide back.

Cobb – BB -NZL – switch mount – bhs loso series, way short and falls

13.066 for Eom on bars, really solid number following Sin’s 12.8. Lower E but much higher D.

Lee YS – UB – Korea – inbar full, late, pulls it around – inbar shap to pak to van leeuwen, is good today – inbar 1/2 to piked jaeger  – 1/2 turn a little late – stalder full to FTDT, deep, larger bounce back. Things to take but again much better than we saw in PT, especially on the shap/pak/vl combination. That was lovely.

Furac with a stumble OOB on floor on her opening double tuck.

Lee Yunseo with a 13.200 on bars to put her 6th. That 7.100 E score is tight for me compared to some of the mid and higher 7s we’ve seen thrown out for leg disasters so far. There were plenty of deductions in Lee’s routine today, but let’s also reward form when we see it.

Lee DY – UB – Maloney to pak, a but close but works out of it – van leeuwen, clean – stalder to stalder 1/2, clips the low bar swinging through to jaeger, toe full to double tuck, deep, bounce back

Hribar – FX – front 2/1, somewhat short, crossover step back – double pike, good height, small bounce – good leap amplitude – split leap full, hop – 2/1, small step – ring positions show good extension.

South Korea goes 39.066 on bars, so they’re about 1.4 behind Belgium’s pace on vault and bars.

Santi of Chile finishes out the rotation. She has two falls early in her beam routine, saves her bhs back pike series with an arm wave – switch side produces the third fall of the routine – side aerial, holds onto it – 2/1 dismount, step forward.

Subdivision 3 – Rotation 3

Lee YS – BB – KOR – hit wolf double – aerial, pause before split to straddle – side somi, holds it – switch to sissone, pretty positions – bhs loso series, no trouble – back 2.5 dismount, lunge forward. Good one overall.

Cobb – FX – NZL – double tuck, stumble back OOB – 2/1, bounce back – switch, split leap full – front layout

Kasianenko with a fall on bars.

12.733 for Lee on beam, which is 5th so far.

11.000 for Kasianenko

Rolston-Larking – FX – NZL – double turn – double pike, bounce back, a couple steps, stays in – front full –

Yeo – BB – really nice front tuck mount – bhs loso series, lean check – pucnh front, small step – wolf double, fine, slightly wobbly – side aerial, another small lean correction – double pike, lunge back but keeps it to her feet. 12.466

Hubareva with a solid 12.766 for Ukraine on bars.

Osipova – UB – can’t get over on her opening toe full attempt and has to hop off the bar

Eom – BB – Korea – bhs mount and falls – fhs front tuck combination, saved with a wobble – aerial, hit –  but does have a second fall when her wolf turn goes to pieces – finishes double pike with an excellent landing of course.

Santi with a solid open FTDT on floor, good twisting form on 2.5, connected to front tuck

Osipova 10.600, so Kasianenko’s 11.000 will count. Kozlovska still to come.

Kozlovska – UB – maloney, legs to pak, may have briushed her feet on the mat – van leeuwen, hit with legs – jaeger, good distance from bar but cant cast up out of it, stays on the bar and recasts – giant full – finishes with flyaway.

Lee DY – BB – wolf 1.5ish and tries to pretend that’s what she meant – bhs loso, secure, good position – switch to sissone, some back leg position – aerial, huge bend at the hips all the way over but critically stays on – side aerial, hit – side somi, another huge lean forward, and then a lean back, but once again keeps it on the beam – 2/1, bounce back. Lots to deduct for there, but they desperately needed her to stay on after Eom’s 2-fall routine for 10.500.

Kozlovksa went 10.866 on bars, which will also count.

Subdivision 3 – Rotation 4

Eom – FX – Korea – double tuck, bounce back – 2/1, bounce back, good form – switch ring to split leap full – back 1.5 to front full, some knees, hop forward – tries to pull around wolf double – double pike, larger bounce back.

Kozlovksa off beam on her loso series

Rolston-Larking vaults a Tsuk back pike with a lunge back.

Yeo was short on her DLO landing on floor with a lunge forward but otherwise very secure landings and a strong routine overall.

Osipova off on her mount on beam.

Hribar with a strong 13.033 on bars. Santi had taken a rough fall onto her back on vault in the warmup but hit a DTY for 13.666 in the comp. Second vault is a Tsuk layout 1.5, sits it down.

Osipova went 11.566 on beam.

Kasianenko – BB – Ukraine – front tuck mount pitches her forward to split the beam frontways and hold on for dear life, she ends up having to hop off – keeps her side aerial loso on the beam with a leg up check – sissone to lovely split jump – double tuck dismount, shuffle back. 11.833

Lee YS – FX – good high double tuck, bounce back – 3/1, a little short, step to the side – nice switch ring – switch 1/2 – back 1.5 to front full, little shuffle – wolf 2.25 – double pike, chest down, slide back. 13.100 and 8th on floor.

Savelieva – BB – Ukraine – bhs loso, short landing, great hold to minimize the check – switch, short back leg – side aerial, sevure – aerial, large bend at the hips all the way over, stays on – side somi, hesitation correction – back 1.5 dismounb, lunge forward

Lee DY – FX – somewhat falls out of memmel turn but in a way that makes it almost a 2.5 – 2/1, step back – double pike, very deep – switch ring, split leap full, short of split – back 1.5 to front full and falls – 2/1, a couple steps back. 10.033

So South Korea will not be able to catch Belgium. They were really missing Shin Solyi on most of the events today.

After 3:
United States – 167.263
Belgium – 156.063
South Korea – 153.363
Spain – 149.162
Ukraine – 142.729

Lee Yunseo moves into 7th in the AA with 51.833, Yeo is in 3rd on vault, Lee YS and Eom are 6-7 on bars, Lee YS is 5th on beam and 8th on floor.

Subdivision 4 – Rotation 1

We’re up for the Australia, Hungary, Sweden subdivision. The big development for Australia is the illness withdrawal of Emily Whitehead. We’ll see how that affects a team that looked pretty prepared in PT. But now Georgia-Rose Brown is among the five and doing bars, and she didn’t do a whole lot in training that we saw.

Hungary will indeed not have Kovacs on floor or bars, and is going with just three on floor.

Szilagyi – FX – (so Makovits ended up the alternate rather than Szilagyi) – FTDT, chest forward, secure landing – 2.5 to front full, some leg crossing – switch ring and split ring, low front leg on the switch – front full, sances out of it a bit – double pike, hop to the side – split leap full to finish. Good job. 12.266

R Brown – UB – Australia – toe full, good finish to maloney to pak, clean work – van leeuwen, solid leg position – a bit short on cast – blind to markelov, hit – FTDT, chest forward, step, but a strong start for Australia.

Bacskay – FX – Hungary – good height on double pike, small hop back – 2.5 to front tuck, somewaht short, slide back – switch side to popa is a little short but she’s already doing the NCAA combo – 2/1, hop forward.

Nice high Tkatchev to pak combo for McDonald on bars – van leeuwen, clean – finishes FTDT, small hop forward, Good one.

14.066 for McDonald on bars is huge and puts her 3rd there, ahead of Chiles on E score.

Solid Yfull for Paulsson on vault for Sweden, good layout shape, bounce back

Godwin – UB – weiler, small pause before weiler 1/2 but fine – maloney to pak is clean – short cast hs – van leeuwen, legs together – piked jaeger is good – small hestiation in cast 1/2 – giant full – DLO, holds the stick. Great.

Going to be three big counting scores for Australia on bars already, but they will still have GR Brown go.

13.333 for Godwin brings Australia to 40.932, which will way ahead of Belgium’s bars.

GR Brown – UB – toe full, good form to stalder shapo to pak, loses her legs a little – maloney to geinger hit – toe 1/2 to jaeger, pretty – doubel front, hop forward. I’m impressed. She did like nothing in PT and fell in the warmup here and then pulled out a fairly brilliant bars routine in competition.

13.400 for her will count for the team score and bring it up to 41.032 on bars.

Mayer finishes floor for Hungary with a solid double tuck. Hungary will be counting an 11.533 from Bacskay since they’re putting up only 3 on floor. 12.833 for Mayer.

Subdivision 4 – Rotation 2

R Brown – BB – Australia – wolf double, higher position but hit – bhs loso, secure landing, good height – switch to split jump to bhs, clean – aerial, arm wave correction – side aerial, just some feet, solid – 2/1 dismount, lunge back. Good. 1 down, 2 hits to go.

Looks like Dildora Aripova has scratched.

Emelie Westlund starts Sweden with 13.000 on bars.

Eriksson – UB – Sweden – maloney to pak, some legs – van leeuwen, leg break – jaeger, a little low but hit – giant full – double tuck, step salute.

12.266 for R Brown.

McDonald – BB – Australia – switch mount good – side aerial a pretty large break, bend at the hips, keeps it on – bhs loso and falls – resumes with aerial to straddle jump to korbut, solid combination – wolf double was wobbly from the start and a second fall – finishes 2.5 dismount, deep, lunge forward. They’ll need to drop this because otherwise TF is realistic given that bars performance.

N Westlund – UB – Sweden – maloney to pak, gorgeous – van leeuwen and can’t grab the bar and falls, a shame because she has such high scoring potential here. Resumes and hits her vl – Lovely high jaeger – giant full – DLO, bounce back.

