The 10s of Week 9

42 routines received a 10.000 from at least one judge this week

The 10.000s

Luisa Blanco – Beam – Alabama

eMjae Frazier – Floor – Cal

Olivia Trautman – Vault – Oklahoma (Friday)

Cristal Isa – Beam – Utah

Jade Carey – Beam – Oregon State

Halle Remlinger – Floor – Minnesota

Mya Hooten – Floor – Minnesota

Nikki Smith – Vault – Michigan State (Sunday)

Jori Jackard – Bars – Michigan State (Sunday)

Jordan Chiles – Bars – UCLA

Jessica Hutchinson – Beam – Denver

Lynnzee Brown – Floor – Denver

The 9.975s

Nikki Smith – Bars – Michigan State (Friday)

Chase Brock – Vault – LSU

Haleigh Bryant – Floor – LSU

Haleigh Bryant – Vault – LSU

Technically, the official scores actually say both judges gave her 9.98 (fun?)

Trinity Thomas – Bars – Florida

Makenzie Wilson – Vault – Kentucky

Cassie Stevens – Vault – Auburn

Chloe Negrete – Floor – NC State

Jade Carey – Bars – Oregon State

Sydney Gonzales – Beam – Oregon State

Elexis Edwards – Floor – Ohio State

Mia Takekawa – Beam – Illinois

Jordan Chiles – Beam – UCLA

Jordan Chiles – Floor – UCLA

Jessica Hutchinson – Floor – Denver

Rosie Casali – Floor – Denver

Sierra Brooks – Bars – Michigan

Gabby Wilson – Beam – Michigan

Natalie Wojcik – Beam – Michigan

Gabby Wilson – Floor – Michigan

Olivia Trautman – Vault – Oklahoma (Monday)

The 9.950s

10.000/9.900 split

Skyla Schulte – Bars – Michigan State (Friday)

Andi Li – Bars – Cal

Sloane Blakely – Beam – Florida

Leanne Wong – Floor – Florida

Lauren McPherson – Beam – San Jose State

Maddie QuarlesVault – Minnesota

Adriana PoppBeam – Boise State

Baleigh GarciaBeam – Michigan State (Sunday)

The 9.900s

10.000/9.800 split

Lilly Hudson – Beam – Alabama

One thought on “The 10s of Week 9”

  1. A 10.000/9.800 split should be an automatic judges conference. Too far out of line and a big difference between perfection and .2 worth of deductions. Needs to be a discussion between the two judges at the very minimum. Then the judge giving a 10.00 needs to point out every skill that was error free. Judge with 9.800 needs to question the error free with their own error observation. Hudson’s routine is an impossible 10.0. There is a clear wobble and correction after her initial flight series. It is non-debatable and it doesn’t matter where the judges are sitting as it is that noticeable. So the judge that gave the 10.000 is either 1. blatantly cheating and ignoring the obvious deduction on purpose or 2. not able to focus on the routine and score at the same time, so looked down or looked away and missed the wobble.
    We saw the Florida meet where Thomas was given a 10.0 and one judge clearly looks down at her paper as Thomas is dismounting without waiting to see if she completely stuck. I just think that NCAA judges are not the most competent judges and if the stories are true that NCAA judges are never invited to coach level 10 meets because they aren’t good enough then it makes perfect sense that the NCAA judges are the bottom of the barrel of level 10 and thus we see the comedic and impossible scores because the judges don’t properly know how to score a routine.

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