12.466 for Westlund even with the fall. Basically the same E score as Lee YS.

Paulsson – UB – Sweden – toe full – maloney to pak, legs van leeuwen, hit – blind to piked jaeger, great height – double tuck, step forward.

Kovacs vault is just a yfull, so high and easy for her. And it looks like she’ll scratch her second vault.

Finally have a score for McDonald, 10.733

Godwin – BB – aerial to straddle to sissone is strong – side somi, no trouble – bhs loso, small arm wave, some soft knees – switch to side aerial, slight foot movement – pulls around wolf triple, lean forward – double pike dismount, chest down, hop forward. A second hit for AUS.

39.600 for Hungary on vault, which is still solid, just a touch behind South Korea there.

13.000 for Godwin is 4th on beam.

Scott – BB – Australia – switch mount, good – bhs layout 2 feet series is huge but she can’t hold onto it, grabs the beam to try to save it, eventually comes off – side aerial, hit – aerial, good position – wolf single – pretty split and wolf positions – switch to split to bhs, quick combination – front tuck, hit, step forward – double pike, deep but hit, lunge back. Should still improve the team score from McDonald’s 2 fall routine, but Australia has opened the door with a counting beam fall.

11.966 for Scott moves Australia to 37.232 on beam, which is ahead of Belgium’s beam score.

Subdivision 4 – Rotation 3

R Brown – FX – Australia – wolf 2.75ish – double tuck, high bounce back – back 1.5 to layout, larger bounce forward – switch ring to switch 1/2 – double pike, chest forward, a couple steps.

Nice loso series from N Westlund on beam – clean aerial combination – side aerial, arm wave –

Szilagyi starts Hungary on bars with 11.633.

Bacskay hits her kindorff to pak combination on bars, so high on the hindorff. DLO, pikes it a lot but lands it under control.

12.733 for Brown on floor is a good start.

We have a fall for Paulsson on beam.

Godwin – FX – Australia – wolf triple is around – front lay to double front, saves the landing today with a deepish stumble, but better than PT where she was falling – DLO, high, a bit uncontrolled on the bounce back – double Y spin, I’d say that’s around – switch and split full, some back leg form – front full, step – double pike, bounce back. Not her best landings today but a hit.

Mayer – Ub – hungary – nice high Ray but can’t get her pak in combination, her feet hit the floor before her hands hit the bar and she’s off – finishes with a flyaway dismount. Without Kovacs and Makovits, the Hungarian bars lineup is hurting.

Eriksson off beam on her loso series. Second fall on side somi.

12.933 for Godwin, which is actually a pretty good floor score for her event though she can do a lot better. Floor scores high so far at this event.

Scott – FX – Australia – FTDT, good position, step back – front tuck through to double back, bounces OOB with both feet – double pike, deep, bounce back OOB again with one foot.

Szekely delivers a necessary strong routine for Hungary on bars – such high piked jaeger.

Emelie Westlund with another fall for Sweden on beam. Comes back with lovely bhs loso series.

13.766 on bars for Szekely, which is 5th.

Lineup change for Australia as GR Brown will come in on floor instead of McDonald. She’ll try to drop Scott’s 12.066 in the previous position.

Seems like the scoreboard is having trouble with the lineup change, so they’re holding Brown even though Scott’s score is long since in.

GR Brown – FX – Australia – double y attempt into illusion, not all the way doubel y, lovely split full – deep landing on back 2.5, but saves it with a step – double tuck, can’t pull it around and hands down – split ring and switch ring are nice – L turn probably no credit, leg below horizontal – 2/1, small hop –

I think she wouldn’t have imagined she’d be called upon to do a floor routine here, but circumstances dictate.

Australia will give back nearly the entirety of their lead on Belgium in that rotation, but will still have one heading to vault, where Belgium went 40.099.

Subdivision 4 – Rotation 4

McDonald is also not warming up vault, so it seems something must have happened in that beam routine. Because now GRB has to warm up vault. Whitehead and McDonald down is putting huge strain on this team.

The warmup is done and they still don’t have a score for GRB’s floor in the last rotation.

Bacskay – BB – Hungary – hits loso mount – bhs loso series, leg-up check, some knees – switch to straddle jump, short – side somi, holds onto it with an arm wave – side aerial, secure – 2/1 dismount, step to the side.

Wingren – FX – Sweden – double pike, clean, slide back – switch side – 1.5 to front tuck, hit, hop forward – switch side 1/2, pulls around, slight lack of control on landing – double tuck, lunge forward

GR Brown – VT – Australia – clean Yfull, medium hop back, good. 

11.366 for Bacskay.

Kovacs – BB – Hungary – switch mount is good – connects to switch 1/2, low, to korbut – side aerial to bhs, hit – aerial to straddle check – split jump to wolf jump – side somi, solid – switch – double tuck, chest well down but secure landing. One of her best beams of the year.

And 13.533 puts her into 2nd on beam.

Romi brown good distance yfull, bounce back – 

Godwin – VT – Australia – good landing on Tsuk 1.5, hop to the side

Karla Navas peels off the low bar on pak catch.

Australia currently 3 tenths behind Belgium, waiting on Scott’s vault, which will be another Yfull. Good in the air, some pike, bounce back. Can she make up 3 tenths on the other fulls?

Mayer – BB – Hungary – front pike mount, step forward – wolf double, around – bhs lay-pike, secure landing – switch leap, good position – side aerial, solid – switch ring, back leg question – side somi, solid – double tuck dismount, step back. 12.766

N Westlund – FX – Sweden – switch leap full to stag – double pike, bounce back – does have a Bambi fall on a front full in her last pass.

It was enough from Scott! Australia moves ahead of Belgium by exactly .032 and will sit in 2nd place as a team. Could be significant.

Szilagyi – BB- Hungary – split handstand to one arm mount, more hesitant today than in PT but does get there in the end – wolf turn 1.5, big lean, keeps it on – side aerial, small lean – switch to straddle – bhs bhs loso series, solid – aerail to split jump, hit – side somi, arm wave correction – double tuck, bounce back. 12.133

Paulsson finishes this subdivision with a 12.600 on floor.

After 4:
USA – 167.263
Australia – 156.095
Belgium – 156.063
Korea – 153.363
Hungary – 152.296

Godwin moves into 4th in the AA with her 52.866, the best non-US score. Kate McDonald is in 3rd on bars, Szekely is into 5th, Romi Brown is 6th. Kovacs is 2nd on beam, Godwin is 5th, Mayer in 7th. So lots of changes in the top 8 there.

Subdivision 5 – Rotation 1

Zhang – BB – candle, hit – switch ring, check – bhs bhs layout 2 ft, good, step back – aerial, pause before split ring jump, another pause – full turn – switch to sheep, lean at hips – stuck 2/1 dismount. No major errors there but lots of broken connections. 12.833

Spence – UB – toe full to maloney to pak, hit – can leeuwen, solid – blind to jaeger, good – dismounts double tuck, slide back.

Nathan – VT – hits a Yfull, medium lunge back, good direction.

12.800 for Spence on UB.

I know Ellie Black is doing routine visualization right now but it looks like she has fallen asleep in her chair.

Denomee – UB – Canada – front toe 1/2 to maloney – van leeuwen, hit – gienger is nice, she’s going to lose a lot on handstands but a solid routine – giant full – front tuck 1/2 dismount. 12.866

Tang – BB – loso mount is very clean – ro 2 foot layout is right on, pause before split jump – switch to split ring to bhs, broke connection – switch ring – switch 1/2 and falls, alas, looked tentative on that element, didn’t get up to her usual split position – aerial, was lovely and then got hesitant working out of it with a check – double pike, solid

Black – UB – maloney to hindorff, hit – Black to Yezhova very nice – van leeuwen, small leg break – giant full – toe on tuck 1/2. Excellent for her.

Long wait for the scores for both Tang and Black.

13.933 for Black, which is 5th on bars.

Turner – UB – Canada – inbar, good flat position – inbar 1/2 to piked jaeger, clean – toe full, late – pak, pretty – maloney to stalder 1/2, late – DLO, small bounce back.

12.466 for Tang.

Ou – BB – fhs front tuck, large break but stays on, leg up wobble – switch, pause before switch 1/2 into lovely korbut – switch ring, small step – split ring jump to bhs to split jump, hit – aerial to straddle jump, lean before bhs – hits side somi – 2.5 dismount, step. Ou Yushan is the one who hits beam now. Like Zhang, she had a number of small hesitations and broken connections even when she looked on, but a hit.

13.166 for Turner.

Canada 39.965 on bars, which is a little more than a point behind Australia’s bars score.

Still waiting on the score for Ou. Every other event is long done. China is like, “You will have to confer over every single one of our connections.”

13.900 for Ou is the top beam score.

Luo – BB – China – front walkover mount, lovely – ro 2 foot layout and falls – cancel worlds – switch to split ring, pause before bhs – switch ring, little arm wave before bhs – aerial, way short and a second fall – stag ring to korbut is lovely – Yurchenko loop to her belly and basically almost rolls forward to flop on the ground but I think held her feetup – double tuck dismount, super deep, large lunge forward, just did once again avoid a fall. Thanks, I hate it here.

China will be on 39.199, which is still high in the grand scheme but not nearly the beam score they were looking for. And we’re probably looking at only 1 Chinese beamer in the final.

I love that Luo still got 10.766 when basically falling 4 times.

Subdivision 5 – Rotation 2

Tang – FX – China – pulls out 2/1 to punch front, legs in 3/1 – 2.5 to front pike lands completely OOB – quad turn attempt was better today, but I’d say triple credit, but no huge deductions – double pike, chest well down but under control – split leap full and the rebound got fully crazy in the air and she was like, don’t worry about it, this is choreography and not a droopy fall.

Pedrick is off beam on her side somi, and she goes 11.700

13.066 for Tang on floor, which they’ll take.

Ou – FX – China – whip whip to 3/1, step to the side – back 2.5 to front tuck, step – double tuck, step back – switch ring and switch 1/2 – falls out of double L turn a little. But she’s the one who showed up the most so far today.

Spence – BB – Canada – candle mount, hit – hits wolf turn – aerial, knee to split jump wolf jump – bhs lay-pike, secure – side somi, hit – switch to switch 1/2 to bhs, pretty quickly connected – 1.5 dismount, step

Bachurina off bars on the low bar on a 1/2 turn that turned into a full turn that turned into a goodbye. And now she seems to have injured her hip area on her dismount.

12.533 for Spence. 13.400 for Ou Yushan.

Zhang – FX – China – falls out of quad turn attemp, not too bad – 2.5 to front pike, lands fully OOB – switch ring to siwtch 1/2, solid – whip to 3/1, bounce back – memmel turn, definite credit – double pike, deep, another lunge back OOB

Turner saves her loso series and her front aerial, large break at the hips – 12.866

Bachurina is being helped off the podium by medical staff.

Black – BB – Canada – switch mount, hit – switch 1/2, short of split, connected to korbut – double turn, hits it with a lean – front tuck, nice – bhs layout 2 feet, secure – side somi, solid – 2.5 dismount, small hop. Good work.

Ooof just 12.366 for Zhang on floor.

Wei hits 3/1 to front tuck – double tuck is shortish with an arm wave and step forward – 2.5, step lunge out – nice switch ring and switch 1/2.

Black went 13.266 on beam, which is now 4th place, ahead of Jones who drops to 5th.

Wei goes 12.733 on floor, which will count for the team score as China scores the same on floor as on beam. So that’s how beam went.

Subdivision 5 – Rotation 3

Pedrick – FX – Canada – popa, good completion – 1.5 through to 3/1, attempt, well short, lunges forward – froqnt tuck through to 2/1, slide back – double pike, step back – 12.900

Tang – VT – China – Yfull, pikes it down to get it, bounce back. 13.000

Ou – VT – China – similar to Tang, some pike in a yfull, but nearly had more control on landing until a kind of large arm wave cropped up on her small step to the side. 13.000 for her as well

Turner – FX – Canada – memmel turn to full turn – 3/1, step back

Zhang – VT – China – Tsuk 2/1 is a lot better than training, chest down and leg crossing but clearly hit and a medium step back. 13.833.

Wei – VT – China – yfull, piking, bounce back, a little more crunched on the table but still got some distance.

Turner 13.300 on floor.

Black – FX – Canada – popa, good – front full to double pike, step back – front 2/1 to front tuck, hop – split leap full, some low back leg – switch full, around – 2.5, some leg crossing, crossover step. Good. 13.266

Denommee – FX – Canada – nice high double tuck, small step right into the corner – split leap full – DLO, good amplitude, shuffle back, looked like she just stayed in – switch to switch 1/2 – wolf turn double – double pike, chest forward, hop. 13.266

Canada on pace to go comfortably ahead of Australia now, actually ahead of China overall now, but China still gets to go to bars.

Bachurina is back out doing beam, which surprises me after how much pain she looked after bars

Nathan – BB – Singapore – punch front moutn, step forward – switch 1/2, shorter, step abck – side aerial to loso series and falls – punch front, short, saves it with a bounce back – wolf to straddle – 2/1, about an 1/8 twist under, hop.

Subdivision 5 – Rotation 4

Yildiz with a very solid bhs bhs loso series on beam – straight jump 1/1 from side – aerial, a bit short but holds it into split jump wolf jump – side aerial, arm wave – check full turn –

Ou – Ub – China – van leeuwen, clean – blind to healy to piked jaeger, just a little close – pak, pretty – toe on to maloney to gienger – short cast hs on high – FTDT, little hop. Amid all the all-over-the-place China has been today, Ou has been the star. 14.166

Spence – VT – Y1.5 – hits it well, knees, medium hop forward. 13.633

Wei – UB – inbar full to komova to pak, clean – van leeuwen, good – inbar 1/2 to healy, a bit crooked but worked through it into piked jaeger – DLO 1/1, solid, some pike, little hop.

Denommee – VT – Canada – also hits a Y1.5, a bit more knees than Spence, larger hop forward

14.600 for Wei puts her behind Derwael, ahead of Jones in 2nd on bars.

Luo – UB – China – healy to ling to layout jaeger, nice – pak, clean – maloney to gienger, strong – healy 1/2 – FTDT, hop to the side. That was the one.

Black – VT – Canada – goes 13.666 for her Tsuk 1.5 with a hop forward – handspring front full 2nd vault is also hit with a crossover step. Nice job.

Luo goes 14.900 on bars to take over the lead there.

Tang – Ub – China – maloney to pak, good – van leeuwen – healy to ling to front giant full to piked jaeger, a bit close – DLO, chest forward, step.

The promise of China’s bars team delivered.

Pedrick with a good DTY, some leg crossing, bounce back. Really nice day for Canada overall.

14.333 for Tang’s bars is slightly ahead of Ou, so that will count. China finishes on 162.064, 5 points behind the US. Canada will be comfortably in 3rd.

Pedrick’s second vault is a ro 1/2 on front tuck with a stumble back.

After 5
USA – 167.263
China – 162.064
Canada – 159.661
Australia – 156.095
Belgium – 156.063

In the AA, Ou Yushan moves into 3rd and Ellie Black is 4th and Tang Xijing is 7th.

Ellie Black is 4th on vault now, Luo and Wei are 1, 3 on bars as the two Chinese representatives for the final. Ou is 1st on beam and Black is 4th. Ou is also 5th on beam with Turner 6th and Black 8th.

Subdivision 6 – Rotation 1

Rooskrantz – FX – split leap full – back 1.5 to front full, stumble slide backward but saved it – double tuck, small bounce – wolf double, not quite around – L hop full, pretty low – switch 1/2 – 12.200

Boyer – UB – maloney to pak, large straddle – van leeuwen, hit, toe – piked jaeger – toe full to double tuck, hop forward. Hit. 12.800

Ruiz – VT 1 – mexico – sits her Y1.5

Newman-Achee saves back tuck mount on beam

Friess – UB – Franc e- maloney, good height – clear hip to pak, large straddle for her as well – toe full, right on top – van leeuwen, tucks it some on catch – blind to jaeger, low but hit – double front, a tad deep, hop to the side. 13.233

Heduit – UB – weiler 1/2, some legs into maloney to ricna, hit – Ray, strong – pak, good flat shape – van leeuwen – some short handstand positions – giant full is a bit late – double front, step back. Nice.

Mordenti – BB – Luxembourg – good switch mount – wolf turn hit – large break on an aerial but keeps it on – switch to split, short split – side aerial, hit – back tuck, step

Rasmussen – FX – front tuck through to 2/1, bounce back – split leap full – switch ring, solid – double back, bounce – 12.600

Sandoval of Mexico hits a Tsuk 2/1, just some direction. 13.633

DJDS – UB – Nabieva to pak – maloney to bhardwaj, super high – van leeuwen, good – inbar, some hesitation into 1/2 turn – a magnificant save on a piurouette where it looked for all the world like she would go over and she didn’t – DLO 1/1, some pike, hop.

14.400 for Melanie on bars puts her in 5th.

Escalera – Mex – vaults a Y1.5 with two steps back and out of the area. 12.966

France goes 49.099 on bars which is 3rd there, just ahead of Australia.

Escalera’s second vault is a solid Tsuk full, chest forward, step.

Subdivision 6 – Rotation 2

heduit – BB – switch mount to switch, good – wolf double, small hesitation at the end – onodi, clean – side aerial to loso, crazy leg in her loso but keeps it on the beam swithc a check – switch ring, front leg dropped early – aerai, pause before split sissone – double pike, hands down – and it was going so well…..

Ruiz – UB – MEX – blind to piked jaeger, solid – short hs – pak, legs tog4ether – shaposh, leg separation to a good bail position – toe full gets a little crazy – toe shoot – DLO 1/1 is nice and high, lunge back

12.033 for Heduit.

Friess – BB – front pike mount is excellent – wolf jump to split jump, short of split – also strong on her 2 foot layout – punch front, large lean forward, couldn’t tell if she touched the beam, Celeste Mordenti was in the way – swithc to switch 1/2, short – split jump – back tuck, hit – double tuck dismount, chest well down, hop forward

Sandoval – UB – Mexico – shaposh to pak, leg form good – maloney to bail to toe shoot – toe full, great position to a high gienger – FTDT, just a little deep, step forward. Really nice job. 13.400

Boyer – BB – France – ro 2 foot layout, small rebound – switch to switch 1/2, rushed, check – aerail, check – breaks connection into split sissone – side aerial, solid – side somi, lean forward but stays on – double pike dismount, bounce back.


Escalera – UB – Mexico – van leeuwen, some les – blind to piked jaeger, a bit close – tkatchev to pak – maloney to gienger, legs apart on catch – giant full, late into FTDT, shuffle to the side. 12.966

DJDS – BB – France – front pike mount, little hop forward – front pike, a little deeper but also hit – bhs layout 2 feet and falls – switch, pause befroe switch 1/2 – aerial to split to bhs, hit – double pike, secure landing.

Other than Boyer, a rough beam rotation for France. 38.465 is level with Hungary here, behind the US, China, and Canada.

Subdivision 6 – Rotation 3

Boyer – FX – France – front through to fouble tuck, small bounce back – pulls around doubel L turn – split leap full is strong – double pike, chest forward, hop – double y spin, pretty much around – L hop full to switch 1/2 – crazy wolf double attempt that actually did get 2 turns around but was also a windstorm. 13.300

Heduit – FX – France – FTDT, lunge back – double arabian, hit, hop forward – switch ring – split leap full, slide back – wolf double, around – doubel tuck, hop back – switch 1/2 – double pike, another hop, not too large. Good work. 13.166

Looks like Sandoval fell on beam.

Rooskrantz – UB – shaposh to pak, leg break – van leeuwen, anotehr small leg break – good hs on high bar – piked jaeger, nice amplitude – tkatchev – 1/2 turn on high – giant full – FTDT, small hop, much better than training.

Loustalot – BB – Mexico – hits loso mount – bhs loso loso series, nice execution, leg up – switch, good 180, to switch 1/2 – side aerial, a bit low, step back – split jump from side – double pike, two lunges back. 12.533

Friess hit floor for 13.100

DJDS – FX – France – FTDT, bounce back – split jump full – double tuck, bounce back OOB – attempts wolf triple, not quite all the way around 3 – double pike, good, little bounce –

Escalera saves her mount with a big check – good loso series

13.266 for Melanie, so France will be just behind Canada on floor and beam scores but has a major edge because of bars.

Subdivision 6 – Rotation 4

Loustalot hits FTDT first pass, a bit short – front tuck to 2/1, small hop in place – switch to split leap full to popa, nice – doubel tuck, hop to the side – double pike, chest down, step forward. 12.633

Heduit – VT – nice DTY, good direction and height, step to the side

Sandoval on floor for mexico, chest up on FTDT, good.

Newman – Achee – UB – toe full, a bit late – maloney to pak, some foot lexing – van leeuwen, hit – solid cast hs on high – toe 1/2 can’t swing through and has to hop off – she exceeded the fall resume time by a second – tries double tuck dismount, knees down.

13.666 for DJDS on her DTY, whcih will put her behind Black, ahead of Godwin in the AA.

Friess – VT 1 – handspring rudi, does successfully land it today, chest well down and a bounce to the side

Daries off beam on her loso series.

Campos – FX – Mexico – does quite keep the leg up all the way through memmel – double pike, bounce back – 2/1, step back – split leap full, a bit of knee form – switch – switch 1/2, tight – front full, low, hit –

Devillard – VT 1 – huge handspring rudi, one of her best, great amplitude, lunge back. 14.433

Rasmussen – BB – Denmark – pretty front walkover mount – switch to wolf, hit – bhs loso, secure – full turn, check – side somi, secure – straddle jump from side, lean – side aerial, saves it with a pretty big lean to the side – split jump from side – layout full, stuck.

Devillard – VT 2 – also big amplitude on her DTY, leg crossing – step back. Should be two big numbers.  14.166

France comes in at 161.428, which is .6 behind China and puts France in 3rd.

Devillard goes into 3rd on vault, behind Chiles, ahead of Yeo.

After 6:
USA – 167.263
China – 162.064
France – 161.428
Canada – 159.661
Australia – 156.095
Belgium – 156.063
South Korea – 153.363
Hungary – 152.296
Mexico – 150.962
Spain – 149.162
Sweden – 147.529
Ukraine – 142.729

Jones – 55.766
Carey – 55.132
Ou – 54.466
Black – 54.131
[Chiles – 53.998]
De Jesus Dos Santos – 53.865
Godwin – 52.866
Tang – 52.865
Heduit – 52.698
Vaelen – 52.432
[Friess – 52.265]
Barbosu – 52.233

Subdivision 7 – Rotation 1

We’re back from the break for the Netherlands/Japan/Finland subdivision, where Japan and the Netherlands will be aiming at minimum to beat that Australian 156.095 because that’s starting to look like the absolute score that must be defeated for TF.

Current last-in scores to watch are Black’s 13.933 on bars, Casabuena’s 12.966 on beam, and Melanie’s 13.266 on floor.

Netherlands was like, “Fuck this no-stage thing, we’re still going to choreograph something and Eythora is the star of this class.”

Sakaguchi – FX – Japan – FTDT, chest a little down, step back – popa – 3/1, lovely in the air, good control on landing – switch ring – split leap full, around – back 1.5 to front full, little hop to the side – 2.5, a bit short, step back.

Volleman – UB – Netherlands – shaposh to gienger, solid height – little arch in hs – jaeger, good distance – bail, clear vertical – clear hip to shoot to high – giant full, slightly crooked – FTDT, small hop.

13.066 for Sakaguchi.

I like the part where my browser fronze during Eythora’s perfect bars routine, so it didn’t save the quick hits, but it was glorious. Honestly should get the highest E score on bars of the meet so far.

13.833 for Thorsdottir with 8.333 execution. So not quite the highest but it should have been.

Visser – UB – Netherlands – stalder tkatchev 1/2 to yezhova, one of her better editions – stalder full to stalser shap to pak – van leeuwen, legs together – giant full – FTDT, little hop. Another excellent one.

Miyata – FX – Japan – DLO 1/1, some loose legs throughout but controlled the landing pretty well – whip whip to 2.5, little hop – 1.5 to front full, hop forward – switch – split leap full, short of split – double pike, stuck landing, chest down.

14.400 for Visser puts her in 5th on bars.

Veerman – UB – Nehterlands – jaeger, hit – stalder tkatchev piked to pak to maloney to bhardwaj, hit combo, some leg form in bhardwaj – toe full to van leeuwen, some feet – FTDT, small hop.

That was the best bars rotation NED could have hoped for.

14.533 for Veerman puts her in 5th now on bars. I have some issues with the closeness of her E score to the previous two.

Miyata went 13.600 on floor (!) which puts her 4th.

Watanabe – FX – Japan – double back, bounce – popa – 2.5 to front pike, good amplitude on pike – switch 1/2 – double turn, tried triple but was under – back 1.5 to front full, hit – 2/1, stuck.

Netherlands with a huge 42.766 on bars, ahead of the US there

Peterkova falls on her front walkover mount on beam – resumes with aerial, check – switch to split to straddle, well connected – bhs loso series, 2nd fall – switch ring was hit – punch front full, step forward. 

Japan 39.766 on floor is up toward the top there, 3rd-best floor score. 

Subdivision 7 – Rotation 2

Volleman – BB – bhs mount, keeps it on with a step back and arm wave – illusion turn, hit – fhs, then a kickover front, kind of connected, check – L turn, hit – side somi, secure – double turn, hits it – switch to cat leap – korbut – gainer layout dismount, solid landing.

Tanskanen with a solid hit on bars, ending with a double tuck, step to the side.

Sakaguchi – VT – Japan – very good DTY, small slide back and some chest forward.

12.533 for Volleman.

Thorsdottir – BB – Netherlands – loso mount and falls immediately – aerail is lovely, pause before split, pause before bhs – side aerial to loso, 2nd fall – L turn to switch to y spin to full turn, pretty combination but risking combo credit – illusion, turn to the side correction – 2.5 dismount, lunge forward.

Yamada went 13.233 on vault.

Miyata – VT – Japan – DTY – NAILED her DTY, what an excellent landing, just some leg crossing.

Kuusikko went 12.866 on bars.

Hautala – UB – Finland – toie 1/2 with leg break to jaeger, hit – Hindorff supppper close but worked out of it – bail, small leg break on catch – toe full, crooked late but continues – toe shoot – double pike dismount, two lunges back.

Miyata VT 2 – deep landing on Tsuk1.5, a couple lunges back to save it.

De Ruiter falls on her mount on beam – bhs loso series is hit, just a bit of knees – aerial, check – L turn, large break, lean to the side, bend at the hips – side aerial, secure landing – 1.5 dismount, little movement.

Makela – UB – clear hip to maloney to pak, small leg breaks – misses van leeuwen, can’t catch, well short of the high bar – resumes with a good jaeger – toe 1/2 – giant full, late finish – DLO, hop forward

Eythora went 11.666 on beam, de Ruiter 11.233 despite one fewer fall.

Visser – UB – Netherlands – bhs mount is good – switch, pause before side somi, hit – split jump 1/2 from side is hit – straight jump full from side, also on – side aerial to bhs, lean correction – double turn is lovely – split leap to sissone, pretty – ro bhs 2/1, little hop.

Japan went 41.633 to stay in very good shape.

For as good as Netherlands was on bars…then there was beam. 36.932 there, which ranks 8th so far.

Subdivision 7 – Rotation 3

Volleman – FX – Netherlands – triple turn is around – double tuck to punch front, cowboys the double tuck, but secure – double L turn to illusion, I’m glad she’s not going that held-leg double turn anymore – 2.5, step forward – doubel y spin – switch 1/2 – I’d say she gets credit for that quad turn, connects to double turn. The first real quad turn we’ve seen at the meet. 13.200

Kuusikko hits beam, slide back on 1.5 dismount.

Yamada leads off Japan on bars with 13.666

Watanabe – UB – Japan – stalder to stalder shap to pak, good height – maloney to bail, big arch but brings it back to toe shoot – toe full blind to jaeger, hit – toe 1/2 – DLO, small step into salute step. 12.933

Visser – FX – Netherlands – deep 3/1 to front tuck, though not as deep as training – double L turn t- double turn – double y to illusion probably gets credit for all of that – 2/1, bounce back – switch ring and split leap full – double tuck, landed in a ball but hit and under control. 13.666

Miyara – UB – Japan – jaeger, solid – arch on handstand, brings it back – Church to pak, pak is too close and she has to muscle up to toe on – maloney to gienger, solid – short hs on high – giant full – FTDT, hop to the side. Well iot was an adventure but she stayed on.

Thorsdottir – FX – Netherlands – 3/1 to front tuck is hit – double L a little inder, connected to double turn, double y, illusion – double tuck, step back – switch ring to split leap full, a little tight on the split leap – back 1.5 to front tuck and falls, got nothing into that front tuck. A mournful ending indeed.

Watanabe’s bars score is out first inquiry of the meet.

13.500 for Fukasawa, so Japan goes 40.099 on bars, keeping them ahead of Canada’s team score pace.

Tanskanen – BB – Finland – spins herself right off the beam on a double wolf attempt. When wolf turns attack – resumes with bhs loso loso series, check – hits side somi – aerial, solid – 2/1 dismount, step back.

Eythora 12.466 with a fall.

De Ruiter  – FX NED – split leap full – double pike, looks like she got her feet stuck under her and sat down – front full, step – double tuck, secure landing – switch ring – switch 1/2 –

Watanabe’s inquity was accepted and her routine is up to 13.233, which takes Japan’s bars up to 40.399.

Subdivision 7 – Rotation 4

Sakaguchi – BB – Japan – switch to split to straddle, strong – side aerial to loso, secure, good amplitude – switch ring, not quite there – aerial, just a little short but a secure landing – wolf double comes through, a little slow – side somi, hit – 2.5 dismount, step forward. Very good job.

Visser – Vt – solid layout position in her yfull, bounce.

Big 13.466 for Sakaguchi on beam!

Yamada – BB – Japan – wolf double, clean – switch leap, nice – bhs loso, arm wave – front tuck, deep, but holds it securely – aerial, hit – split ring leap – side aerial, secure – double pike, chest really low but landed

Thorsdottir hits her DTY, a couple steps back. 13.800

Visser goes into 4th in the AA between Ou and Black. De Ruiter also hits her yfull. Critical score to see if Netherlands can pass Canada in the team scores. Otherwise, TF will be tough.

Miyata with a large break on her 2 foot layout on beam but stays on – switch to sissone, hit – aerial to split jump to bhs – double turn, has to turn to the side to keep it together but does – side aerial, secure – side somi, hit – double pike, chest down but good control.

De Ruiter’s score will not improve Netherlands’ total, so they’ll end up about three tenths behind Canda.

The Miyata routine will take Japan above Canada when her score comes up. And it’s a 13.700, which takes them .002 ahead of France as well.

Watanabe – BB – Japan – front pike mount, excellent – 2 foot layout, nailed it – switch to switch 1/2, nice positions – aerial, check, arm wave – full turn, good – side aerial, strong – 2.5 dismount, hop to the side.

Very impressive day for Japan and we’ll wait to see if this score is enough to pass China.

13.600 for Watanabe. Insanely good beam score for Japan overall, and that will put them ahead of China.

After 7
USA – 167.263
Japan – 162.564
China – 162.064
France – 161.428
Canada – 159.661
Netherlands – 159.396
Australia – 156.095
Belgium – 156.063

Miyata moves into 4th in the AA and Visser is 5th. Veerman and Visser in the top 8 on bars for now. Miyata and Watanabe on pace to make the beam final at this point. Miyata may also make the floor final.

Subdivision 8 – Rotation 1

It’s Brazil time. Brazil will view Japan’s 2nd-place score right now as very beatable, so 2nd place should be the goal here.

Danusia just said the words “Rebeca Andrade” and then we heard some sort of banshee shriek of excitement from the right.

Soares – BB – Brazil – eponymous candle 1/2 mount – wolf double, slight hesitation, fine – bhs loso, large break, lean to the side, keeps it on the beam – aerial, pause before split jump, pause before back tuck – swtich, nice – split leap 1/2, secure – wolf jump to sissone – bhs bhs double pike, lunge back. A nervvvvvyyyy routine but she stayed on.

Malewski went 12.666 to start Germany on floor.

Macias – UB – Argentina – toe full to stalder shap to pak, nice combination – can leeuwen – toe 1/2 to jaeger, good height – double tuck, hop forward. Pretty good routine.

12.466 for Soares on beam.

Andrade – BB – Brazil – switch mount, small arm wave – switch to switch 1/2 to split, good work – bhs loso, large leg up wobble, brings it back – aerial to split ring – switch ring, small check – side aerial, nice – wolf jump to sissone, good back leg position – full turn – ro bhs double pike, step back. One larger break but otherwise solid.

Quaas 12.233 FX for Germany.

Schoenmaier on FX starts with a solid FTDT, good control – double tuck, bounce back, good tuck position –

Andrade 13.400 on beam.

Saraiva – BB – bhs mount, good – split jump to korbut, hit – 2 foot layout, secure – full turn – bhs loso loso and falls – FLAVIA – switch ring, secure, bealitful – aerial to split ring jump – side somi, lean forward – split leap to sissone – double pike, step back. FLAVIA.

Koenig – FX – Germany – double tuck, good control – 1.5 to front full low but solid, little hop forward – switch to split leap full – wolf double, rises out of it but around – 2.5, step forward.

Long wait for Flavia’s skill. Donatella probably over to figure out how to get her into the final anyway.

13.000 for Koenig on floor. 38.266 total for Germany.

Flavia’s score in with 12.900 with a fall.

Pedro – BB – Brazil – switch to split 1/2, secure – bhs loso series and falls – resumes with solid aerial to split to bhs – finishes with double tuck, step back.

So we’re looking at Brazil with a 38.766 on beam, which is still 4th on the event. Now they’ll be aiming for a team score that hits 41 on floor to try to make up the 2 point beam gap against Japan.

Subdivision 8 – Rotation 2

Seitz leads off vault for Germany with her Yfull, solid, high, easy for her, bounce back. 13.466

Pedro – FX – Brazil – whip to double arabian, step forward, keeps it in bounds – double tuck, bounce back – split jump full, a low front leg there – switch – swithc leap full – 2/1, legs crossing, bounce back – switch 1/2 – double pike, chest down, minor step back. 12.833

Martinez falls on beam for Argentina.

Koenig – VT – Germany – Tsuk layout full – clean in the air but a large bounce back and another little hop

Soares – FX – Brazil – double arabian, bounce forward OOB – FTDT, stuck landing – double y spin, switch ring to split leap full – wolf triple, gets it around – doubel tuck, little bounce – split jump full – doubel pike, bounce back

13.466 for Soares.

Andrade – FX – Brazil – front full through tFTDT, nice job, cone step back – DLO 1/1, solid layout position, lunge back – swiotch 1/1 is around – falls out of double Y spin with a stumble on one foot – DLO, great today, bounce back – split leap full – double pike, a little out of control on the bounce back but stays in. Much better than podium training.

Andrade goes 14.200 for first place on floor even with falling to Mercury on her Memmel.

Saraiva – FX – Brazil – whip to FTDT, solid landing, step – switch full, excellent – DLO, a little deep, step back stayed in bounds – split leap 1.5, wrenches it around – switch ring 1/2, the only who who is allowed to try it – 1.5 to front full, solid landing – double pike, chest forward but control the landing.

Brazil will definitely easily break that 41 mark on floor.

Flavia also goes 14.200 on floor but is ahead of Andrade on execution. Brazil goes 41.866 on floor to nearly match the US number there.

Subdivision 8 – Rotation 3

Wildi – BB – SUI – hits her front pikel mount with a check – falls on loso series –

Koenig very close catch on a Jaeger on bars

Pedro – VT – Brazil – Yfull – good hit, bounce back with both feet, some leg separation. 12.933

Malewski – UB – piked jaeger, hit – pak to toe on toe toe full, good finish position – hits van leeuwen – doubel front, hop back. A good one. 13.333

Saraiva – VT – Brazil – hits her DTY, just a little jarring with her chest forward on landing but not a ton of movement.

Mesropian – FX – Argentina – double tuck, a bit forward, hop – 2/1, bounce back, some leg crossing – switch to split leap full –

Andrade – VT 1 – Cheng is magnificant, very high, pretty, landed just ever so slightly forward with a hop. A casual 15.066 nonetheless

Andrade – VT 2 – WHHAAAAAAA she botches her DTY attempt and ends up just doing a yurchgenko back tuck. We’re far away from the steps portion of the vault runway but I assume something was wrong with them.

Seitsz – UIb – Germany – stalder shap to ricna – jaeger, good – Church to pak, very clean – van leeuwen, small leg break – toe full, good into FTDT, hop to the side. Good work. Bars final is starting to get tiggghttt.

I’m really hoping Andrade still makes vault final with a 3.00 D score second vault.

Ooooh 14.400 for Seitz is into just 7th on bars. This is such a tough final. That bumps melanie to 8th with the Italians still to go.

11.466 for Andrade’s second vault, which puts her in 11th on vault (10th with 2 per) so she will not make the vault final. GASP.

Oliveira – VT – Brazil – fairly messy Yfull, lots of knees and feet and a bounce back

Brazil will still go 41.832, which gains them tenths on Japan.

Subdivision 8 – Rotation 4

Quaas is off on her bhs loso series for Germany.

Pedro – UB – Brazil – shaposh to pak, some leg break to toe full – maloney to bail to toe shoot, solid – blind to jager, high, foot form – double pike, feet, hop forward. 12.800

Oliveira – UB – Brazil – maloney to pak, pretty – toe on to van leeuwen, clean – front giant full to piked jaeger – doubel front 1/2 out dismount, step to the side. Good. 13.233

Some super secure acro elements from koenig on beam – kickover front a bit more shaky but nice work.

Saraiva – UB – Brazil – toe full good finsih into piked tkatchebv to pak, solid – toe on to maloney to gienger, hit – only dismounts with a flyaway after that vault landing. So that will be something to watch in later phases of the comp.

Schoenmaier with a big wobble on her front tuck mount on beam but keeps it on. Lean correction on loso series.

13.200 for Saraiva.

Andrade – UB – Brazil – maloney to stalder full to piked tkatchev to pak, lovely – van leeuwen, legs right together – blind to piked jaeger, hit – toe full to FTDT, stuck landing. Amazing.

14.666 adn third place.

Malewski – BB – Germany – loso mount, secure – sdie aerial  to loso, leg-up wobble, keeps it on. Switch to switch 1/2 to split, some feet, good combination – aerial, holds it – wolf double and has to grabs the beam and sit down and you didn’t see anything that’s barely a deduction because wolf turn – stuck layout 1/1.

Andrade’s bars takes Brazil into 2nd place, a point ahead of Japan.

Andrade’s score knocks De Jesus Dos Santos out of the bars final. Seitz is now into the 8th position.

So we ended up with a 12.933 for Malewski, which will keep Germany in 10th place as a team.

After 8
USA – 167.263
Brazil – 163.563
Japan – 162.564
China – 162.064
France – 161.428
Canada – 159.661
Netherlands – 159.396
Austrealia – 156.095

Andrade – 57.332
Jones – 55.766
Carey – 55.132
Ou – 54.466
Miyata – 54.166
Visser – 54.165
Saraiva – 54.133
Black – 54.131

Current cutoffs for EF are 13.416 on vault, 14.400 on bars, 13.266 on beam, and 13.300 on floor

Subdivision 9 – Rotation 1

It’s Italy time, their chance to see if they can be more dramatic and chaotic than Brazil. A tough category.

Abdelsalam – FX – Egypt – L turn – doubel tuck, little bounce – double pike, stumble back OOB

Nice dance element positions from Huang on beam for TPE

Villa – UB – Italy – tkatchev to pak to maloney to bhardwaj, lovely – van leeuwen, clean – front giant full – 1/2 turn, scoots back to the middle – FTDT, hop back. Nicely done.

Hilton – VT – Ireland – pretty solid yfull, composed shape, hop to the side.

14.166 for Villa to start for Italy. Big opening score.

Maggio – Ub – Italy – good first hs – Ray to pak, very high – stalder full to maloney to tkatchev, clean – bail, good vertical – toe full, little leg break hesitation, toe shoot to high, slightly short on hs – double Arabian dismount, nearly holds stick, step forward.

Lai Pin Ju a number of steps back on her bhs back tuck series but keeps it on the beam.

Maggio goes 14.200 on bars. I would not have had her ahead of Villa.

D;Amato – Ub – Italy – good first hs – maloney to tkatchev, just a bit close – stalder tkatchev piked to pak to stalder shap 1/2, no trouble today – front giant full across the bars to double front 1/2 out, trouble on the dismount , chest down and a large lunge to the side and off the mat for an additional step.

Mai Liu – BB – TPE – front tuck mount, hit – wolf jump full from side position is nice to see – side aerial to swingdown, a little awkward but hit – side somi, hodls it well – oh and a fun front gainer tuck 1.5 dismount. Can’t recall that.

14.400 for D’Amato. Nothing matters I guess. I actually don’t understand how you get up to 8.1 E score there when 8.566 is the highest for ANYONE.

Esposito – UB – Italy – Church to pak, very good – maloney to bhardwa, clean – van leeuwen – some short cast handstands – double front, deep landing, bounce forward.

13.966 for Esposito will be the drop score as Italy goes 42.766, second on bars to China.

No one from Italy knocks Seitz out of the final qualifying position on bars.

Ting – BB – TPE – switch to switch 1/2, solid sequence – aerial to bhs split jump, lovely – switch to split ring jump to korbut, smooth combination – side somi, very secure – punch front layout full, little shuffle forward. AMAZING.

13.000 for Ting, which is a great score, but I wanted final and I think it merited that.

Subdivision 9 – Rotation 2

Annnnd Villa is off on her back tuck full series – wolf triple is lovely – switch to split to wolf, smalll pause before wolf, good elements – double turn, works it out well – side aerial, strong – 2/1 dismount, large bounce back

Hilton – Ub – Ireland – jaeger, clean – short cast hs – pak, leg separation – maloney, just foes catch it into clear hip but she’s just struggling to keep going at this point with an improvised clear hip and some form on a clear hip full.

12.300 for Villa.

Maggio – BB – italy – switch mount, good – switch to sissone, pretty – bhs loso lsoo, solid, protects against a check with a quick arm wave – full turn – siwthc ring, large break, bend at the hips wobble – side aerial, another check – aerial, another leg-up check, she seems a little rattled now – side somi, arm wave to keep it on the beam – double pike, step back. She stayed on but gave away a bunch of wobbles in the 2nd half there.

12,900 for Maggio

D’Amato – BB – Italy – front tuck mount and immediately falls – ITALYYYY – punch front is solid – bhs loso series, good – switch to sissone, pretty – switch ring, comfortable – aerial, lean to the side – wolf turn double is hit – 2.5 dismount, bound forward.

Nancy Taman hits her DTY on vault for Egypt

Taman does ro 1/2 on front tuck 2nd vault.

Ting – FX – TPE – switch ring 1/2, hit – dfouble tuck, step back, chest down.

12.133 for D’Amato’s beam.

Esposito – BB – Italy – and she also immediately falls on her bhs mount – I REPEAT, ITALY – now just some Urazova bhs series work – aerial, arm wave – sissone – wolf double is hit – switch to split jump 1/2, short of split there – side aerial, check – doubel pike dismount, bounce back.

So no Italians in the bars final or the beam final.

So that’s going to be Italy on 37.333 for beam, which is 3.400 lower than Japan’s beam-leading score.

10.800 for Esposito.

Subdivision 9 – Rotation 3

OMG we still don’t have Ting’s FX score from the last rotation so they are holding Italy on floor.

Ibrahim Sharaf – UB – Egypt – clear hip 1/2 to jaeger, hit, a bit close – bail, some legs, collapses in elbows – clear hip, pulls it through to handstand – shoot to high – giant full – DLO, shuffle back, a couple steps.

Someone find Ting’s floor score and give it to the judges! It’s lost!

Kelly – BB – Barbados – split jump to wolf jump – aerial, nice – split jump 1/2 from side, secure – side aerial, good height but a large break, huge bend forward and a leg up – bhs loso series, hit – switch, pause befroe korbut, really nice switch position – wolf double, around – 2.5, step forward.

They found Ting’s floor score! It’s 12.266.

Maggio – FX – Italy – finally getting to start, most of the other events are almost done – wolf triple, around – DLO, very good landing – front loso to double pike, bounce back OOB with both feet – split ring leap switch ring 1/2, not bad, but bouncy – FTDT, a bit deep, bounce back – nice switch ring – doubel tuck, small slide back –

13.500 for Maggio with the 0.3 OOB

D’Amato – FX – Italy – memmel turn is very nice – whip whip to 3/1, nice, little slide back – double pike, chest somewhat down, bounce back – wolf double, around – split leap full – front 2/1, solid, hop forward – ends with switch ring.

Hilton with a nice loso mount on beam – side aerial to loso series is aslo hit – switch to split to straddle, good rhythm – switch 1/2, short of split but hit – wolf triple, smoothly done – 2/1 dismount, bounce back – really nice!

13.600 for Alice D’Amato, so Italy should at least have some floor event finalists.

Mandriota – FX – Italy – wolf double is a little under 2 full turns – whip to 3/1, some leg form, bounce back – back 1.5 to front full, hop forward – switch ring – switch 1/2 – double y spin to double turn – double pike, stuck landing –

All other events are done now. 12.933 for Mandriota. 

Esposito – FX – Italy – wolf triple, very good – 2.5 to front lay, just a little short, hop forward – split leap 1.5 attempt, not around – doubleishy spin to illusion is lovely – switch full, nicely done – back 1.5 to front full, step – doubel tuck, stuck landing, chest down. Well done.

13.466 for Esposito. Drat, I was hoping for a floor final for her. So close.

40.566 for italy’s floor, which is an important recovery rotation.

Subdivision 9 – Rotation 4

Italy needs to vault a 41.900 to move ahead of Japan for 3rd place.

Maggio opens with a stuck Y1.5, just like at nationals. Some knee form, otherwise not much to take, an excellent vault. 14.200

Ibrahim Sharaf holds onto a side aerial loso series on beam with a check.

D’Amato – VT – Italy – chest down landing on her DTY with a hop forward, some leg crossing. Still goes 14.233

Mandriota – VT – Italy – secure landing on her Y1.5, brings the heels together – more form than from Maggio.

Abdelsalam falls on loso series on beam

Slevin – FX – Ireland – wolf 2.75 – double tuck, big stumble back OOB and sits it down

Esposito finishes Italy’s day with a high Y 1.5, hop back

Mandriota’s 1.5 was enough to get Italy to 42.133 on vault, so they will pass Japan and sit in 3rd in the team standings.

Aboelhasan – BB  – Egypt – hits her switch mount – switch 1/2, step, arm wave – aerial, really long but low and falls – bhs loso, check – side somi, lean forward at the hips to hold onto it – largeish break on back extension roll – layout full dismount with hop.

Hilton – FX – Ireland – wolf triple, around – front lay to front 2/1 attempt, foot slips out, hand down – ro double tuck, chest down, step forward – split leap full, under – switch 1/2 to pike jump full, somewaht out of control – 2.5, crossover step.

Ting – UB – TPE – maloney, legs apart to gienger, catches – blind to jaeger, hit – bail, legs apart, connected to toe shoot – giant full – flyaway dismount

Katsali – FX – Greece – double pike, sits it down

Mai Liu – Ub – TPE – clear hip to giant full to gienger, good height, leg separation – jager, nice – bail, elbows, leg separation – 2/1 twist dismount, bounce back.

After 9
USA – 167.263
Brazil – 163.563
Italy – 162.798
Japan – 162.564
China – 162.064
France – 161.428
Canada – 159.661
Netherlands – 159.396

Andrade – 57.332
Jones – 55.766
Carey – 55.132
Maggio – 54.800
Ou – 54.466
D’Amato – 54.366
Miyata – 54.166
Visser – 54.165
Saraiva – 54.133
Black – 54.131
DJDS – 53.865
Godwin – 52.866
Tang – 52.865
Heduit – 52.698
Yamada – 52.465
Vaelen – 52.432
Volleman – 52.333
Barbosu – 52.233
Casabuena – 52.032
Lee YS – 51.833
R Brown – 51.731
Kuusikko – 51.231
Brassart – 50.699
Schoenmaier – 50.633

Carey 14.483
Chiles – 14.316
Devillard – 14.299
Yeo – 14.249
Black – 13.749
Miyata – 13.666
Vaelen – 13.499
Raz – 13.416

Luo – 14.900
Derwael – 14.700
Andrade – 14.666
Wei – 14.600
Jones – 14.566
Veerman – 14.533
Visser – 14.400
Seitz – 14.400

Ou – 13.900
Blakely – 13.733
Miyata – 13.700
Boyer – 13.666
Watanabe – 13.600
Kovacs – 13.533
Andrade – 13.400
Black – 13.266

Saraiva – 14.200
Andrade – 14.200
Chiles – 14.100
Carey – 14.066
Visser – 13.666
D’Amato – 13.600
Miyata – 13.600
Maggio – 13.500

One subdivision left to disrupt.

Subdivision 10 – Rotation 1

Austria does have a pose introduction for us in their attempt to be the new Netherlands.

Jennifer Gadirova is only on floor for GB, where Fenton will not go.

Gehani – FX – REALLY nice quad turn – FTDT, small steps to the side – 2.5 to front tuck, way OOB and sits it down – and now she’s down on the floor being seen to by medical staff. Yikes. 

Charlize Moerz with a ridic save on her side somi which she landed with her butt basically touching the beam.

Jes Gadirova – UB – piked jaeger, really close catch, continues – tkatchev 1/2 to yezhova is hit – maloney to pak, legs – van leeuwen – short cast hs – giant full – FTDT, hop forward.

Medics still seeing to Gehani.

11.533 for Moerz.

13.166 for Gadirova.

Kinsella – UB – good first hs – toe 1/2 to piked jaeger – Piked Ricna to pak, clean – maloney to gienger, some leg separation – teo full to doubel arabian, holds the stick. Good one.

Gehani is now being taken off the floor on a stretcher.

Kinsella gets a huge number, 14.166

Achampong – UB – inbar to inbar 1/2 to jaeger, a bit close on catch but fine – stalder tkatcchev piked and hits the low bar with her foot trying to connect to pak and comes off the bars – toe full – stalder shap 1/2 – FTDT, chest down, little hop

Big save from Mader on beam on her side aerial. Finishes with a stuck gainer pike.

Fenton – UB – toe on tkatchev piked 1/2 to yezhova, good, to maloney to pak – van leeuwen, solid legs together – clear hip to giant full – to FTDT, chest forward, little hop. Nice one.

14.133 for Fenton on bars, behind Kinsella.

GB goes 41.465 on bars, a very solid number.

Subdivision 10 – Rotation 2

Fenton – BB – GB – loso mount, step back – double turn, lovely – side aerial to bhs, clean – aerial, a bit of knee, to split jump, back foot, check – y spin, check – wolf turn triple, hit – switch to split, good extension – dobule tuck dismount, sits it down. IT WAS GOING SO WELLLLLL.

12.100 for Fenton

Kinsella – BB – GB – switch mount, check – aerial, small pause befroe split jump, hit – side aerial to loso loso is right on, well done – wolf double, solid – switch to switch 1/2, a bit short of split – double pike dismount, step back. A hit.

Toessebro – UB – blind to jaeger, hit with some foot form – bail, solid enough vertical – shoot to high – giant full – flyaway dismount

13.066 for Kinsella will not pass Ellie Black for the beam final.

Jes Gadirova – BB – candle mount, hit – switch to switch 1/2, short of position, to korbut – wolf double, just does squeak it around – aerial, some knee bend – split to straddle, leg-up wobble – bhs loso, secure – side aerial, solid – double pike, chest forward, step.

12.933 for her.

Achampong – BB – front walkover mount, good – aerail to split to straddle, lovely elements – bhs loso loso, well done, very secure – side aerial, leg swing up – switch ring with some foot flexing – y spin – split ring jump, small check – bhs bsh 2.5 dismount, large lunge forward off the mat and then another step. Almost another dismount fall apart. 12.966.

38.965 for GB on beam, which is 4th place on beam.

Subdivision 10 – Rotation 3

Jen Gadirova – FX – DLO, pretty solid, slide back, high – split jump full, definitely around – FTDT, chest down but secure – switch ring to split leap full, good – switch 1/1 has to wrench it around but does – front tuck through to double tuck – hop

Tronrud grabs the beam on her illusion turn.

13.600 for Gadirova is into the floor final for now if she stays 2 per country, knocking out Maggio.

Achampong – FX – whip whip to 3/1, bounce back – split jump full, around, some back leg – front 2/1, secure landing – switch ring, good – split leap full, smooth landing – double tuck, chest down, bounce back – swtich 1/2 – 2.5, larger bound forward. 13.333

Kinsella – FX – back 1.5 throiugh to 3/1, bounce back and OOB – 2.5 to front full, doesn’t get much on the front full, lands short and sits it down – double pike, bounce back –


Jes Gadirova – FX – Silivas was realtively silivasy today and not so laid out at the beginning, but a large bounce back OOB – DLO 1/1 is strong – switch ring  – split leap 1.5 – switch 1/1, both around – front full throigh to double tuck, good stuck landing.

Still goes 14.100 with an 8.300. So both Gadirovas into floor finals, knocking out Miyata and Maggio. Alice D’Amato is the only Italian event finalist as the last qualifier on floor.

Subdivision 10 – Rotation 4

Mader – UB – Austria – toe full, hit – maloney to bail, lovely vertical – toe on to toe shoot – clind to jaeger, high – toe 1/2 – doubel tuck, step forward. 12.333

Fenton – VT – very nice Y1.5, small hop back, pretty good leg position. 13.900

Kinsella – VT – DTY – a well controlled landing, small bounce back – some leg crossing. 14.266

Jes Gadirova – VT 1 – DTY – huge amplitude – so much that it was a little bit of trouble to control the bounce back, but should score well

Kickinger – clear hip to maloney to pak, hit – van leeuwen – arched hs on high bar – jaeger, some feet – ggiant full – toe tuck 1/2 dismount, shuffle back, good. 14.400

She goes into 5th AA with 54.599 to make the top rotation group.

Jes Gadirova – VT 2 – Lopez – hit vault, chest forward, with a hop to the side. That will knock Raz out of the vault final.

We’re still waiting on the very first floor score of this rotation, so we’ve got a while to go there.

That’s enough to put GB over Brazil and into second place.

Achampong – VT – very high DTY, good direction, hop back, chest slightly down

14.466 for her. GB is done on 164.595, more than a point ahead of Brazil, who gets bumped down to 3rd.

Achampong comes in just .200 behind Kinsella to miss the AA final.

We’ve still got a couple floor routines to go, but…….our qualifiers:

USA – 167.263
Great Britain – 164.595
Brazil – 163.563
Italy – 162.798
Japan – 162.564
China – 162.064
France – 161.428
Canada – 159.661

Andrade – 57.332
Jones – 55.766
Carey – 55.132
Maggio – 54.800
Jessica Gadirova – 54.599
Ou – 54.466
D’Amato – 54.366
Miyata – 54.166
Visser – 54.165
Saraiva – 54.133
Black – 54.131
DJDS – 53.865
Kinsella – 53.798
Godwin – 52.866
Tang – 52.865
Heduit – 52.698
Yamada – 52.465
Vaelen – 52.432
Volleman – 52.333
Barbosu – 52.233
Casabuena – 52.032
Lee YS – 51.833
R Brown – 51.731
Kuusikko – 51.231

Carey 14.483
Chiles – 14.316
Devillard – 14.299
Yeo – 14.249
Jes Gadirova – 14.200
Black – 13.749
Miyata – 13.666
Vaelen – 13.499

Luo – 14.900
Derwael – 14.700
Andrade – 14.666
Wei – 14.600
Jones – 14.566
Veerman – 14.533
Visser – 14.400
Seitz – 14.400

Ou – 13.900
Blakely – 13.733
Miyata – 13.700
Boyer – 13.666
Watanabe – 13.600
Kovacs – 13.533
Andrade – 13.400
Black – 13.266

Saraiva – 14.200
Andrade – 14.200
Jes Gadirova – 14.100
Chiles – 14.100
Carey – 14.066
Visser – 13.666
Jen Gadirova – 13.600
D’Amato – 13.600

Tronrud is our final floor worker – double tuck, shuffle back – switch to split leap full, short of split and slightly awakward on landing – double y – front tuck through to back layout 1/1, good control – doubel L turn to full turn, looked just around on the double L turn – double pike, very deep landing, pulls it out – kind of crazy switch 1/2.

And it’s over!



28 thoughts on “World Championships Qualification Live Blog – Day 2”

  1. Thanks for covering NZ where you can. Very appreciated! Reece and Keira are such huge inspirations here, and we’re so proud of them. 🇳🇿

  2. Thank you so much for doing this, Spencer! Much appreciated as always.

    Liviefromparis is uploading many of today’s routines to her YouTube channel almost as they happen, so be sure to check out her channel if you wish to see the action!

  3. Live stream has been made available on Facebook 2022 World Gymnastics own page (muted due to copyright issues)!.

    1. Yay facebook and twitter feeds. I don’t know anyone under 30 that uses either platform…so much for exposure and looking ahead.

  4. I’m gutted that Luo, Saraiva and Thorsdottir will all miss the beam final. That’s a minor tragedy right there.

  5. Confused, as I thought Shilese was a front runner on bars, but she qualifies 5th? Others agreed with me as I kept reading how she can challenge for the gold on bars on reddit, youtube, months leading in, yet here she isn’t really stacking up? Same with Jade Carey, she had one floor issue on a landing, and qualifies 5th? People have been sayin how improved she is in her dance and that she is the front runner…. yet … While other girls had more errors but scored tenths higher? Am I just a deluded American? Set me straight please.

    1. Look at the scores themselves. The difference between second and sixth on bars is less than 0.2, as is the differences between first and sixth on floor. That means it’s anyone’s game in the finals.

      But in general I think Reddit and Youtube comments aren’t the most reliable when it comes to gymnastics.

      1. Yes I understand that… I’m not saying they are light years ahead, Im stating Jade and Shilese didnt have that big of an error, and came in 5th in qualifications. The others can improve as well. But it seems even if Shilese hits she can medal for sure, but win, not unless others have major issues it seems. Jade had the most difficulty on floor, what was taken off? The others had errors, and can clearly improve and then score even higher. Those tenths matter.

    2. Jade is a little over a tenth away from the leading floor qualifiers and all the bar qualifiers are within five tenths of each other. Jade and Silese are both excellent and are in the hunt for medals, but they are not dominant like we often saw with Simone.

      1. My main question wasnt in regards to medals in general. I meant winning, and how Jade for example was clearly outscored from others who had more mistakes then she did, hence those who outscored her in an every tenth counts race, can improve as well, hence still outscoring Jade who can hit and still…. My question is why? What are they chopping away so much from her?

    3. Lena, I get that the previous answers aren’t what you’re looking for and I don’t know if this will help. Oftentimes, the subjectivity of the sport comes into play during these big World and Olympic championships. It’s not malicious or intentional, it’s just a byproduct of the competition format. You’ve got the USA, which competed in the first subdivision, and nine subdivisions later — of which a whopping 8 subdivisions happened on the same day — the scores could be looser. The reality of the sport is that scores tend to rise for later subdivisions, and then we see how things shake out more one-to-one at the finals.

      We could do a side by side comparison of the qualifications routines and probably find that there were stricter evaluations in the earlier subdivisions (and not just the US, probably China too).

      But, what it comes down to, really, is that we’re all speculating. We’re not privy to the judging receipts. So we could say it’s looser scores in later subdivisions, we can say that, despite Jade’s improvements in artistry, she’s still getting hit with significant artistry deductions, and so on — but the truth is that we can’t give a definitive answer.

      1. This ☝🏻. I have to assume you’re a relatively new fan of the sport if judging discrepancies of a few tenths are causing you concern about your favorite’s chances of medaling. Complaining about the judging is one of the most fun aspects of belonging to this fandom (I’m only partially kidding). At the end of the day, it’s subjective, so it’s likely that no one will be able to give you the answer you’re looking for.

        A few other things to consider besides those already mentioned: since coverage has been spotty at best, we haven’t been given the best angles and the luxury of replay and slow motion to closely analyze routines to compare one to another. Deductions of 0.5-1 point are pretty obvious, even on a grainy video from the stands. Those 0.1-0.2 deductions may not be, and they indeed add up.

        As far as those athletes being the far and away ‘favorite,’ that’s really just a matter of opinion. Carey is the defending Olympic champ, so obviously her name is up there, but the emphasis on artistry in this code does give her a disadvantage, even though she is working on it. Personally, I wouldn’t name Jones as gold medal favorite in a competition with China, Italy, Derwael, and Fenton. A possibility, yes. Front runner, not so much. But she did her job and qualified to the final. What happens next week, only time will tell.

      2. Thanks Mina. Makes sense 🙂 Do the coaches of the gymnasts not receive some sort of judging sheet to know specific deductions, or its merely a guessing game?

      3. Lena, the FIG requires the judging sheets to be sent to the FIG after the competition, but I’d assume that, at the very least, the head of each delegation can request access. I don’t know that for sure. I do know that, for example, in the 2019 World Championships, the inquiry for Kara Eaker’s beam that dropped her score by 0.4 and out of the finals completely, there were adjustments made to her routine when Ellie Black’s unfortunate injury brought her back into the final. Similarly, there were adjustments made for more than one athlete in the Olympics as it progressed from qualifications to finals.

        Given the super quick turnaround required when submitting an inquiry for score discrepancies, I doubt they see the judging sheets first. They know what they’re supposed to get and, if they don’t get it without obvious broken connections, they inquire.

        Also, I believe that a secondary purpose of FIG sponsored, international meets is to give the gymnasts the chance to improve before huge competitions like Worlds and, especially, the Olympics. So, logically, they’d have to have access to the judging sheets. My guess is that each delegation may get a copy or something to access securely online so they can make any adjustments between qualifications and finals. But, that’s just my best guess.

      4. Lena and Mina, I’m fairly sure delegations do NOT get access to judging sheets at competitions unless they submit an official inquiry, which costs money. The way coaches and gymnasts learn about the weaknesses in their routines is by organising mock competitions judged by their country’s FIG brevet judges in the weeks leading up to major competitions. They can then ask the judges why they took certain deductions. These mock competitions are pretty much the only time when coaches, judges and gymnasts can confer.

      5. Maisie – yeah, you’re probably right about the judging sheets. I tried to find the answer on the FIG 2022 rules and regulations for judging, and it wasn’t mentioned. I just suppose that I think that’s how it ought to work!

    4. Both are favored to medal on those events, neither did their best in qualifications, but I wouldn’t have guessed either getting gold unless others had errors.

      They both struggle with form/shapes despite national scoring focusing more on their interpretation of ‘artistry’.

      I predicted Jade/Jordan to likely medal on FX/VT, Shilese to possibly medal on UB, possibly Skye on BB, Jade/Jordan to probably medal in AA.

      Skye is looking better on BB after the biggest competitors didn’t qualify and Shilese made AA with a consistent 50% beam hit rate so…hoping for the best.

      1. Anyone who bothered to follow China on bars knew Shilese was not favored to medal. It’s just that so many people discounted the Chinese bar workers and factored in only Nina, Andrade, and some inflated domestic scoring for Shi. I always predicted her to land in fifth if no one made errors.

  6. Does this mean that the USA, GB, and Brazil have qualified teams to the Olympics?

    1. Not yet. Whichever teams win the gold, silver, and bronze at team finals will qualify teams to the Olympics. So, one more night of team competition to determine the automatic early qualifiers.

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